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GTA 6 Launch, Latest News, PC Requirements and Updates

All We Know About Rockstar’s Upcoming GTA 6 Game


GTA – known as Grand Theft Auto, is a popular game with lots of entertainment and fun. It’s been eight years since GTA 5 was released, and fans are eagerly waiting for its launch of GTA 6.

GTA 6 is likely to unveil in 2024. Below is the official statement from Rockstar Games, where the studio claims that they are developing the new GTA series game. However, they have not shared an exact timeline of when the game will release.

Back in February 2022, the Rockstar Games studio shared that they are working on the new franchise – GTA 6, and the new game will be far more engaging than GTA 5.

Later in June 2022, Rockstar Games also announced that they are going to commit all their resources towards the development of GTA 6 and will not commit too many developers in other projects at the moment.

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GTA 5 was released almost nine years back on 17th September 2013, and GTA 4 was released back in April 2008.

Notably, GTA 5 is the second most sold game in the world, as 160 Million copies of the game have been sold so far. The best-selling game of all time is Minecraft.

GTA 6 – What to Expect?

GTA 6 will be a massive open-world game with a map that is probably bigger than GTA 5, loaded with new missions and graphics details that are unseen before.

According to reports, the game’s main story would be nearly 60 hours long. The single-player mode will be full of surprises and have missions that won’t be very easy to finish.

The game would be divided into two chapters.

Also, the early chapters in the game are set in Miami/Florida, in the late 1970s. It will be a contrast to modern days presentations. The new chapters can have modern-day Miami with lots of neon signs.

Some reports suggest that the game will have three locations – USA, Miami, and Rio De Janeiro- and the player can travel between these cities. The game can also have some chapters set in the Caribbean Islands that won’t be part of the main storyline. Also, the game can have several other DLCs that will be released later to expand the geographical locations.

The story seems to have taken some inspiration from Netflix’s original series “Narcos.” The player will manage a drug operation between the cities. The game will have dynamic weather; you can also store weapons and other stuff in the car trunk and use them as required.

The game may have some links to the famous protagonist Tommy Vercetti from GTA Vice City. That back in the days was a rage, and it was one of my favorite games growing up.

The game will also use some interactive mechanics we have seen in the Red Dead Redemption 2.

The GTA 6 can be one of the franchise’s first games with a playable female character. The previous iterations of GTA are mostly men-dominated. As per early leaks (Bloomberg Reports), the game can have a Latina protagonist apart from the male character to make things interesting.

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GTA 6 Console Release (Playstation, XBOX)

The GTA 6 will also release on the Playstation 5 and X-BOX Series S and Series X consoles, along with the release of the PC version. In fact, the game may first release on consoles and then launch on PC.

Notably, the GTA 5 was released for the consoles in 2013, and it took almost two years to release for PC in 2015. We can see a similar trend for the GTA 6, which may release for consoles in 2024 and may take one more year to launch for the PC.

GTA 6 PC Requirements (Expected):

According to leak data and rumors, the GTA 6 may require some nifty PC hardware to run.

Here are some of the expected requirements for the game:

Beginning with the RAM, the minimum RAM required by the game would be 8 GB. However, for a better experience, 16 GB is recommended. The operating system to be used is Windows 10 (64-bit) or the new Windows 11.

The minimum graphics card requirement would be NVIDIA GTX 1060 GPU with 6 GB VRAM. Nonetheless, AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 Liquid (8 GB) or NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2000 series would be recommended to enjoy smooth gaming.

Any processor with 6 Cores can run the game efficiently, and you may be able to play it on older Quad-Core Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors easily.

The storage requirements are ever-increasing, and we expect the game to have a massive size of close to 100 GB.

GTA 6 Release Date:

Till now, all the rumors are turning out to be false about the release date for GTA 6. As we mentioned, we may have to wait two more years for the launch, which may happen in late 2024 or early 2025.

The GTA 6 will be released on Sony Playstation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox first and will likely launch for PC and older consoles. However, there is little chance that the company will launch the smartphone game early.

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