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Why We Need More Visionary Leaders Like Elon Musk (Story)

Why We Need More Visionary Leaders Like Elon Musk

The Elon Musk (Story)

How many times during your childhood has your ambition taken hops? How frequently have your dreams changed gears & directions whenever you saw a superhero movie! Almost every one of us has had that vision of changing the world every time a superhero did it on the celluloid.

Remember those fantasies of building a time machine or traveling in one? Or being a pioneer in building a technology that would defy time & space! However, all of these never ended up being more than dreams & fantasies.

Lost in our fight to make ends meet and rising above the debris of the ever-increasing bludgeon of home loans & EMI’s we changed our vision from making this world a better place to making a place for ourselves in this world!!!

No, we’re not planning to make you remorseful that you didn’t or couldn’t live up to your fantasies. We’re just trying to build up a much-required background before we start speaking about this remarkable personality, who, if not yet; should henceforth be an ideal to look up to.

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A business magnate with a difference- ELON MUSK!!

He is also the second richest man on the planet with a net worth of over 128 Billion Dollars, after Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

Let us have a look at some enkindling reasons as to why the world needs visionary leaders like Elon Musk…

Winners don’t do different things… they do things differently!!


A young Musk co-founded ‘Zip2’ along with his brother, merely at the age of 24. ‘Zip2’ was a web-software company that provided internet ‘city guides’ to newspaper publishing houses.

The clientele has been the likes of ‘New York Times’ & ‘Chicago Tribune’. 4 years ahead he founded ‘X.com’, a company that facilitated e-mail payment & online financial services.

A year hence, X.com merged with ‘Confinity’ to form the ever famous ‘PayPal’. Musk ended up being the biggest shareholder of ‘PayPal’ before it was finally acquired by eBay.

Dreams are short-lived, passion lasts forever


A major difference between people who make it big and those who don’t is that for the former, their passion drives them towards making their dreams a larger-than-life reality.

Even before he entered his teenage, Musk learned computer programming and developed code for a BASIC-based video game called ‘BLASTER’. A magazine called PC & Office Technologies purchased it later for $500.

Aww… such a fortune for a 12-year-old… isn’t it?

Magnate with a sound brain & a subtle heart

Why We Need More Visionary Leaders Like Elon Musk

A lot of businessmen & political personalities speak about the existence & consequences of Global Warming. A lot of them also get preachy about what we as an individual can do to reduce or at least delay its repercussions.

Here’s a man who believes in “practice what you preach”. Tesla Motors & its innovative initiative of vehicles that operate without burning the ozone shall prove to be a landmark in the history of modern mankind. The EV revolution is taking place everywhere and even in India both electric two-wheelers and electric cars are getting popular.

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Though not originally a brainchild of Musk, he has nevertheless played a vital role as the CEO & product architect of the ‘Gen-Next’ of the automobile industry.

No businessman denies making a profit with his growth but not many of them do it with a ‘Human Touch’!!

‘’The Earth is my home’’


All of us know this and knowingly or unknowingly Cliché it in our day-to-day petty conversations. However, there are no two ways to think that Musk & his initiatives have defied any and all obstacles when it comes to making technology ‘ environment-friendly’.

‘Solar City’ is a personification of his humanitarian approaches. The second-largest supplier of solar panel in the US is also one company that use of clean & renewable solar energy globally.

Solar city & Tesla are both strong pillars of his efforts to combat the demon of Global Warming.

If you perceive the world to be a small place then ‘Hyperloop’ is going to make it even smaller. Theoretically speaking, is a commutation vehicle based on the principle of hypothetical subsonic air travel.

In Layman’s language, the distance of 541 km between Sylmar in Los Angeles to Hayward in San Francisco shall be covered in 35 mins flat. Too fast & not too furious ha!!!

Men are from Mars… Oops!!!

Why We Need More Visionary Leaders Like Elon Musk

Nope, we aren’t divulging our topic. What we are saying is probably Musk took this saying a little too seriously. His ideas and concepts are invariably out of the world (pun intended)!!

Musk gestated a concept of creating a simulation of a greenhouse on the land of Mars proposing to grow food crops to gauge the chances of human survival on Mars.

Musk believes in trying to strive to keep the human race from getting extinct. Finding an alternative land to accommodate the growing population and its growing needs much before the earth gets saturated and is in no position to satisfy the needs of the earthlings is the basic idea behind this perception.

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The organization ‘SpaceX’ headed by Musk works towards bringing this virtual concept to reality. A lot of nations and their officials are engaged in the vertical integration of SpaceX with their respective space research organizations.

So, if you’re done with all the adventure trips on earth, you know where to get the next itinerary ready for!!

There are some things money can’t buy….

Why We Need More Visionary Leaders Like Elon Musk

We know what’s the next thing that popped up into your mind. It’s not what you’re thinking…it’s OpenAI in context here. Open AI is a company that makes Artificial Intelligence available.

The point worth mentioning here is that Open AI works on a non-profit basis. The basic intention behind this is to provide super-intelligent security systems beneficial to the human race.

The company is quite recent and promises to be a boon to democracy and global humanity. Though Open AI is open to all democracies, the concentration of power with any large corporation is opposed by the organization.

Apart from being an extremely astute and good-looking tycoon, Musk is a true patriot and as in his own words “nauseatingly American”.

From being an integral part of every national security issue to publicly proclaiming his love for the United States, Musk has never let his nation down.

He calls himself ‘’half republican & half democratic’’ and proposed that no subsidies should be granted to environmentally friendly companies, rather the imposition of ‘Carbon Tax’ should be brought in force to curb environment “unfriendly” practices.

We could never summarize how gifted or thoughtful this foresighted gentleman is. We’re completely in awe of this great persona and hope to pass on this enchanted spark to you…

Also, my favorite, a must-watch Video showcases his NEVER-GIVE-UP spirit.

Author Krutika Shetty

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