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15 Best Quality Websites to Download Free PC Games (2022)

If you want to download the latest PC games for Windows 10/11 or earlier versions, here is a list of 15 websites to download full PC games for free.

Most of the games on these websites are free, while some of them are also chargeable.

Here are the 15 Best Quality Websites to Download Free PC Games:

1. ThePCGames.Net

If you are looking for large PC games that are highly compressed, look no further. thepcgames(dot)net offers fast downloads for pc games.

You can use this website to download highly compressed PC Games such as the GTA series, GTA San Andreas, GTA 4, Hitman 4, GTA 5, GTA Vice City, WWE, Saint Rows 2, Red Dead Redemption 2.

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Also, they have games like Just Cause 4, Tekken 3, Hitman, Battlefield V, Call of Duty Black Ops, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, etc. from this website at a fast download speed.

5 Best Quality Websites to Download Free PC Games

Download from http://thepcgames[dot]net – (replace the dot with .)

2. Softonic.com

Here is another website to download some of the highly compressed PC games for Hardcore gamers. Moreover, if you are unable to download using a P2P service, you can download it here.

Some of the games which are available are the GTA Series, GTA Vice City, San Andreas, Call of Duty Series Games, Assassin Creed 3 at highly compressed KGB compression files.

PC Game Dowload Website 1

The website also offers Games for Apple iMacs and MacBooks. There are games like Genshin Impact, CRSED, 7 Seas Casino, Cross Out, Game of Thrones.

Can download from – https://en.softonic(dot)com/windows/games – replace dot with.

3. GameTop

You can find typically small-sized games 100 Mb or more for PC here like Time Machine, The Three Musketeers, treasure island, the statue of liberty, and many more PC games for Casual Gamers.


Download from-www.gametop[dot]com (replace dot with . )

4. My Real Games

Download Free Pc games – If You are a card games lover, this is one good site to download free PC Games, or if you are a fan of pool games, you can download them here.

My Real Games Download

Other categories include Car Games, sports games, action games, adventure Games & girl games.

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Besides, The site has some of the best Girl games. If you are looking for a casual game, you can try your hands at Cake Shop, Magic Farm, treasure island for some fascinating free gameplay.

Download from-www.myrealgames[dot]com (replace dot with . )

5. Apps For PC – Download Free PC Games & APPs

Further, If you would like to download free popular titles of the Android platform for PC, here is a website you can download the PC version of Candy Crush Saga, Temple Run, Hill Climb Racing, Subway Surfer, Plants Vs. Zombies 2 and many more.

Download Apps and Games

Also, the new websites offer some additional free Latest PC games to download in highly compressed versions.

Download from https://apps-for-pc[dot]com – replace the [dot] with .

6. TheGamesDownload.net

You can download many new PC games like Sniper Elite, Crysis, Far Cry, Pay Day, Need for Speed, Sleeping Dogs, Battlefield, Just Cause, Halo 2, Splinter Cell, Half-life, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty.

Download Full PC Games

Also, there are games like Battlefield 3, Battlefield V, Battlefield 2042, DOTA 2, Black Ops, Delta Force, GTA San Andreas, Drag, Torque D, rift, and many More games for PC with Full versions.

The website has got a lot of racing and strategy games that you can easily download.

Download from – https://www.thegamesdownload[dot]net

You can also download some free Pc games from Download PC Games for Windows From CNET

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CNET Top Games

You can download Free PC Games from a lot of different categories Like Arcade Games, FPS(First Person Shooter Games), Strategy Games, Racing Games, Cards Games, Pool Snooker Games.

Also, there is a huge collection of Android Games, Sports Games, Role Playing Games, Kids Games, Girl Games, Real-time strategy Games, Role Playing Games & many more.

7. Ocean of Games

Ocean of Games

This site offers the latest PC games in small sizes. This is one of the sites which do what it promises. If you are looking forward to downloading huge compressed PC Games, this is the best site for you.

You can download the GTA 5 PC version of 58 GB from this site’s high-speed servers which allow a single file download of such large games.

The website allows you to download games as large as 60 GB in size.<

You can download Nascar 2015, Games of Thrones, Grand Theft Auto 5, GTA 6, Far Cry 4, and Far Cry 3 from the website easily.

