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10 Best Smartwatches For Girls (Women) India 2022

Introduction to Smartwatches for Girls

Smartwatches are in vogue, and everyone wants to have one. They are stylish, go with every outfit, and help keep track of health and fitness.

If you are looking for the best trendy smartwatch (for girls) that can fit your budget, I have the best list on the internet for you.

These smartwatches have different functions, designs, costs, and models that I have carefully detailed for you below.

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Some smartwatches come with cellular capability and allow you to take calls even if you don’t have your phone with you. Also, most other watches don’t have cellular or e-sim capability but work with your mobile.

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Best Smartwatch for Girls
Best Smartwatches for Girls – Image courtesy iJustine

From a design perspective, there are circular watches like the Samsung Galaxy Active 2 or Fossils or Micheal Kors, and also we have squarish watch designs like Apple Watch or a Fitbit Versa.

Also, I recently wrote about top Smartwatches for Men; you can check that out.

The choice is yours, which one you think will suit you more. I have been using smartwatches for the last three years, which has helped me better manage my health. The premium watches offer more features, better build, display quality, and accuracy.

Also, I have tried adding pros and Cons for each watch to help you figure out the right fit.

I suggest you read about all the watches, shortlist the ones that fit best in your budget, and then finalize one.

After reading it, you will choose a smartwatch that suits you best. If not, please leave a comment, and I will email you the best suggestion.

Let’s Check Out the 10 Trendy & Best Smartwatches For Girls (Women):

Pebble Pace Smart Watch (Affordable Watch)

The Pebble Pace is a low-cost girlish smartwatch and has some good specs available on expensive smartwatches. It is one of my favorite watches in the affordable segment.

The watch is available for an affordable price of Rs 2,999. It is a good watch if you are unwilling to spend too much.

Pebble Pace Smartwatch
Pebble Pace Smartwatch

It offers a large 1.4-inch LCD full touchscreen display. The watch is excellent for fitness tracking and monitoring your health. It includes a SpO2 blood oxygen level monitor, auto sleep tracking, and a heart rate monitor(24/7).

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Further, the smartwatch comes with IP67 water-resistant coating so that you can use it continuously (24/7) without fearing damage by rain and sweat. The watch comes with ten days of battery and 14 or more days of standby time, and it also provides a smart notification, emails, calls, and more.

Key Specification – Pebble Pace Smart Watch:

  • 1.4-inch touchscreen color display.
  • IP67 coating for protection from water.
  • 150 mAH battery capacity.
  • Offers ten days of battery life.
  • Weight – 50 grams.
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Compatible – Android 5.0 or more & iOS 8 or more.
  • Price – ₹ 2,999.


  • Undertone Classy looks.
  • Waterproof.
  • The battery backup is good.
  • An intelligent notification feature is also present.


  • Avg Display Quality.
  • Thick Bezels
  • Average Accuracy.

Buy from Amazon

Noise X-Fit 1 Smart Watch with TruView display

Noise offers a best-in-class smartwatch at an affordable rate of INR 2,999 only. Also, you can choose between Jet Black and Silver Grey colors.

Noise X Fit1 smartwatch

In addition, the 1.52 inches Truview display comes with 360*400p resolution. The multiple sports modes help you achieve your goals easily, and it has 15 sports modes.

Further, it tracks heart-rate 24/7 and accurately measures SpO2 levels in the blood. Additionally, it has a sleep tracker and stress management feature.

Key Specification – Noise X-Fit 1 Smart Watch:

  • 1.52″ TruView display
  • 360*400p resolution
  • Up to 10 days of battery backup
  • Tracks heart rate, SpO2, Stress level, and sleep patterns
  • 15 sports modes
  • 100+ cloud-based watch faces
  • Weight – 40 gram
  • Bluetooth 5.0 and WiFi connectivity
  • Compatible – Android 6.0 or above & iOS 8 or above
  • Price – ₹ 2,999


  • Decent battery back-up
  • Good data accuracy
  • Affordable and lightweight


  • Lacks built-in GPS
  • Lacks AMOLED display.

boAt Xtend Smartwatch

boAt Xtend smartwatch comes with a 1.69 inches color LCD, and the dial has a square shape with a capacitive touch experience. Also, the device can set the brightness automatically according to the environment.

