Is Screen Protector or Tempered Glass Required : Solved

This is one question you would be thinking when you get your new shiny Apple IPhone 6 or a Google Nexus 6. Google Nexus 6 has the corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection and Apple also uses a toughened glass to make the iPhone 6 screen scratch resistant.

Is screen Protector or tempered glass required.

All the new android smartphones comes with some kind of hard scratch resistant coating which promises to keep your smartphone scratch proof.

The major culprits for scratches is keys in your pockets and a lot of articles suggests the sand can also create small scratches on the smartphone screen.  Now the question is does Gorilla glass protects the screen from keys and sand and metallic coins or when you drop your smartphone.

I read many articles which clearly tells me that if you have a modern smartphone with the Gorilla glass 3, you don’t require a screen guard for the smartphone.

Before I tell you whether you should use or not a screen protector, let me share with you a small personal experience.

My Experience : Using Smartphone without a Screen Protector

I have a Google Nexus 5 which comes with the Gorilla Glass 3 for protection. The smartphone has been in use for more than a year.

As I bought the smartphone, I also purchased a premium screen protector and a back cover.

For almost 1 year , I have used it with the screen protector and suddenly one day the protector got spoiled and I have to remove it. Then for the last some days I used it without the screen protector, the experience of using the smartphone without a screen protector is really good. The touch response from the screen is far smooth and it is easy to type and use the smartphone with the increased sensitivity.

However , after 15 days I observed that there were very thin micro scratches on the screen. I was very really shocked to see those fine lines who destroyed the flawless beauty of the Google nexus 5.

The theory is flawed that you don’t need the screen guard, I cursed the people who wrote and told me that you don’t actually need a screen guard.

I am not someone who fumbles and drops the smartphone every now and then, I take utmost care of it.

I never keep keys or coins in the same pocket, I usually keep my smartphone.  Even after all these precautions, I observed the fine cracks on the screen. This made me realize that it is better to use a protector. I immediately ordered a  tempered glass screen protector.

Most Likely the scratches on my smartphone were caused by the sand particles as they are sharp enough to create very thin scratches even on a toughened Gorilla glass.

If you keep smartphone in Jeans front pocket you will also observe this happening, better use a screen protector .

You can use either buy the toughened glass screen protectors which are fairly easy to install compared to the plastic screen protectors or buy the conventional plastic film screen protectors.

Why You Should Always Use a Screen Guard ?
  1. It protects your mobile screen from scratches , it does not matter if you have iPhone or Moto E or Xiomi you need it.
  2. Protect your eyes from glare, some of the premium scratch guards do help reduce glare somewhat.
  3. Oleo phobic coating may help reduce the finger print marks on the screen to some extend.
 Major Disadvantages of Using a Screen Guard.
  1.  It reduces the touch responsiveness and delightful feel of the naked glass screen.

The advantages of using a mobile screen protector outweighs the disadvantages by a huge margin, it is always good to use protection(in all cases) than be sorry 🙂

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