Robotic Vaccum Cleaners are pretty cool as you don’t have to spend time and effort using them to clean the house. Turn it on and it works automatically.

The Robotic Vaccum cleaner goes around in your house and picks up the dirt and some of these can even mop the floor (Poocha lagana).

Another cool thing about these is that they can come back to the charging station automatically with the help of sensors and get charged and get back to work once charged.

I have used the Robotic Vaccum Cleaner in my office and I am pretty impressed with the help it offers.

However, let me be very frank with you it may not be able to replace the maid that cleans my office but on her off days, I use it to get the work done.

The Robotic cleaner can easily swipe the floor but I am not a big fan of its mopping abilities or it can’t do the dusting.

Also, if you have a large bungalow these may be less useful, I think these are perfect for flat owners.

Key Benefits of ROBOTIC Vaccum Cleaner

  • Compact design.
  • Time-saving.
  • Can automatically clean your house.
  • Less noisy than a normal vacuum cleaner.

Without further ado, let’s check out the best robot vacuum cleaners that are available currently:

1. Milagrow seagull auto boost suction vacuum cleaner

Milagrow vacuum cleaner robot is the lightest and also a thin floor cleaning robot with a thickness of just 7.2cm by that it can easily go under your furniture like sofa, bed, etc, and clean it.

Milagrow seagull auto boost suction vacuum cleaner

Additionally, It comes along with a large bin capacity(0.65litre) that makes sure that you don’t need to clean the dustbin every day.

It works with a Gyro mapping technology to identify and make a map of its surrounding. It can work in 3 cleaning modes which include smart zig-zag mode, spot spiral mode, and a wall-to-wall mode.

Furthermore, you can also increase its suction power from normal to the turbo which means from 800Pa-1500Pa for intense cleaning.

Another crucial highlight is that it comes with a hygienic HEPA filter that removes 99.97% of pollutants in the air.

Additionally, we have an app control facility that lets you schedule a clean time, suction power control, and can also change cleaning mode and direction.

Another cool feature is that it can return to its charging point by itself when its battery is less than 15%.

This product is available online for purchase along with a price tag of Rs 12,490.

Key Specification:

  • Works with a Gyro mapping technology.
  • Comes with a large dustbin capacity.
  • Can operate in 3 modes.
  • Also comes with a HEPA filter.
  • With its Anti-collision, Anti-drop sensors, and Soft cushion bumpers,
  • Can also control by app.
  • ideal for cleaning pet hair.
  • Anti-collision and fall detection safety.
  • 5 years of suction motor warranty &  2 years of vacuum cleaner warranty.

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2. Trifo Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Trifo Max vacuum cleaner comes with a stylish look and glossy design. It has excellent suction power, as it comes with a massive 3000 Pa suction power for powerful cleaning that will be suitable for carpet cleaning and flooring.

Trifo Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Trifo Max cleaner also comes with a large dustbin capacity of 600ml. It is ideal for big flats and if you want to clean a couple of rooms.

At the top, it has a 2 button including a power button to turn ON the cleaner, and the other is a home button to pair your mobile with the robot cleaner.

At the bottom, it has 2 shock absorber wheels, one 360 degrees movable wheel, and a six-claws side brush.

The Trifo Max vacuum cleaner can be controlled by the Trifo app by connecting it to home WiFi and you can also use it along with Alexa.

It even has a camera that provides real-time video surveillance support which allows a user to see what’s going on in their home.

It comes with a massive 5200mAH battery capacity which provides up to 2 hours of cleaning operation.

The Trifo Max vacuum cleaner is available for purchase along with a price tag of Rs 12,990. The brand also sells the Max-P and Max-S models that also come with support for mopping.

Key Specification:

  • Comes with a 3000Pa suction power.
  • 600ml large dustbin capacity.
  • Good for carpet cleaning.
  • Compatible with Alexa for operating.
  • Can also operate by the Trifo app.
  • Has a 5200mAH battery and 2 hours of backup.
  • Real-time video surveillance support for safety.

