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10 Best Android Games for Girls – (2022)

What are the Best Android Games for Girls?

Android and iOS games are the best way to pass your time and help reduce stress and refresh you. I have written this article taking some tips from girls who play all these games, it does not mean, boys can’t play these.

Here is a list of carefully chosen some of the Most Popular Free Games for Android and iOS to play on smartphones and Tablets.

We also wrote about the Top 10 Most Useful Apps for Girls; you may want to check that out later.

These are of diverse nature and some of them you may love, others simply may not excite you. We have also added the download size and Approx number of times the game has been downloaded on the Google Play Store.

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We have also added the download link, which takes you to the Google Play store to download the Game.

Here are the 13 Best Android Games for Girls that you may want to play:

13. Spider Solitaire by Solitaired

Solitaire is a popular game for girls to play and luckily, there are variants of the game available to play online.

Solitaired.com offers tons of free solitaire games for Android devices, and has one of the best Spider Solitaire game.

The cool thing about this website is it’s mobile-friendly and all you have to do is navigate to the site in your browser and start playing!

Download on Play Android

Download Size – 357 KB

Version –

12) Quizziz

You like competing in the Quiz competitions and expanding your knowledge; this is the right game for you with visually engaging Questions and Answers.

The Game is gripping in nature, and the best part is that you can compete against online Rivals and continuously increase your skillset.


It has various topics ranging from current pop culture to obscure scientific facts to sports, geography, historical events, famous people, and geography. Also, the Game helps you brush up your vocabulary and spelling with beautifully illustrated questions.

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It has a vast collection of topics like mathematics, English, science, history, geography, languages, and general knowledge topics.

You can even invite your friends to play along with you and compete.

Girl Gamers can have fun with this Quizzing wonder.

Approx Game Size: 48 Mb

Number of Downloads: 5,000,000+

Download link – Quizizz

Also, check the best brain games for kids.

11) Farm Heroes Saga

Farm Heroes Saga is an entertaining game from the makers of Candy Crush Soda Saga.

Farm Heroes Saga

In this Game, a Rancid Racoon tries to spoil the valuable farmlands and steals the crops as many as it can along the way.

Now, your job is to join the Farm Heroes forces and help collect the Cropsies to save the day!

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You get hundreds of levels to solve puzzles by switching, matching, and collecting crops across the farm. To score high, you have to check three or more Cropsies smartly.

Moreover, with this Game, you will get to explore fantastic Farmtastic adventures.

The health boosters and power-ups will help you throughout the Game. The Hero Mode allows you to gain extra points.

To activate Farm Club, you have to play levels and win magic beans.

Approx Game Size: 83 Mb

Number of Downloads: 9,185,905

Download link – Farm Heroes Saga

10) Best Friends – Free Puzzle Game

Best Friends is a unique puzzle game, that comes with a story mode, unlike most other monotonous puzzle-solving games.

Best friend puzzle game

This puzzle game is excellent for passing free time or playing between work breaks to de-stress and have fun.

The Best Friends Puzzle game will allow you to solve thousands of fun puzzles, collect tons of cute characters, and beat the bad guys.

Through this, you will discover the magical world of Minutia.

The Game allows you to play against your Facebook friends online.

The story starts with the tiny creature Minutia, who lives in peace and harmony. This ambiance was disturbed when the meteor smashed into Mount Boom.

To win something new every day, you will get to play daily events.

Approx Game Size: 167 Mb

Number of Downloads: 2,121,288

Download link – Best Friend

9). Lily’s Garden

Do you want to explore a garden that is full of adventure? If you’re going to have a virtual garden and learn more about plants and gardening, this can be an excellent slow-paced soothing game for you.

lily's garden game

In this game, you have to help Lily to renovate her great-aunt’s garden.

She tries to retain its glory and play this game; you have to match the flower to solve challenging blast puzzles.

You get themed boosters to renovate the garden areas with the help of dozens of customization options.

Moreover, in this game, you can create your garden by redesigning, rebuilding, and customizing things the way you want.

Approx Game Size: 131 Mb

Number of Downloads: 1,097,483

Download link – Lily’s Garden

8) Angry Birds

Number 8 on the list is Angry Birds. This has been one of the most played games of 2012-2014 and is liked by all. It is a fun game, and you can spend hours with the Game without blinking an eye.

10 Best Android Games for Girls

Why were the birds angry? Because the Pigs stole their eggs, they wanted to take revenge on the pigs by destroying all the defense they had set up.

The player has to estimate the angle on which the Angry bird is catapulted to destroy the defense of Pigs.

The Game has immense graphical details and the most enchanting sounds. The birds get different powers from time to time, and the levels become difficult as you progress in the game.

Approx Game Size: 47 Mb

Number of Downloads: 300,000,000

Download Link – Angry Birds

Also, I wrote an article on best games for parents and grand parents.

