1More Piston Classic Earphones Review – Natural Sounding Good Comfort

1More Classic looks Retro and Sound Natural

1More is an electronics Audio company which is based out of San Diego, California, US. 1 More is not low-cost Chinese earphones which are imported by a distributor.

1 More makes a lot of headphones starting from this 1More Piston Classic, which costs $20 or Rs. 1399, to more expensive earphones which cost over $200.

The 1More Piston Classic is available to purchase from Amazon India and comes in 3 colors – Black, Gold, and Rose Gold. The earphones are compatible to work with Android and Apple phones that have a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

1More Piston Classic Earphones Review

Inside the Box

 The 1More Piston Classic comes in a cute golden box packaging and there is squarish carry case which houses the earphones tucked in nicely. There are 3 additional pairs of silicon ear tips, which range from small to large, to help you use the ones which fit more naturally into your ears.

Kevlar Fiber Cable

 The earphones have a braided, tangle-free cable. It feels like a cloth or nylon (actually is a Kevlar fiber) based cable that is found in many modern headphones.

Aforementioned, the cable is tangle-free, a very useful feature to have in an earphone.

I have been using these for a couple of days, and so far it has been easy to keep them in the pocket and take out and use, without wasting time in sorting the cable.

However, the braided cable goes up to the inline remote controller. The top part of the wire is TPE rubberized and that entangles at times. 

The gold plated headphone jack works with all smartphones and laptops. Also, it transfers audio without any distortion.

The 1More Piston Classic comes with aluminum alloy body which makes these lightweight and durable.

The controller comes with 3 buttons – volume up, Volume down and play/pause. The play/pause button is at the back which I tend to press accidentally at times.

You can easily play/pause the track or reduce or increase the volume from the controller and there is even a microphone in the controller. You can even take your calls on these with ease. The call clarity is appreciable even at the other end.

Review and Rating – 1More Piston Classic

Durability – 4.0 / 5.0 – The earphones look durable and the cable feels sturdy.So far I have not experienced any quality related issues. But I will give the final verdict on durability and update this post after several months. However, based on initial usage, the earphones look robust.

Design & Comfort – 4.1 / 5.0 – These are neither very tiny nor are overly large earphones which are difficult to hold inside the ears.  The earphones are quite comfortable to wear and you can use these for long without having pain in the ears. The look is retro, and these look truly classic and like a tiny piston.

Sound 3.9 / 5.0 – The 1More Piston Classic comes with a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz and has a Dual Layer dynamic driver with titanium build. Now, these are all fancy terms but here is how the 1More Piston Classic sounds as best as my lexicon can describe.

Treble and Bass

The treble is not too high or muted. In songs with lots of guitar and string instruments, the notes are suppressed and miss the high and low-end frequencies.

The mids and vocal are clear and much better on these. If you like to listen to old songs or the songs with not too much of instruments played these offer very natural sound without excessive beats or overwhelming bass.

1More Piston Classic Earphones Review

The Bass is not extreme like some of the Sony or low-cost earphones, which can ruin the actual song but is more subtle. The mid-range overpowers the lows and highs. 

On most modern songs it does not become overpowering or hijack the artist’s voice notes but keep things interesting. But if you are a bass or pure treble lover these are not the ideal choice. They sound more natural and hold both the treble and bass under tight control.

Concluding Thoughts

To sum up, the experience is delightful. And on smartphones with a Dolby DTS or a dedicated AMP, like the LG G6, they will sound better.

Price looks to be a bit higher than what I expect. However, the build quality and probably ability to last longer can easily justify the price.

The unique piston looks also set these apart from the tiny earphones from JBL and some other brands.

If you would ask me are these the best earphones below Rs. 1500, sorry I can’t tell you that.

There are so many earphones out there from Sennheiser, Sony, Xiaomi, OnePlus, JBL and 100s of other brands. No one can probably tell which are the best earphones. Some of these come with a higher bass and treble, while others are more natural sounding and comforting like the 1More Piston Classic.

So that’s all from my side and if you have any queries can ask in comments below and can also check this article on some more good earphones to buy in India.

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