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3. ECOVACS Deebot 500 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 

For effortlessly everyday cleaning, the Deebot 500 robot vacuum cleaner is also an excellent choice. The Robot cleaner has a decent suction power which is great for everyday cleaning but if you want an intense cleaning then it offers max mode which will increase the suction power up to 2x to clean stubborn dust.

ECOVACS Deebot 500 Robots Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner has a 3 selective cleaning mode which includes an AUTO mode for general cleaning, Edge mode for cleaning edge to edge, and a spot mode for intense cleaning in one area.

Additionally, it can be controlled by smart speakers like Amazon Echo, and Google home and also can be controlled by the Deebot app so that you can schedule or monitor the current cleaning status.

At the bottom side, it has two brushes on each side and a suction area that will make sure that no dirt will be left behind.

At the top, it has a power button to turn ON the cleaner manually and a wifi indicator that will glow when your cleaner will connect with your mobile’s WiFi.

Additionally, it comes with an anti-collision sensor and cushion bumpers, and stair safety technology to prevent falling of the cleaner from stairs.

This Robot is intelligent and will automatically return to its dock station to charge when its battery power is low.

The Deebot 500 robot vacuum cleaner is available on Amazon for purchase at a price tag of Rs 13,900.

Key Specification:

  • Offers max mode for intense cleaning.
  • Controlled by Deebot app.
  • Also can control by a smart speaker.
  • Dustbin Size – 520 ml.
  • Avoids collision and downstairs falling. – Anti Collision Sensors
  • Automatically return to its charging point when a battery is low.
  • Doesn’t offer Wet Mopping or cleaning in areas with a wet floor.

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4. IBELL 360° Smart Sensor Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

IBELL 360° vacuum cleaner comes with a compact design and has a premium look. It has a digital display and touch-sensitive buttons on the top.

IBELL 360° Smart Sensor Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

It offers multi-cleaning operating modes which include an auto mode for general cleaning, schedule mode, full-go mode(For maximum clean), edge clean for corners, wet cleaning mode(For sweeping), spot cleaning mode(For cleaning a particular area).

Additionally, it comes with a 150ml tank capacity and a 250ml dust box capacity, it has a turbo brush system to tackle/wash multiple surfaces.

The biggest advantage this Robot Vaccum cleaner has over the others is the presence of wet mopping mode. The robotic cleaner allows can do sweeping, vacuuming and mopping damp or wet floors.

Talking about its safety, it has an anti-collision feature and stairs safety to prevent the device from getting damaged or damaging the furniture.

Furthermore, you can control this cleaning device in 3 ways – the ‘Tuya smart’ app, or with a remote, which is very handy.

You can even use it by connecting it with a smart device like google home or Amazon echo dot.

Lastly, the IBELL 360° vacuum cleaner provides you the 2 hours of battery backup, and when it gets discharged it automatically returns to its dock point and starts charging all by itself.

The product is available at a price tag of Rs 14,689.

Key Specification:

  • Compact design & premium look.
  • Comes with a digital display on its top.
  • Has a multi-cleaning cleaning mode.
  • Also has a 150ml tank and 250ml dust box capacity.
  • Safety features – Anti-collision, and falling from stairs safety.
  • Various operating modes – By App, smart device, and by your mobile’s WiFi.
  • Offers 2 hours of battery backup.
  • Automatically return to its charging point.
  • 1-year product warranty.

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5. 360 C50 Robot Vacuum cleaner

The C50 robot vacuum cleaner comes with a 2600 Pa suction power which provides good cleaning performance. It has a thickness of 78.9mm allowing it to do cleaning easily under the sofa, bed, and some other furniture.

360 C50 Robot Vacuum

For cleaning a zig-zag route, it has 18 types of sensors to create the ideal zig-zag cleaning path while avoiding obstacles coming in the path.

