Battlefield 2042 – India Price, System Specs, Trailers, Maps, Modes

Battlefield 2042 – Everything You Want to Know

Battlefield 2042 is the next Battlefield game – similar to its predecessors, this one is also a multi-player focused, first-person shooter game.

Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V gave a taste of weapons and wars in the World War Era the new 2042 as the name suggests gives us advanced weapons from the future.

This game is the mark of the iconic all-out warfare for the franchise.

BattleField 2042
BattleField 2042

As this game is set in the future, it will have some innovative and futuristic weapons likewise – deployable turrets, drones, superior vehicles, dynamic robots, and guns. All these will be taken into use to fight for the superpowers.

Release date:

Battlefield 2042 will be released on October 22, 2021. It will be available for Windows, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Series S.

It will also be released on Origin, Steam, and the Epic Gamers Store.

The Overview:

The game starts with the decades of devastation that occurred due to climate change, which comes to a height in 2040, as the Kessler Syndrome event destroyed 70% of Earth’s orbital satellites by crashing with the planets.

Also, it includes the collapse of European nations and climate refugees, which is named – ‘No pats‘. This results in the global blackout between the United States and Russia skyrocketing and eventually, it calls out the war in 2042.

This time the game has doubled the player to 128. Yes, 128! The squad will be redefined to the class system to sports specialists with some fantastic gadgets. This change could be the most significant one since 2002 (20 years).

According to the reports, the players can request a vehicle drop to any of the preferred locations. The ‘Plus’ system introduced by the game will allow players to customize the weapons and gadgets on the spot.

Players can now select to seize control of the specialists, who will come under the classes Assault, Engineer, Medic, and Recon something that we have seen in the past iterations of Battlefield.

Everyone has unique skills and gadgets. The game will begin with ten specialists.

Gameplay Modes:

The ‘All-out-Warfare’ has two modes:

  • Breakthrough

In this mode of gameplay, one of the teams will try to capture the control points of another team, while the opposite team will try to defend.

  • Conquest

The conquest mode allows the two teams to combat each other to gain control points. When the control points in the sector are captured, the team will control the said sector.

The other mode of the gameplay is a Cooperative multi-player mode, which comprises Hazard Mode, and Battlefield Portal (a community-driven platform).


In Battlefield 2042, you will have seven maps. They are as follows – Orbital, Hourglass, Kaleidoscope, Manifest, Discarded, Breakaway, and Renewal.


The Battlefield 2042 Price is as follows:

  1. For PC – Battlefield 2042 Standard Edition – Rs. 2999, Gold Edition – Price Rs. 4799, Ultimate Edition – Price Rs. 5,999
  2. For PS5 – Battlefield 2042 Standard Edition – Rs. 4499, PS4 – 3999
  3. For Xbox Series X|S – Price Rs. 4499, XBOX One – Rs. 3999

The system requirements are yet not available for PC, but I will update them once they are available.


The trailer of Battlefield 2042 was first showcased by Microsoft and Bethesda at E3 2021. Also, read about the upcoming GTA 6 (Grand Theft Auto 6)

Here is the trailer video for you.

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