How to Solve the Battery Drain Issue on JIO Sim card?

The other day I was on-board a local train in Aamchi Mumbai and the compartment was fairly crowded with college-going lads. Seeing these zestful lot of youths with poppy earphones & funky bags was almost an everyday routine till quite recently.

Off late only ears had been occupied but now eyes have been busy too!! For the past days, I’ve been noticing these youngsters busy watching clips & videos on YouTube.

JIO Sim Battery Drain How To Solve It

Had I been technologically challenged I’d have presumed that the pocket money has taken a hike these days. But not too late did I realize that India has been “data charges liberated”, by JIO!

But there is a con the battery drain from the JIO sim is usually higher compared to my other sim which uses 3G connection.

The bands that JIO owns spectrum in are 800 MHz & 1,800 MHz in some of the circles. JIO also boasts of having a 2,300 MHz spectrum on a PAN-India basis.

The 800 bands offer higher coverage compared to the 1800 and 2300 bands.

This means the coverage is almost 1.5 to 1.8 times where there is an 800 MHz band. It also means JIO has to put up a lesser number of towers where they are using 800 MHz frequency.

But the cost of the 800 MHz spectrum is much higher compared to the 2300 MHz. Hence the business decision to use it.

But how does that connect to the battery drain?

The fact that smartphones and even smarter networks suck up is the battery and reduce their lives as compared to simpletons available earlier. The smartphone battery – life depends on several factors, network type, frequency, and coverage is a few of them.

Also, the 2G and 3G networks are more optimized and energy-efficient.

So it is not just the JIO 4G Network that drains battery life faster it is a common issue even if you are using Voda, Airtel or Idea.

Your smartphone has to do much more work to hunt for the network if the coverage is weak and data transmission speed is also much higher

In generic terms, the lower the frequency better the coverage resulting in lower consumption of power. Also, the 4G network transfers data upto 10X the speed of 3G and exponentially compared to the 2G network which also causes a higher battery drain.

It’s better suited to have a good 3G network as compared to a poor 4G network. But we need 4G and that is the future.

If you are looking for a new smartphone then should go with a large battery mobile above 3000 mAH at least.

The second consideration you should have is to look for a 14 Nm processor like a Snapdragon 820 or 821 or in mid-range Snapdragon 625.

These processors use the battery much efficiently and will help you get more battery life even on 4G LTE or VOLTE network.

You can also look for fast charging support or can also have a power bank. But if you already own a 4G smartphone and battery life on it suck here is something you can do.

Here are my top 5 Tips to reduce Battery drain On JIO Sim or any other 4G Sim and Also Reduce Overheating

1. Turn off the location settings – First and foremost look for the location settings – most smartphones have the location On or Off in the pull bar menu while others like Xiaomi may have it in the settings. Just keep it off and only enable it when you use maps.

Location settings enabled means, Apps can know where you are, you don’t need to keep it on all the time. You can get a 10 to 20 % boost in battery life on 4G by keeping it off.

2. Turn off the Mobile Data – If you are not using the data better keep it turned off.  A lot of Apps will continuously use background data and will keep using it no matter what state the phone is.

Just turn it off from the pull bar on the home screen and enable it whenever you want to use data or check social media.

3. Bluetooth and WiFi – Keep them turned off, enable them only when required otherwise your smartphone will keep hunting for the network and will add to the battery drain.

4. Screen Brightness – Higher the screen brightness more energy is consumed, though it has nothing to do with the network, you can use it wisely and as per your performance to boost the battery life.

5.  Dual 4G Sims – Dual Sims are needed for modern-day life and an essential if you want to get some cool discounts on your sim card. I will, later on, share some of the cool tips on how you can rob your telecom operator to offer you some crazy deals.

But the point is 2 sims suck battery life. iPhone users don’t have 2 sims and hence enjoy somewhat better battery life even with tiny batteries. I would advise to either turn off the second sim if that is only used for data or keep it in the 2G mode if it is being used for calls.

So these are some of the top of the mind things to make sure you get decent battery life on JIO 4G sim or matter of fact on any 4G sim.

I also some time back a very detailed guide on How to prevent heating and save battery on any smartphone, you can read this one for some additional tips.

By the way how long is your battery lasting or if you are facing some typical issue you can share with me in the comments below.

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