7) Candy Crush Soda Saga

Candy Crush Soda Saga is a brand new game from the makers of the legendary Candy Crush Saga. New candies, more divine combinations, and challenging game modes filled up with purple soda!

Candy Crush Soda is a free-to-play Game buy. If you require more lives or quick access, you may need to pay.

candycrush soda saga

The Game is as addicting as were the previous Games by the King’s Studio. If you are a girl, you may love it as much you love the original Candy Crush Game.

Approx Game Size: 43 Mb

Number of Downloads: 10,000,000

Download Link – Candy Crush Soda Saga

6) Cut the Rope 2

Number 6 on the list of 10 Best Games for Girls to Play on Smartphone is Cut the Rope 2. It is a free android game that you can enjoy on your smartphone and tablet for free. The adventure game is a good time pass whenever you get a break from your work.

Cut the rope 2

Cut the Rope 2 brings fresh, challenging tasks and unanticipated obstacles to candy crunching, a physics-based game that has delighted millions of players worldwide.

The Game is all new compared to the older version and comes with new adventures and characters. As you progress further in the Game, it becomes more demanding, and you will need to apply yourself to cross the hurdles.

Approx Game Size: Varies with tablet or smartphone

Number of Downloads: 10,000,000

Download Link – Cut the Rope 2

5) Fruit Ninja

The studio revamps the original Game, and the newer version is better with new levels, graphics, and more exciting scenarios. All the Blades and Dojos now have a unique effect on gameplay.

Fruit Ninja vastly popular game

Want a ten-fruit Great Wave? Bouncing clouds to never drop a fruit? Swirling tornados for epic combos? The new version of the game has it all. The Game is about slicing fruits, and as the levels progress, you get new powers and blades to accomplish missions.

Approx Game Size: 80 Mb

Number of Downloads: 200,000,000

Download Link – Fruit Ninja

4) Wordament

Number 4 on the list of 10 Best Games for Girls to Play on Smartphone is Wordament. The Game was developed by Microsoft Corporation and had a brilliant user interface and gameplay.

Wordament android game

The Game is about creating words as fast as possible. You can play against thousands of online players at once, and after each round, you can know your score depending on your ability to create words from a given set of alphabets.

It is a classic game that helps you improve your vocabulary and spellings geared with impressive gameplay. The Game is very competitive and addictive. As you progress, the need to climb the ranks increases, and you feel compelled to do better than your Foes.

It is one of the less explored Games but is an excellent game for tablets or smartphones. Students and girls can hone their skills with the Game even suited for adults.

Approx Download Size – Varies with Device

Number of Downloads: 1,000,000

Download Link – Wordament

3) Pet Rescue Saga

Who does not want a pet, we may not be able to keep a real one, but the idea of a virtual pet is liberating. The Game has more than 50 million downloads and is a Girls favorite.

Pet Rescue Saga

The Game is made by the King’s Studio, the makers of Candy Crush Saga, and is becoming famous for smartphones. Match two or more blocks of the same color to clear the level and rescue the pets from the evil Pet Snatchers.

The moves in the Game are limited, and the Game offers challenging scenarios to rescue your pets from the snatchers. Good Game with enchanting sounds and can be addicting.

Approx Game Size – Varies with Device

Number of Downloads: 50,000,000

Download Link – Pet Rescue Saga

2) FarmVille 2

The Game is made by Zynga, a well-known maker of casual games. It is a phenomenal game, and girls get glued to the Game once the FarmVille bug bites them. It is the world’s most popular farming game and comes with new adventures compared to what we saw in the FarmVille 1.

FarmVille 2

The earlier game was a massive success on the social media platform Facebook, and girls playing that for hours through some of the notifications would have irked their friends.

The Game is about harvesting farm fresh crops of your favorite fruits and vegetables, collecting rare and hidden items as you explore the farms. You can do fishing, gardening, or nurture your own farm dog in this farming adventure.

Approx Game Size – 46MB

Number of Downloads: 50,000,000

Download Link – FarmVille 2

1) Candy Crush Saga

10 Best Android Games for Girls – The number 1 on the 10 Best Games for Girls to Play on a Smartphone or a Tablet is Candy Crush. It is like a forbidden fruit. Once you start playing it, you can’t get your hands off the smartphone.

Candy Crush Saga

The Game is most addicting with sounds that just set the mood and soak you in the mesmerizing gameplay. Developed by the King’s Studio, the Game has been downloaded 500 Million times and is one of the most played games on either Android or iOS platforms.

Everyone finds the Game addicting and can’t live without clearing one level after the other. Candy Crush Saga is completely free to play, but some in-game items such as extra moves or lives will require payment.

The Game requires the player to clear the levels by matching the same type of candies and some of the magical candies you get from time to time. The level of difficulty increases as you move ahead in the Game. It is one of the most addicting games, and you must try it if not done already.

Approx Game Size – 48 MB

Number of Downloads: 100,000,000

Download Link – Candy Crush Saga

Also, if you like car driving or want to learn it you can play some racing games.

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