Best Wireless keyboard Under Rs 2000 India Logitech MK330

Review Logitech MK330 – A Good Option

Updated – 25/March/2018 – If you are looking for a decent lightweight keyboard for general use or gaming you can look at purchasing the Logitech MK330 which is an excellent quality product in this range. The Keyboard and mouse combo is usually a cheaper option.

Why You should invest in a Good Keyboard and Mouse:

If you spend a good proportion of time in front of PC I would recommend you to have a very good keyboard and mouse as continuously use them, and more comfortable they are better for your hands and easier for you to work. You can get a Rs. 400 keyboard or a Rs. 200 mouse but they are not as comfortable.

If you expect something better with wireless, the Logitech MK 330 is a fantastic choice. I personally don’t like a lot of wires and mess they create, another reason to shift to wireless keyboard and mouse.


The Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Combo is priced close to Rs. 2,000. I purchased it for Rs. 2000 in one of the mobile App sales, prices keep fluctuating.

Review Logitech MK330 – A Good Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Best Wireless keyboard Under Rs 2000 India Logitech MK330

The Logitech K330 is priced at Rs. 2050($30) and can be purchased from any local computer hardware store as well as Online. The Keyboard K330 comes with the Logitech M215 mouse combo.

Box & Packaging:

The combo comes in a simple box, the packaging is done neatly by Logitech and mouse and keyboard both have alkaline non-rechargeable batteries.  In the Box, you will find the Keyboard, Mouse, the receiver, and manual, along with driver DVD.


The Keyboard looks premium and is not very bulky. The first thing you will notice once you lift it is the lightweight and decent Matte finish on the Keys and the side area. It does not give a glossy feel and poly-plastic surface is neither a finger magnet. The Keyboard has an on/off switch at the back which can be used when it is in-operational for days. The keyboard required 2 AAA batteries to work.

Let’s Check out the Keyboard Design and Layout:

Best Wireless keyboard Under Rs 2000 India Logitech MK330
Best Wireless keyboard Under Rs 2000 India Logitech MK330
Best Wireless keyboard Under Rs 2000 India Logitech MK330
Best Wireless keyboard Under Rs 2000 India Logitech MK330


The mouse is M215, a very nicely designed and contoured mouse with robust build quality. It just fits well and is easy to grip and use.  The mouse was little heavy compared to my earlier mouse the B175 Logitech. The mouse uses a single AA battery.


The black color mouse looks premium with elegant shape and design. The mouse is dual tone with the edge made of slightly different shade(grey), which also enhances the looks.

The mouse wheel has small grooves which is much better compared to the flat wheels which come with some mouse. While playing games like Battlefield or CS GO can come handy.

The mouse uses a single battery and so far have replaced one battery, I have high usage, your’s may last longer.

Best Features

The battery life is adequate and can last more than 4-6 months easily. Though Logitech claims 24 months for the keyboard and 12 months for the mouse.

I have used the keyboard for more than 6 months and found connectivity is good. The Keyboard is fast to connect and in my experience, never faced any connection loss issues.

keyboard k330 logitech

The Keyboard has easy to use multimedia keys. They are a handy to increase/reduce volume in media player,  jump directly to the mailbox, or home screen, Windows toggle, Music, Volume Up, and Down Mute, Next and Previous track functions. I am not a big user of the function keys so sparingly used them.

The Keyboard and the Mouse get connected to the Laptop or PC by means of the USB receiver, there is only one USB receiver which connects both the devices.  For some of the users, this can be beneficial others may like two separate receivers. If you wish to use the mouse on laptop and keyboard with your PC you will not be able to do it as the single receiver can be plugged only into one device.

Connectivity and Cell Battery Life

The Mouse has good connectivity and is fairly responsive. The buttons are good but not the best, I have used some softer buttons with better tactile feedback compared to the one used on the M215 in this combo.

Though I have used the Mouse for almost 6 months and is pretty good to hold and use and makes your work easy.  The thumb hold and the gripping finger point has a nice curve which makes it fairly easy to use the mouse and hold it.

Programmable Keys

You’re in charge with 4 re-programmable F-keys and 6 re-programmable hotkeys that you can easily customize to open your favorite applications, folders or web pages.

Typing Experience

My major reason to upgrade from the earlier arrangement was typing experience. Earlier I was using the wired dell Keyboard (Cost Rs. 500) along with the Microsoft USB mouse(Cost Rs. 400).

The typing experience was poor for someone who easily types more than 1000 words a day on the keyboard. The buttons for the Microsoft mouse were hard to click compared to the Logitech M215 which comes along with the K330 keyboard.

Logitech K330 image

When I switched from the earlier products to the K330 it took sometime in getting used to the new keyboard. My hands were accustomed to the older keyboard. I felt weird for 2-3 days. But after 2 days of usage, the keyboard felt great.

Keys are much softer to type and the actuation force required to press the keys when typing was much less. My fingers thanked me for the switch to the Logitech MK330.

The hand rest is also quite good which helps you keep your palms easily and type fast on the keyboard. The only issue I had with the keyboard was the small sized F1, F2, F3 …. Function keys which sometimes I missed, but after 15-20 days got used to the design.

The typing experience is good for a membrane keyboard and for a price tag of Rs. 2,000 it is a great product.  If you wish to have the best experience then you can look at the mechanical keyboards.


The Keyboard and mouse come with the unified receiver software which you can install from the DVD. You can also easily download it from the Logitech website. It helps in an easy and fast pairing of the mouse and keyboard with the unified USB receiver. The software is pretty basic and easy to use. The keyboard and mouse also work without installing the software.


The keyboard uses 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity. The mouse and keyboard offer seamless connectivity and you should be able to use it at a distance of 5-7 feet without facing any issues.

Is it Good for PC Gaming?

If you ask me is it a replacement for a high speed / high sensitivity PC Gaming keyboard and mouse, then the answer is no. If you are an occasional gamer and like to play games once in a while then it is a great choice. I played BF3, BF4 and GTA 5, other games with this and it did not disappoint me.

Can it be used with a Laptop?

Yes if you have a laptop, you can use it with the laptop by installing the unified software. It is not very tiny if you are looking for a very tiny keyboard, it is not that.

Verdict – Would I recommend this to a friend?

Yes, It is a great wireless keyboard and is also not very expensive, comes with one year warranty and Logitech is a good brand with a fair bit of experience in manufacturing keyboards and mouse.

Update – I switched to the TVS E-Gold Keyboard after using this keyboard and after that have switched to the Corsair Rapid-I and G.Skill KM 570.

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