5 Best Graphics Card Price Rs 5000 to 10000

With New year approaching here is a list of graphics cards you can purchase for your new Gaming Rig in 2015 / 2016. We have listed both AMD and Nvidia graphics cards which are best value for money and offer excellent performance in latest gaming titles like Far Cry 4 , Assassin’s Creed, Battlefield 4 and Crysis 3 etc. It is great time to buy new graphics cards with prices getting dropped in the Indian market & elsewhere. After the launch of GTX 980 and GTX 970 we have seen some price correction happening in the high end graphic cards.

AMD has also slashed prices of 290X and 280X to match the aggressive pricing of GTX 970.

5 Best Graphics Card Price Rs 5000 to 10000 for 2015

We will focus in this article only on the start and low mid range graphics cards upto Rs.10,000 or $ 150. At the low end there are several choices like GT 730 and Gt 740 and AMD R7 – 250. The list here is created based on the online prices, retail prices may vary for these cards in local markets and depending upon the country and region.

One more note of caution to the buyers in this range you don’t need more than 2 GB of graphics card if you are gaming for a resolution at 1366*768 or 1600*900. In fact the 4GB version of a GT 630 or GT 640 is a marketing gimmick and will not offer better performance compared to a 2 GB version of GT 630 or GT 640. You can read this article to understand how much VRAM is required.

Also while recommending we have chosen some of the brands which are available for a discounted price online. You can buy the same model as we have recommended or any other brand based on your preference.

Our views are neutral and purely based on the performance or price of graphics cards. As we step up from Nvidia GT 730 the gaming performance will increase by 5-10 FPS or more. Regarding different brand cards in this range, most of the reference coolers are sufficient for managing heat. The cooling issue is more prominent with graphics cards like HD 7970 or HD 7950 or AMD R9 290X or similar high end cards where it makes more sense to buy a graphics card with better cooler or brand.

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5 Best Graphics Card Price Rs 5000 to 10000 

5) Nvidia GT 730 Budget Graphics Card for Rs 5000

Galaxy NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 GC 1 GB DDR5 –  Graphics Card is available for a discounted price of Rs. 4690 is best graphics card under Rs. 5000. This is a good graphics card for the starting range with GDDR5 memory and is superb for start level gaming PC build.

The graphics card is compatible with Direct X version 12 and it offers performance equivalent or better compared to a DDR 3 Nvidia GTX 640. Don’t worry about the 1 GB RAM it will perform best for the low native resolution of 1366*768 or lower.

It requires PCI Express 2.0 support in your motherboard to function properly.

5 Best Graphics Card Price Rs 5000 to 10000 for 2015

Nvidia GT 730 Key Specs

  • GPU Clock – 954 MHz
  • Power Supply Required -300 W
  • Cooling and Heat sink Fans – 1
  • 64-bit, 1 GB DDR5 Memory
  • 3 Years Warranty from Galaxy

AMD R7 240 is priced similarly and perform almost identical to GT 730, preferably go ahead with the Nvidia GT 730 in this price range.

The second card on the list is a significant upgrade from the starter Nvidia Gt 730.

4) AMD R7 250  – Budget Graphics Card for Rs. 6000 to Rs. 7000

MSI AMD/ATI R7 250 1GD5 OC 1 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card -AMD R7 250 Best Graphics Card for Rs.6,700 – This is one excellent graphics card for the range of Rs. 6000 to Rs. 7000.  The graphics card has  Core clock of 1000 Mhz and requires a 400 Watt minimum power supply. It has 384 Stream processors and 1 GB GDDR5 Memory. The PCI –E 3.0 Bus standard is required for connecting to your motherboard.

5 Best Graphics Card Price Rs 5000 to 10000 for 2015

 It supports Microsoft DirectX 12. It will also work with PCI Express 2.0 or PCI Express 3.0. The graphics card has a 128 Bit memory interface Vs a 64 bit in the Nvidia GT 730. The graphics card comes with a 3 year domestic warranty. Compared to Nvidia GT 730 this is a good upgrade and for additional 2000 rupees the performance can be 15-30% more or even higher in most gaming titles.


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88 Replies to “5 Best Graphics Card Price Rs 5000 to 10000

  1. Hey guys,

    Kindly suggest me a system configuration(for gaming) under 35000. The confg. includes graphics card, processor, ram & motherboard.

  2. Hi! Thanks fr the great reviews. The gtx 1050 which is about to release will be a great addition to this list.

  3. Heloo
    i want to ask that which gpu is good for my pc of 1 gb only..my system is
    hp dc 7700 e 6400,
    2 gb ram
    core 2 due with 2.3 ghz
    i think 350w power supply
    160 gb hdd
    19 inch lcd hp
    windo 7

  4. Hello my name is Naveed, I just wanted to know which graphic card is suitable or best for my PC specs. My aim is to play at least GTA 5 with good quality (if not the best) and my budget is around Rs.10,000 – Rs.13,000

    MY PC Specs:
    Board: Gigabyte (Model: GA-H81M-S)
    Processor: Intel i3-4150 @3.50 Ghz
    Memory / RAM: 4 GB
    Hard Disk: 1TB
    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit
    SMPS: 650 Watts

    Also wanted to know that I have a CRT monitor so do I need any LED monitor to play the game.If yes then please suggest a good one around Rs.5000

    1. Naveed bro ,
      U can go for Nvidia Gtx 750 Ti cause it will give u around 50-55 fps at high settings in GTA 5 plus 25-35 fps in crisis 3.For the monitor if u want best and crisp display under 5k go for the LG 16 Inch LED Monitor priced at Rs-4989.

  5. Hey I am building a system just wanted someone s opinion
    I7 6700k
    Asus maximus viii extreme
    Asus Strix 980Ti
    Gskill Tridentz 16 GB 3200MHZ
    Haf XM

  6. Hello Kanuj sharma
    I am looking forward to buy a graphics card for my PC which should be best compatible and run high end games like far cry 4, BF 4, gta 5 at satisfactory resolution etc. Even at low graphics resolution is fine with me. My budget is under 11000 or 10000.
    My PC specs:
    Intel i5-4690 processor @3.5ghz
    MSI H87-G43 gaming motherboard
    Corsair DDR3 4gb ram (1 chip)
    Corsair VS650 power supply
    Please suggest me a gud GPU which can be best compatible with my current specs.

    1. I think you should increase u r budget as you will get a poor GPU in this range considering u spent good amount on the Core i5 , would recommend GTX 960 nothing lower than that…

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