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7 Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboards India 2021

Top Mechanical keyboard in India (2021)

If you are looking to purchase a mechanical keyboard for gaming or typing, we have some of the best suggestions for you.

The mechanical keyboards use Cherry MX key switches that give you ease and comfort while typing or gaming.

The actuation force (force required to press the keys) is usually less than what you will experience on the typical membrane type keyboards.

You can read more about the Cherry MX switches, the benefits of Mechanical keyboards,  and their different types in this very detailed article I wrote. Why and Who Should Upgrade TO A Mechanical Keyboard (Buying Guide).

Most of the mechanical keyboards come with:

  1. Cherry MX Blue Switches.
  2. Cherry MX Brown Switches.
  3. Cherry MX Red Switches.
  4. Cherry MX Black Switches.

Force and sound chart for Mechanical keyboards Popularity of Mechanical Switches Mechanical keyboard switches

I use the G.SKill KM 570 keyboard that comes with Cherry MX Brown switches. The benefit of the MX brown keys is – a bit less noise, and it also requires less actuation force for typing.

You can also read my review of the G.Skill KM570 Mechanical Keyboard.

Many brands offer great mechanical keyboards at a different price range, and typically it starts from 5K.

Once you have used a mechanical keyboard, it is hard to go back to a normal membrane keyboard.

Here, in this article, we have listed the seven best mechanical keyboards that are available for a good price.

To make your buying decision easier, we have shared specs, details, features, and major pros and cons.

You can check the actual price of the particular device on Amazon as sometimes there is a little fluctuation in the rates.

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Let’s start with the Asus ROG Strix RGB Mechanical keyboard.

1. ASUS ROG Strix Scope RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Cherry MX Red Switches :

If you are a gamer and want some fabulous device to make your gaming experience delightful, then ASUS ROG Strix Scope gaming mechanical keyboard is an excellent choice.

The machine comes with the Cherry MX Red RGB switches that are German-made with micro-switches actuators.

The design of the keyboard is solid with metal construction and an awesome keycap.

It is intended for FPS games because of the extra-wide Ergonomic, accurate control keys that never misses any clicks.

The Stealth key feature allows you to offer privacy by hiding all Apps and muting Audio.

Asus rog Strix Scope RGB mechanical gaming keyboard

Specification for ASUS ROG Strix Scope RGB mechanical keyboard

  • Aura Sync RGB backlighting
  • 2X wide ergonomic control key for FPS accuracy
  • Ergonomic design with Cherry MX Red switches
  • Quick Toggle shortcuts
  • Provides immediate privacy with Stealth key
  • Height – 1.89 inches
  • Weight – 1.63 kg
  • Price – ₹ 13,950



Good built quality No Wrist Rest
Smooth and responsive keys Expensive
Best choice for Gaming Not extremely comfortable

Buy from Amazon

2. XPG Summoner RGB Mechanical Gaming Multimedia USB Keyboard :

XPG RGB mechanical keyboard arrives with the Cherry MX speed switches. You will get 7 lighting modes with this astounding aluminum body keyboard.

It has 100% anti-ghosting keys and dual USB 2.0 Type-A ports. The Macro keys allow you to adjust the volume. For more entertainment, the multimedia keys and hotkeys are designed specially.

The XPG is a full-size keyboard with a key puller and 9 Red keycaps highlight some specific keys.

If you buy this keyboard, you will also get the detachable ergonomic palm rest with height adjustment, which gives you comfort in long session gaming.

The keys are feather-light, and apart from gaming, you can even use it for typing and coding. There is a volume roller that is fun to use. Moreover, the RGB brightness is sufficient and is adjustable.

XPG Summoner RGB mechanical gaming keyboard

Specification for XPG Summoner RGB mechanical keyboard

  • Preset RGB backlighting
  • 7 lighting modes
  • 100% anti-ghosting keys
  • 9 replaceable Red keycaps
  • Holds Macro keys
  • USB pass-through
  • Media control keys
  • Magnetic wrist rest
  • Weight – 951 g
  • Price – ₹ 9,899



Cherry MX speed switches Not fully compatible with macOS
Premium built quality No software for controlling RGB lights
Soft and cushioned wrist rest

Buy from Amazon

3. Corsair K68 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard :

The Corsair K68 mechanical gaming keyboard has gold-contact Cherry MX key switches, which offers an ultimate experience for fast-paced gaming.

The keys are 100% anti-ghosting with full key roll-over. Corsair makes excellent keyboards for gaming and reviewed the Corsair Strafe Cherry MX Brown RGB Keyboard. 

The design for the keyboard displays glorious per-key RGB backlighting. It gives you unlimited custom lighting features, or can use the pre-installed effects.

The Corsair utility engine software permits macro programming and powerful lighting outcomes. It has dedicated volume and multi-media controls.

Another highlight is this keyboard is dust and spill-resistant. For relaxing the palm during the game, the device has a removable palm rest.