The servers are pretty good and offer download speeds over 1 MBPS at times. However, it sometimes takes longer to download if there is more load on the server.

Can Download it from OceanofGames[dot]com

7. World of PC Games – Download Compressed PC Games

Last but not least, another popular website for downloading

PC Games is www.worldofpcgames[dot]co (replace the dot with .)

Notably, It has a vast collection of PC Games to Download such as Far Cry, IGI, God of War, Assassin’s Creed, WWE 12, Tekken, Dragon Ball, Max Payne, PokeMon X, Mafia 2, Need for Speed MW, GTA V, GTA 4 etc.

Wold of Games

9. Steam

Steam has probably the largest collection of games, and a lot of these games are paid for, but you can also get some Free Play Games from Steam.

You can purchase and play several games from Steam like PUBG (Player Unknown BattleGround, GTA V, SCUM or the, or the famous CS: GO).


Most of these games are online, for instance, PUBG, so there is no point downloading the game for free because you will not be able to join the online game if you don’t have the original copy.

So in the case of such games, wait for the Steam Summer Sale and other occasional sales when you can buy these cheap.

For example, PUBG was available for Rs. 499 in the summer sale this year.

Also, it is excellent to keep the Steam Client installed on your PC so you can have access to the Beta version of many games free whenever a new game is announced. You can signup for Beta and play the game for a few days before making up your mind to buy it.

Visit Steam

10. Origin

Origin is very similar to Steam and has a vast collection of ultimate PC Games. Also, Steam offers plenty of free games during the year, and it is worth downloading and keeping.

You can get all the Battlefield Series Games, Battlefield 2042, Fifa, Formula 1, Cricket, Sims, Assassin’s Creed Games at Origin.


But similar to Steam, most of the games are paid on the Origin platform, and you will have to buy these to play. But there is a good thing, from time to time, Origin also offers many games for free.

You can easily download these games and keep them on your PC and play them later.< Free-to-play games are usually a couple of years old.

You will have to shell out money for most new Games like Need for Speed, Battlefield, and other sports games.

Also, like Steam huge number of Origin games are online and need you to have a genuine copy of the game. You can get some cheap deals on Origin during summer sales and other sales during the year.

You can play free Beta Games like Battlefield V was recently available on Open Beta for everyone. It is a great option to try out some new games and later decide if you wish to spend the money on buying some of these.

Visit Origin

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11. Skidrow Reloaded

Skidrow is the biggest name when it comes to getting the latest PC games for free. You can safely download all the new PC games from the skidrow reloaded(dot)com.

There are tons of games over even over 20 GB or 50 GB in size that you can download in parts and then unzip to play them.

Some of the latest games in the collection are Tekken 7, Tomb Raider, Assassin’s Creed Origin, InJustice 2, GTA V, BattleField 1, No Man’s Sky, and many more.

Skid Row Reloaded Games

12. FitGirl – Repacks

Another site that is similar to the Ocean of Games or the Skidrowreloaded is the FitGirl – Repacks.

You can access the tons of latest games on this website and can easily download the zipped files and later uncompress to play the games.


The website has a massive collection of free-to-download games. Some of these are legit, while others are cracked versions.

You can get many new games such as Shadow of Tomb Raider, Fallout 76, Far Cry 5, Fifa 19, and many more.

13. DownloadPCGames88


If you want to download the latest Games like PUBG PC, Grand Theft Auto V, or Assassin Creed’s title, Project Cars, Cricket 2017, Need for Speed Rivals, and more.

The website downloadpcgames88 offers you a vast collection of new games to download and use.

You may like the best games from 2016 or the best games of 2017.

14. Gog.com


Gog.com is another website where you can go and purchase a legit copy of a game.

You don’t have to worry about the viruses or malware that comes with pirated games when buying GOG.

There are several titles available at discounts, such as Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077, Bloodstained, and Frostpunk, that you get at a fraction of the price.

Thanks for visiting Candytech – stay tuned for more gaming, computers, smartphones info.

Safety – It is not always safe to download non-genuine copies of the games as they can have viruses, malware, adware, and other security issues.

The best way to play the games is to download them from the official website by paying the developers who have worked hard.

Disclaimer* – I have not linked to some websites as sometimes it is not safe to do so. Also, I insist you buy a game and play if you want to have unlimited fun without any glitches.

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