GSkill KM 570 Mechanical Keyboard Review – Best $100 Keyboard ?

Mechanical keyboards are addictive, once you have used one there is no going back. I started using the TVS Gold Mechanical keyboard about 15 years back, it was at that point of time priced close to Rs. 1,000. (a very high price for a keyboard).


Mechanical Keyboards offer incredible typing experience and long life. The Keyboard we are reviewed today is from G.Skill, famous for making high speed Rams and Mechanical Keyboards.


G.Skill have KM 780, a more expensive line of keyboards and the GSkill KM 570 which costs $99 or Rs. 6700 + taxes in India (Approx Rs. 7500 to Rs. 8500). It is cheaper compared to some of the Keyboards we have reviewed before like the Cooler Master Rapid i or the Corsair Strafe Cherry MX Brown RGB Keyboard.

But does it offers good value for Money and have the required features of a good gaming and typing keyboards, we will find out in this detailed review.

Build Quality and Design

The Build Quality is top notch and the material used to make the keys is premium. You don’t feel that it is made from a cheaper plastic or G.Skill has cut corners. Compared to some of the very premium keyboards it will feel a bit less excusite. But there are no compromises anywhere.


There is no palm rest with the keyboard, but the bottom end, below the spacebar is slanted to make your hands rest properly.

Gaming and Typing Experience

Ideal for Gamers, Writers and Programmers or if you spend more than 6-8 hours in front of the PC. The keyboard comes with Cherry MX brown keys and require about 45 mg of actuation force to press.

You can read more about the type of Keys – Cherry MX Red, Black , Brown in this article. Why and Who Should Upgrade TO A Mechanical Keyboard.


The G.Skill is quite easy on Fingers and the effort required to type on the keyboard is minimal.

The Space bar on this keyboard is more soft and better when compared to my regualar Corsair Rapid i. It is important to have a great space bar : as after every word you are bound to press the spacebar.


The Gskill KM 570 comes with some of the dedicated Keys which help you quickly open up Computer explorer, Internet explorer, Calculator, pause, play, forward, volume up and down.

Key Specs KM 570 Mechanical keyboard

KM 570 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Keyboard TypeMechanical
KeyswitchCherry MX Red
BacklightingRed LED
Full n-Key RolloverYes
Gaming Mode OptionYes
On-board Profile1
Dedicated Media Control PanelVolume Control Only
Dimensions446.5 x 158.8 x 45.5mm
Warranty2-Year Limited Warranty
Price$99 or Rs 7500

Major Pros – KM 570 Keyboard

  • Great Typing Expereince
  • Managed very good typing speed on This keyboard
  • Good For Gaming – Anti Ghosting and N key Roll Over
  • Red Lighting Effects.
  • Inexpensive
  • Has Numeric Keypad
  • Robust Built
  • Long Braided Cable

Major Cons

  • Less  Features and Options
  • One Single Red Color , No RGB
  • No Palm Rest
  • No additional software and functions

You can check the detailed review here in this video, along with the Lighting Effects and Answer to the Key Question Should you buy the Gskill KM 570 Mechanical Keyboard.

KM 570 Mechanical Keyboard Review GSkill

Hope You enjoyed the Video and Do share your thoughts in the comments below or if you have any questions about the G.Skill KM 570 or Mechanical keyboards.

Have a Happy New Year 2017 !

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