Along with cleaning, it also does mopping for you with its smart navigation technology and intelligent water tank design.

The C50 vacuum cleaner comes with a 500ml of dust box capacity so that you don’t have to clean it every day. It is much larger than the Ibell 360 capacity.

For effortless cleanliness, it has a various cleaning mode which includes schedule mode, Spot cleaning mode, Edges cleaning mode, and a Deep/intense cleaning mode.

Talking about its safety, it has an anti-collision feature and fall protection features and one more thing, You can control it by using IR remote which comes along with it

The C50 robot vacuum cleaner comes with a 2600mAH battery capacity that offers you up to 2 hours of battery backup and comes with 2 types of charging are cable charging and self-charging.

It is available on Amazon for a price tag of Rs 15,990.

Key Specification:

  • Offers 2600Pa suction power.
  • Works with smart navigation technology.
  • Standard 500ml dust box.
  • Comes with various cleaning modes for effortless cleaning.
  • Also has anti-collision and fall protection safety measures.
  • Can control by IR remote that comes along with a robotic cleaner.
  • Offers a 2600mAH battery capacity offer 2 hours run time.
  • A self-charge facility is also present.
  • 1-year product warranty.

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6. ILIFE V5s Pro Vacuum Cleaner

The ILIFE V5s Pro comes with a brushless motor, therefore, the vacuum cleaner offers lower noise especially when the cleaner is mopping.

ILIFE V5s Pro Vacuum Cleaner

It offers 850Pa suction power for normal mode and 1000Pa suction power for max-mode. The suction power on this vacuum cleaner is low compared to the others.

For mopping, it has a 250ml water tank that allows 80 minutes of wet mopping in a space of the 180-meter square.

Talking about its mode of cleaning, it also offers similar modes as other brands cleaner that is a spot mode, auto mode, Edge mode, and schedule mode.

The vacuum cleaner comes with a smart sensor that prevents accidents like obstacle collisions and stairs falling.

It is packed with a 2600mAH battery capacity which will take 5 hours to get fully charged and provides you a runtime of almost 1.5 hours.

The ILIFE V5s Pro vacuum cleaner is available for a price tag of Rs 16,990.

Key Specification:

  • Offers 1000Pa suction power.
  • Low Suction Power.
  • has a 250ml water tank.
  • various cleaning modes.
  • Also, do the mopping.
  • Offer safety from the accident.
  • has a 2600mAH battery capacity.
  • Provide 1.5 hours run time.

7. iRobot Roomba 971 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Roomba 971 vacuum cleaning robot is the product of the iRobot brand and it is one of the advanced vacuum cleaners currently present in the market.

iRobot Roomba 971 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

This robot works with a V-SLAM technology that allows the robot to create a detailed map of its surroundings so it knows where it is, and where it needs to clean.

Additionally, it comes with dual multi-surface rubber brushes that are uniquely designed to clean different types of floor surfaces along with an Edge-sweeping brush and powerlifting suction that all work together to clean the room (remove fine dust to large debris).

Furthermore, thanks to the iRobot app by which you can access the Roomba vacuum cleaner by just connecting it to your iRobot app. By this, you can start, monitor the Roomba, schedule the cleaning operation from anywhere, and anytime on your mobile.

And you can also control it by giving a command on Alexa(smart speaker).

On the top, it has a sensor that detects the obstacles and prevents the cleaner from the accident and also has a clean button to operate the device manually and

With including these features, The Roomba 971 is available on Amazon for purchase at a price tag of Rs 29,990.

Key Specification:

  • High air suction power.
  • Works on sLAM navigation technology.
  • Also can control by the iRobot app on mobile.
  • Compatible with Alexa.
  • Collision free.
  • 1-year battery warranty and 2-years manufacturing warranty.

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Thanks for Reading the Article, if you have some comments or queries – I will be happy to answer that in the comments section.

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