AMD is gearing to launch the new AMD Ryzen 5000 series of mobile (Laptop) processors in early 2021. 

The new processors will have the Ryzen 5900H, 5800H, 5600H as ultimate performance processors for gaming and content creation with a TDP up to 45 Watts. 

AMD ryzen laptop processor
AMD Ryzen Laptop Processor

Also, there will be other processors like Ryzen 5800U, 5700U, 5500U meant for ultra-books and will come with a lower TDP of 15 to 25 Watts. 

Last year AMD released the Ryzen 4000 series of Laptop processors that offer great multi-core performance and slightly slower single-core performance in comparison to the Intel 10th Gen laptop processors.

In 2020, one of the biggest achievements for AMD desktop processors is the superb single-core performance (better than Intel). 

We expect that the new 5000 series Laptop processors from AMD will also have incredible Single-Core performance.

Notably, the recently launched Intel 11th Gen offers significant performance improvement over the 10th gen processors. The Ryzen 5000 series is expected to match that and will be better at multi-core performance. 

There are some benchmark scores leaked for the Ryzen 5000 series.

Check out the below comparison between the AMD Ryzen 5900HX Vs. Ryzen 5600H Vs. Apple M1 and the Intel i7 11370H and the i5 11300H.

GeekBenchMark 5 –  Intel 11th Gen Vs AMD Ryzen 5000 series Vs Apple M1. 

Geekbench score AMD Ryzen 5000 Processor Laptops

Note* – Apple M1 is already launched, the rest of the scores are based on leaks. 

Based on the early benchmarks, Apple is best for Single-Core performance and has the lowest TDP. 

AMD and Intel are caching fast when it comes to Single-Core performance. Still, the M1 has about a 10% lead over both X86 rivals.

AMD Ryzen 5900HX offers a crazy high score of 8973 when it comes to multi-core performance and leads the charts.

Both the Intel 11th Gen Core i7 and Core i5 trail AMD and Apple M1 chip when it comes to Multi-Core performance.

Laptop Processors Outlook 2021

Apple M1

Considering the optimizations for the ARM-based Apple M1, it will be hard to beat in terms of performance and energy efficiency.

Also, Apple will launch more powerful processors in 2021 with larger Notebooks and a higher 12 Core count, with a TDP of 15 to 25 watts. 

However, Apple has its own software (Mac OS), and not everyone is kept on jumping the ship from Windows to the OSX. 

Also, the gaming community will stick with the Windows-based laptops no matter how fast are the new Macs.

AMD Ryzen 5000 Series Laptop Processors

It is going to be the best choice for nearly everyone using Windows.

For gaming and content creation, the 5000 H series of Ryzen processors will be incredible, with superb single-core and multi-core performance. 

For Ultra-books, we are looking forward to the new Ryzen 5800U and the Ryzen 5700U processors.

Considering these will offer blazing fast Single Core and Multi-Core performance, we are going to see a huge jump in performance for day to day tasks as well as heavy applications.

The clear challenge for AMD is going to be to make sure these processors are available. Secondly, Laptop manufacturers are using these in the best machines they are bringing to the market.

AMD could have done so much better with the Ryzen 4000 series had Laptop manufactures used these processors instead of poor Intel 10th gen.

Intel 11th Gen Laptop Processor

Intel’s biggest advantage is that all the premium laptop makers still have a strong tie-up with them.

All top models like Dell XPS 13, XPS 15, 17, Inspiron, and several models from Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo offer only an Intel option. 

Also, several gaming laptops in 2020 came with Intel processors and faster Nvidia Graphics cards that forced many buyers to opt for these machines rather than going for the AMD processor-based laptops. 

We hope brands and manufacturers start offering the superior offering from AMD rather than favoring Intel and forcing buyers to opt for Intel machines.

I wanted to buy a good ultrabook using the Ryzen 4800U processor last year, but there was not even a single laptop available in India.

Also, in other countries too one or two models launched with Ryzen 4800U that too had a very limited stock. Secondly, several AMD Ryzen laptops’ price was rigged by the retailers for months, and available for a premium like the Asus G14, making it unaffordable.

On the other hand, Apple ensured that the new M1 Macbooks are available for the MRP they have set. Despite a waiting period, these are delivered to buyers at the set price.

I was looking for a good AMD Ryzen Windows laptop as I am in the Windows and Android ecosystem, but due to these issues, I opted for the new MacBook Air M1. 

Intel is likely to see a tougher year ahead if AMD is able to make some in-roads by better tie-ups and inventory management for their SKUs.

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