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Moreover, the wearable measures the heart rate 24/7 and stress level. Also, it reads the HRV to trace the stress levels. The device tracks the blood oxygen level (SpO2) and stages of sleep every night.

boAt Xtend Smartwatch

The smartwatch arrives with 14 sports modes. This includes – outdoor/indoor running, outdoor/indoor walking, spinning bike, cricket, pool/open water swimming, yoga, rowing, elliptical, and daily workouts.

Further, it has a built-in Alexa. Also, it has 5 ATM water resistivity that allows 30 minutes under the depth of 50 meters. It has a long seven-day battery life with regular use and up to 4-5 days with heavy usage on a single fully charged battery. Also, the smart wearable allows notification and can control music.

Key Specifications – boAt Xtend Smartwatch:

  • 1.69 inches HD LCD touch display
  • 5 ATM dust and waterproof
  • 14 sports modes
  • Up to 7 days of battery life supports fast charging
  • Blood Oxygen level and heartbeat monitoring
  • Tracks sleep stages and stress level
  • Built-in Alexa
  • Notification alerts
  • Price – ₹ 2,999


  • Excellent built quality with classy looks
  • 5 ATM water resistivity
  • Large screen area


  • Alexa support with limited commands

Noise ColorFit Pro 3 Smart Watch

Noise ColorFit Pro 3 smartwatch has a 1.55 inches touchscreen HD display with 320*360p resolution and 500 nits peak brightness. In addition, the display has TruView industry-leading technology.

Noise ColorFit Pro 3 Smartwatch

Moreover, the watch is compatible with iOS 9 and Android 4.4 or above. It has a long battery life of up to 10 days on a single charge on typical usage. With standby mode, it runs for up to 30 days. Notably, the auto-recognition sport mode automatically turns on the walking or running modes.

The intelligent wearable monitors your heart rate continuously. Also, it tracks stress levels and SpO2 levels. You can even track your sleep patterns like deep sleep, light sleep, and REM cycles. Now, you can analyze your health data with the help of the dedicated NoiseFit app.

Key Specifications – Noise ColorFit Pro 3 Smart Watch:

  • 1.55″ TruView HD display
  • 320*360 pixels resolution
  • Up to 10 days of battery life
  • IP68 water-resistivity
  • Auto-recognition sport modes
  • Tracks heart rate, sleep, stress levels, and SpO2
  • Weight – 39 grams
  • Price – ₹ 3,999


  • Excellent built quality with classy looks
  • 5 ATM water resistivity
  • Large screen area


  • Alexa support with limited commands

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Amazfit Bip U Smart Watch :

Let’s check out another affordable watch before moving to some of the more premium options.

The Amazfit Bip U smartwatch comes with 1.43 inches large HD color screen with a clear view. Corning Gorilla 3 Reinforced glass protects the dial screen.

Amazfit Bip U

The Amazfit Bip U has nine days of battery life. The smartwatch has 60+ sports modes: walking, running, swimming, treadmill, yoga, cricket, baseball, basketball, table tennis, badminton, fishing, etc.

It monitors your sleep patterns and stress levels, measures the oxygen level in the blood, and understands the physical and mental state. The Huami proprietary BioTrackerTM PPG sensor monitors the heart rate 24/7. The PAITM health assessment system gives numerical values, heart rate data, and other health data.

Around 50 watch faces are available to customize according to the mood and dress.

Note – The battery can last seven days with a heart rate set for continuous measurement every 10mins, sleep tracking and notifications on, and passive calls and exercise monitoring for 30 minutes a day.

The brand claims about nine days of battery life with standard usage and five days with heavy use.

Key specifications – Amazfit Bip U Smart Watch:

  • Weight: 31 g
  • Screen: 1.43 inches, HD color display
  • 5 ATM water resistivity.
  • Compatibility: Android and iOS.
  • Price: ₹ 3,999


  • 60+ sports modes
  • Excellent features at an affordable rate.
  • Records sleep and stress level
  • Measures oxygen level in blood.


