Google Pixel 2 has a boring design and Single Camera (Launch 4’Oct)

Would Google Use the Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone X strategy with Pixel Phones?

Updated – 4′ Oct – Google Pixel 2 is launching today, 4th October and there is already lot of hype around the new upcoming Google phones.

The new Pixel phones are believed to be made by HTC and LG and Google has also invested $1.1 Billion in the HTC and acquired the technology and manpower who is working on the pixel phones.

Reportedly the Google Pixel 2 is made by HTC and the larger version (Pixel 2 XL) is made by LG.

This actually gives google the muscle they needed to stand against Apple and Samsung which are both masters of Hardware. Google has been strong in software and hardware has not been its Forte this new alliance with HTC gives Google a much stronger position in hardware compared to what they have.

Google Pixel 2 has a boring design and Single Camera image

Also it will benefit HTC which have been struggling to do anything innovative for many years now and has been following the trend from market leader Apple and Samsung.

Nevertheless those are the things which will help in future, but lets talk of the new Pixel and Pixel XL 2 phones. They look almost same from the back side as the last years Pixel and Pixel XL.

I never really liked the dual tone design of the pixel phones, the iPhone and Samsung, even the HTC U11 all seem to make it more bland and less attractive. Even I love the OnePlus 5 or the Lg V30’s back design, but not pixel, not really.

If leaks are to be believed the new phones will come with the same design as the last years, and top of that Google is planning to continue with a single rear camera.

While the Pixel camera is great and I love it, it is also one of the best camera phones in the market, even slightly better than the Samsung S8.

Google Pixel 2 with 16:9 Aspect ratio Display

Google Pixel 2 image

But what about the Dual cameras, they offer much more features to the users and are way more exciting to use than the single cameras. You can’t click that great portrait shot with a single camera which you can take on iPhone X or on the Samsung Note 8.

Yes we know Google is not making a cheap phone it is going to be expensive and when you buy an expensive phone, you ought to be demanding.

Google is expected to launch the Pixel for $649 and the Pixel XL for $849, they will both be priced over 50,000 in India.

Google Pixel 2 XL – Full Vision 18:9 display

Google Pixel 2 launch 4th Oct

However ,the good thing about the new Pixel XL 2 phone is going to be Full Vision display with 18:9 resolution which is a big positive step and it is also going to run on the top of the line Snapdragon 835 with 6 GB Ram.

While the Google Pixel 2 will come with a more traditional 16:9 aspect ratio.

Is Google is going with the same strategy as Apple – you can bet on it. The iPhone 8 comes with an old 16:9 display and the more expensive iPhone X gets a Full view display. Google is doing the same with it’s pixel phones this year.

The smartphone will also come with the Android Oreo 8.0 with Google assistant and Google may also have 1 or 2 software tricks up its sleeve at the launch.

We will wait for the todays launch to share some more details about the new pixel phones.

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