Top 10 PC Games From 2016-17 You Can Still Play

Best PC Games from 2016-17 That You Will Love To Play

There are a lot of new PC Games coming this year and here is a handpicked list of amazing PC games from 2016 that you can still play. This is not an exhaustive list and I will try to add some more titles that are released in 2016.

With E3 2016 in the backdrop, we got tons of information about the upcoming games on PC, XBOX, and PS4. Some of the adrenaline pumping PC games coming this fall like the Watch Dogs 2, PREY and the Forza Horizon 3 this fall.

Best PC Games from 2016-17

Let’s start with one of the deadly gaming title coming to PC in the early 2017. I have included some of the PS4 or Xbox One trailers from E3 2016 for the games which are also going to be released on PC.

Resident Evil 7

Going back to its roots, RE7: Biohazard feels a much more horror game than its recent predecessors. While the demo was very short, and was shown on for VR, Capcom has clarified that the game will be traditionally available to all other non-VR platforms. Ofcourse this would make RE7 one of the first wave of AAA games that can be played entirely in VR and out of it.

It was obvious it has major influences from Silent Hill “PT” last year, which is nothing but good news for horror enthusiast. Come Tokyo Game Show, we expect real gameplay and much more details about this game.

Resident Evil 7 : Biohazard will release on 24th January 2017 for PS4, XB1, and PC.

Resident Evil 7 : Trailer

Watch Dogs 2

Moving away from a dark and grim story, Watch Dogs 2 has its feet drenched in hackers world. Ubisoft is trying hard to merge super talented hacker persona with edgy teen emotes spamming attitude. But we will give credit where credit is due, the game looks amazing, the gameplay got better, the parkour is always a welcome addition, and the light mood of the campaign will probably make up for messing around in this world.

If you’re wondering about Ubisoft ace move, that is future downgrades. Be disappointed because Ubisoft made sure the Watch Dogs 1 fiasco never happens again (atleast for this franchise). The game looked just how it is intended to look like on release, which is..

Watch Dogs 2 will release on 15th November 2016 on PS4, XB1 and PC.

Watch Dogs 2 : Trailer


In our predictions article, we said we could see a new Prey if we didn’t see new Elders Scroll game. And that is exactly what happened. However, this Prey is not a remake but a re-imagining of the first game, set in 2032 and revolves around our protagonist who is a test subject in a psychological experiment.

You can play both as male or female, and their will be quests spread out which depending upon you will change the story at the end. Any further details are not out yet, but it seems it will have a one big continuous area you can track back to anytime.

PREY will release in 2017 on PS4, XB1, and PC.

Prey : Trailer

Forza Horizon 3

With Xbox Play Anywhere initiative, almost all Xbox exclusives will come to PC now. Amongst them is one of the biggest racing game, Forza franchise. Horizon 3 is not a sim racer, but strikes a good balance between arcade and simulation with open world and freedom to cross the finish line anyway possible. Set in Australia, you can leave the road anytime and cut your way through the deserts, beaches, jungles, highways and urban environments to make your own way and shortcuts.

Forza Horizon 3 will be released on 27th September on XB1 and PC (Windows Store).

Forza Horizon 3 : Trailer

Gears of War 4

Xbox juggernaut is coming to PC again. Gears of War 1 started its journey from PC and Xbox together, now Microsoft has found its way back to PC again with the fifth overall installment. Gears of War 4 is set 25 years after GoW3, Marcus Fenix has retired and his status has been erected. His son takes the center stage this time in a world where normal fossil fuels are exhausted, and while countering the Locust menace, the earth has managed to disturb its environmental health where huge thunderstorms and the lethal wind is destroying everything.

The beloved third-person shooting is satisfying as ever, and Coalition Studios has promised a return to a dark and grim story. The COG has declared martial law and many people have disbanded from it, to make their own teams.

Gears of War 4 will be released on 11th October on XB1 and PC (Windows Store)

State of Decay 2

It’s not an MMO anymore. SoD1 enjoyed good sales when Zombie MMO craze was on its peak. But now the developer has taken a few steps back (to our pleasure) and made sure you can play it offline-without internet too. Featuring a drop in/drop out cooperative play for upto four players in this zombie surviving RPG, Undead Labs says it will be the most seamless multiplayer experience ever.

On top of surviving a zombie apocalypse, you can build outposts, facilitate them with means to defend themselves. You can form your own groups and select characters that would accompany you into missions (whether AI or humans). It also features drivable vehicles.

State of Decay is set to release in 2017 on XB1 and PC (Windows Store)

State of Decay 2 : Trailer

Dead Rising 4

There were plenty of big zombie games shown this E3. Among them is quirky Dead Rising 4, which refuses to take itself seriously while you’re mowing down hundreds of zombies with a makeshift bulldozer sporting a costume straight out of a Science fiction. Capcom has clarified it is not a remake of the first game because many people were confused when they heard Frank West was coming back from the first game.

It’s an open world game where you can do whatever you want, having fun with zombies alongside the main storyline. The game will have many crafting recipes which you can use to even mod yourself to make a super suit.

Dead Rising 4 will release on December 6, on XB1 and PC (Windows Store)

Dead Rising 4 : Trailer

Halo Wars 2

An RTS game is a tough sell on consoles, but Bungie made it happen with the original Halo Wars. Now with the help of rts genre veterans Creative Assembly, Halo Wars 2 is coming. It is set 28 years after Halo Wars 1, where humans have dwindled into a alien installation called Ark. This place is 10 times as massive as Earth and was the birthplace of the Halo rings you see in FPS Halo franchise. Your enemy is Atriox, a new faction which rose to power when Covenant was defeated.

Though not confirmed, it is set between Halo 4 and Halo 5 in the timeline. For the uninitiated, RTS means Real-time strategy, just like Starcraft and Warcraft, where you control massive armies and maintain resources.

Halo Wars 2 is set to release in February 2017, on XB1 and PC (Windows Store)

Halo Wars 2 Trailer 


Another XB1 game on PC through the Play Anywhere initiative. It is a third person action adventure game where you control a dragon named Thuban and yourself can convert into a fast melee based armored hero.

The game consists 4 player Coop for Multiplayer dungeon mode. It is in kin with a Monster Hunter look where you fight and slay giant monsters in the open world of Draconis.

The dragon and you are customizable. And the dragon Thuban has a unique AI which can grasp the situation on his own accord and reacts accordingly without giving commands, however, if you wish to you can command him for attack, moves and special events in boss battles. The game does not feature any crafting system, but players can pick up different weapons throughout the game.

ScaleBound is set to release in 2017, on XB1 and PC (Windows Store)

Titanfall 2

We knew Titanfall 2 was coming and was sure to be on PC anyway. But still, it is officially revealed to us on E3. This time it will have a Single Player campaign which tells the story of a titan named “BT-7274” and its pilot Jack Cooper. The titan’s previous pilot was killed in action, and there is supposedly a mystery involved in that.

On the multiplayer side, Respawn introduced 6 new Titans with more to come. The Titans seem agiler now, throwing kicks and punches, wielding swords. The developer also said all the maps and modes in future will be free for all users. We are eagerly waiting for both the campaign and the multiplayer side. Though I am personally still baffled that EA decided to release Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 so close to each other with the danger of cannibalizing each others sale.

Titanfall 2 will be released on 28th October on PS4, XB1 and PC.

Titanfall 2 Trailer

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