One of the biggest advantages of buying the Corsair keyboard is the presence of CUE software. The CORSAIR Utility Engine (CUE) enables macro programming and dynamic lighting effects.

corsair K68 RGB mechanical gaming keyboard

Specification for Corsair K68 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

  • Per-key RGB backlighting
  • IP32 resistivity
  •  Removable palm rest
  • 100% anti-ghosting keys
  • Durable
  • Corsair software-controlled Macro keys
  • Weight – 1.40 kg
  • Price – ₹ 11,499




Awesome built quality Comparatively small Window key
Spill and dustproof Fragile palm rest

Buy from Amazon

4. Logitech G512 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Logitech mechanical gaming keyboard has personalized lighting for each key with a customized lighting effect. It has Lightsync support for an intensified gaming experience with about 16.8 M RGB.

It has a traditional GX Brown mechanical switch that offers appreciable actuation for an excellent typing experience. The board has a USB 2.0 pass-through port that allows you to charge any other device, or you can even plug your mouse into it.

With this brand, you can get three options for Tactile, Linear, and Clicky switches. The Logitech Gaming Software controls Fn toggle keys to perform media commands by default. The Logitech G Hub software enables game mode, lighting effects, and macro keys.

The keyboard is made from the highest grade Aluminium Alloy and comes with a robust build quality.

logitech G512 mechanical gaming keyboard

Specification for Logitech G512 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

  • Personalized lighting for each key
  • GX Brown mechanical switch
  • USB 2.0 pass-through
  • Media and lighting controls
  • Game mode
  • Macro keys
  • Weight – 1.13 kg
  • Price – ₹ 9,359



Great  actuation pressure Secondary characters on the keyboard are not well lit.
Sufficient RGB brightness
Decent gaming keyboard

Buy from Amazon

5. HP Omen Sequencer 2VN99AA Optical Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard :

Most of the gamers are in search of keyboards that have quick responsive keys. The wish is fulfilled by the HP Omen gaming keyboard, as it delivers next-level responsiveness. 

The board has optical-mechanical Blue switches with a 50g actuation force at 0.2 ms response time.

The keyboard stands out from other gaming laptops because of 5 dedicated macro keys that heighten the gaming experience. You can activate the gaming mode with a single keypress. The volume roller bar allows to play, pause, or mute easily.

The aluminum material is used to make the device sturdy and durable besides light-weighted.

HP Omen Sequencer mechanical gaming keyboard

Specification for HP Omen Sequencer 2VN99AA Optical Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard

  • Customizable individual RGB backlit keys with 18.6 million colors
  • Unique media and control keys
  • N-key rollover with 100% anti-ghosting keys
  • Five macro keys
  • Quick response time of 2 ms with 50g actuation force
  • Built-in USB support
  • 6.5ft braided cable
  • Weight – 0.83 kg
  • Price – ₹ 6,799



Great response No Home key
Good built quality and attractive design No Wrist Rest
Customizable RGB backlighting Slightly louder
Amazing features at this price range

Buy from Amazon

6.GAMDIAS Hermes M5 Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard :

The Hermes M5 is a minimalistic mechanical keyboard with programmable lighting effects. This device is made to enhance your gaming experience.

The device does not have RGB backlighting, but the blue and white color keycaps are backlit. The keyboard looks incredible and unique in its own ways.

It has 6 built-in lighting effects that add a personality of its own to this board.

The keyboard allows you to record your profile using function keys. The item has a brushed metallic finish with aluminum bezels.

If your budget is low and wants to have a mechanical keyboard, then you may purchase it.

This keyboard comes with ergonomic keys with a fast performance at a very affordable price.

Gamdias Hermes M5 mechanical gaming keyboard

Specifications for GAMDIAS Hermes M5 Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard :

  •  5 profiles for programmable lighting effects
  • Six built-in lighting effects
  • Latest 32-bit Arm Cortex processor
  • Clear and fresh design
  • Weight – 797 g
  • Price – ₹ 4,599



Affordable mechanical keyboard Does not have RGB backlighting
Good built quality
Satisfying clicky keys.

Buy from Amazon

7.Cosmic Byte CB-GK-12 Neon Rainbow Backlit Mechanical Keyboard :

Last on our list is an affordable mechanical keyboard from Cosmic Byte.

The Cosmic byte neon is the entry-level mechanical keyboard with a blue switch. The keyboard does not have keys from Cherry MX but has mechanical keys manufactured by a Chinese company.

However, the keys are decent.

The keyboard sports windows key lock, multi-media keys, and gaming mode. The RGB backlighting boosts the attractiveness of the machine. It has 10 backlighting effects and 3 level brightness adjustment.

It is a full-size keyboard with 104 keys with a braided cable.

The Cosmic neon mechanical keyboard is highly recommended for those who want FPS gaming and are budget-oriented. In spite of having a low price, the keyboard has an above-average build and feel.

Cosmic Neon mechanical gaming keyboard

Specification for Cosmic Byte CB-GK-12 Neon Rainbow Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

  • Rainbow RGB backlighting
  • Blue switch mechanism
  • Internet Hotkeys
  • Multi-media keys
  • Windows lock key
  •  All keys are anti-ghosting
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Weight – 980 g
  • Price – ₹ 2,365



Sleek and slim Low RGB brightness


Rainbow lighting mode


Average Build Quality
  Soft key press


Buy from Amazon

Thanks for Reading the Article – If you have any other thoughts, queries, or suggestions, post them in the comments below – we read and answer all comments.

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