Need a boost in your daily productivity and get things done faster, manage your day and work better.

I have listed 10 highly useful Apps for Android users in India to make life easy.

If you have got a new Android mobile these are the 10 Apps that you must install and use to have a better experience.

All of these are free to download from Google play store and work with any smartphone.

Everyone is not a mobile ninja, these are the most popular Apps that a majority of users will find relevant.

Also, I am just not listing the top 10 Apps but also sharing how I use these daily to improve productivity and save time.

Note: – These apps are relevant for Indian users to improve productivity and help them save time in the day to day tasks.

Here are the 10 Useful Must-Have Apps for Any Android Phone User in India:

1) Google Keep – A Fantastic Planner

10 Useful Apps for Android Smartphones to Make Life Easy

Google Keep – A fantastic APP if you wish to increase your productivity.  If you wonder why you missed that important task you wanted to finish If your To-Do list is too long to manage, you would need more than a diary to plan things in a systematic manner.  Google Keep is the best lightweight app which you can run with any smartphone to get your life and work more organized.

You can create different task lists as I do – Some of the list Titles I have made using Google Keep are :

  • Post Ideas – Help me keep track of what articles I have to work on.
  • Website development tasks – Speed improvements, SEO, comments, emails, theme & plugins; list is endless.
  • General House tasks -What stuff I need to buy, repair, and other small necessary things
  • Life Lessons – This is a personal note like most people write a diary, I sometimes write some Life lessons.
  • Quotes I love – Everybody loves Quotes, I keep then in google keep to reference whenever I need motivation or feel like sharing something on our Facebook page or What’s App.
  • Confidential Details – Do you like me have 40 passwords and user names – which you tend to forget. Save them securely in Google Keep.

Useful Apps for Android Smartphones(Google Keep)- The best part of this APP is you can easily sync it with your Laptop or PC with Google Chrome browser extension and add/delete tasks which you have already done.  The problem with writing in a physical note pad or diary is; you have to carry it everywhere.

I like creating a daily workflow in the morning and prioritize important tasks which I want to do on a particular day.  Google Keep is simple, wonderful free APP that you must have to boost your productivity.

2) CamScanner – Scan All Your Imp Docs

10 Useful Apps for Android Smartphones to Make Life Easy

Next on the list of Useful Apps for Android mobiles is another must have App. It helps to scan all your important documents bills and reading material which you wish to keep for the long term.

The App is much better than taking pictures of documents. You can save documents directly as PDF files and share send to email or upload on the cloud storage.

You can also save on your mobile and later back it up in your PC or Laptop.  A very handy app you can passports, driving License, mark sheets, bills, invoices and whatever you wish. You can easily email the PDF to the person who wants your credentials.

It has helped a lot in emailing documents to banks, loan organization and institutes.

3) Google Drive – Keep all Important Data Safe

Google Drive

No 3. on the list of Most Useful Apps for Android Smartphones is Google Drive. – The perfect way to save some of your important documents and photos.

Install google drive and you can simply upload the important documents like your passport scans, DL, Pan card and other documents to Google’s safe servers which store all your data securely on the cloud.

You can access and download the data and share it with whomever by simply adding the person’s email ID.

The best part is your google drive is accessible from everywhere you just need to sign in to your Google account and you can access all your documents anywhere in the world anytime.

4) Google Calendar – Plan your Month and Years

Google calander

Also, it is a free APP which comes with your Android Phone.

Besides, It is excellent for events reminders.

The App can remind you of birthdays, holidays and any meeting or appointment you have so you don’t miss the important events. You can create an event way in advance and on that event day it will ring and notify you.

I store birthday, anniversary and important meetings schedule in the Google Calendar. You must use it never miss an important event in Life.

5) ZomatoBest Restaurant Info and Food Orders


A great app for foodies or people who like to go out and dine. It is a one-stop solution to read the reviews. You can read a restaurant review, check prices,  read customer feedback about the food and service of the restaurant.

It is one of the best apps which help me find the best restaurants to dine whenever I am traveling to other cities.

You can order food and get a lot of discounts and deals on the Zomato App.

The rating system and user reviews along with photographs help me make up my mind where I am going to dine.  It saves a lot of time and effort in finding a good restaurant.

6) TripAdvisor Plan Your Trips to detail

Trip advisor

I cannot imagine going on a trip without using the Trip Advisor App. User reviews and photographs are really helpful to understand the place.  Hotel booking and reviews also are great to decide which will be a good place to stay.

The community is very strong on trip advisor India and you can find reviews of almost all holiday spots.

7) Quikr & OLXSell Used Stuff Online


Revolutionary Apps, best to make money from old Stuff, you can literally sell junk on these APPS. I sold very old smartphones, old PC, Old car, unused household stuff on OLX and Quikr.

Also, I bought a lot of stuff from OLX and Quikr which helped me save money if would have bought new products. There are great deals which you can grab from OLX/Quikr if you put a little bit of effort. Great apps to find and sell used stuff.

8) Amazon/Snapdeal/ Flipkart/ PAYTM – Buy Stuff  With Ease

10 Useful Apps for Android Smartphones to Make Life Easy
Flipkart APP
10 Useful Apps for Android Smartphones to Make Life Easy

If you are Indian these are the best apps to fulfill all your shopping needs.  I shop on all the apps and there are different online offers from time to time which you must grab.

Other than the discount offers from Snapdeal, Flipkart and Amazon there a number of offers from Banks and credit card companies.

You can get 10% or more discount on purchase using a different graphics card. It is best to make use of these offers and get the products at the lowest possible prices.

9) BigBasket  – Grocery Shopping Made easy.

big basket
Local Banya

Two more useful Apps for Android Smartphones BigBasket and Local Banya – I am usually lazy to go to market whenever something is required at home my savior is Bigbasket and Local Banya.

They are online retailers best suited for ordering household items and very reliable in terms of order delivery and schedule.

You can buy plenty of kitchen and home stuff from these sites.

Also, you can get discounts on grocery and bread and can buy at a cheaper rate in comparison to physical stores.

It saves a lot of time to order things online and use the time for more important tasks like writing this article.

10) Android File Manager – Manages Your Data Better

10 Useful Apps for Android Smartphones to Make Life Easy

The App is fantastic to share and view the contents stored on your mobile phone.

It is much better and easy to navigate to different folders on your mobile with ES File Explorer.

If you download something from the internet or transferred something using a USB cable from your laptop, and later are unable to find the file ES explorer can help you easily locate the file you are looking for.

It has a good set of options, for moving, renaming and sharing the file if you wish to share it via email.

It is a must-have app for all Android users for making it easy to arrange data in your smartphone.

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