  • Missing Always ON display.
  • No Super AMOLED Display. Super AMOLED display is usually seen on expensive watches.

We also did a comparison of highly rated and best-selling affordable smartwatches recently that you may find worth reading.

Helix TIMEX METALFIT 2.0 Smartwatch

Helix Timex Metalfit 2.0 smartwatch comes with Bluetooth calling functionality and other great features at an affordable rate of INR 4,399.

Helix Timex Smartwatch

Moreover, the 1.5 inches high-definition IPS display has auto-adjusting brightness and is touch-enabled. Also, the watch claims 7 days of battery life.

The girlish smart watch has 20 built-in sports modes keep records of steps count, distance traveled, and calories burnt during each activity. Also, it measures heart rate 24/7 dynamically, SpO2 & stress levels, sleep patterns, and body temperature. It also tracks female health.

Notably, the Timex wearable allows you to make and receive phone calls along with a dial-pad and also permits you to sync contacts. Also, it has a built-in speaker and microphone.

Key Specification – Helix TIMEX METALFIT 2.0 Smartwatch:

  • 1.5″ HD IPS touchscreen display
  • 360*400p resolution
  • Auto adjusted brightness
  • Up to 7 days of battery backup
  • Supports Bluetooth calling
  • IP67 water resistivity
  • Tracks heart rate, SpO2, Stress level, sleep patterns, Body temperature, and female health
  • 20 sports modes
  • Unlimited watch faces
  • Weight – 50 gram
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Compatible – Android 6.0 or above & iOS 8 or above
  • Price – ₹ 4,399


  • Bluetooth calling function
  • Decent battery backup
  • Great touchscreen display
  • Budget-friendly


  • Lacks notification

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Amazfit Bip U Pro Smart Watch

Amazfit Bip U Pro smartwatch comes loaded with outstanding features and functionality at an affordable rate. Also, it keeps track of health data via the PAI health assessment system.

Additionally, the device has a 1.43 inches color touch display. It has 5 ATM water resistivity.

Amazfit Bip U Pro

It comes with 60+ sports modes for running, walking, treadmill, outdoor/indoor cycling, yoga, cricket, basketball, baseball, table tennis, badminton, free training, fishing, pool swimming, and many.

Furthermore, the high-precision GPS and GLONASS give an accurate location for outdoor activities like running, walking, or cycling. It supports Alexa to check weather data, ask a question for translations, set alarms/timers, and can even control your smart home devices.

It measures the heart rate data 24/7 and monitors blood oxygen levels and sleep stages. It has 50 watch faces that you can choose according to your mood and dress.

Key Specifications – Amazfit Bip U Pro Smart Watch:

  • 1.43″ color touch display
  • PAI health assessment
  • 60+ sports modes
  • Monitors heart rate 24/7 and blood oxygen level
  • 5 ATM water resistivity
  • Up to 9 days of battery life
  • Built-in GPS and electronic compass
  • Allow notifications from calls and texts
  • Built-in Alexa
  • Weight – 31 grams
  • Price – ₹ 4,999


  • Features in-built GPS and Alexa
  • Great sports modes
  • Accurate health data measurement


  • Bit small display comparatively but could be suitable for small hands

Amazfit GTS 2 Mini Smartwatch:

The Amazfit GTS 2 Mini smartwatch has an ultra-slim and light design with an always-on AMOLED display. The smartwatch is the most latest addition and was launched in December 2020. It has a 220 mAh battery that lasts up to 14 days on a single charge.

Amazfit GTS 2 Mini smartwatch

The curved 2.5 glass enhances your look with the borderless design. It has 100% NTSC color saturation and 450 nits brightness.

The watch has many great smart features, including 70+ sports modes, SO2 measurement, Female tracking cycle, online voice assistant, and heart rate monitoring. It comes with 50+ watch faces to suit your every mood and a 30+ Always-On display pattern. The 24/7 heart rate monitoring helps to protect your life. The warnings are generated when any fluctuation is observed in the heart rate.

Sleep Quality Monitoring monitors sleep stages and naps. It enhances your sleep quality ad habits. The watch allows 50 notifications from various apps from the phone and 2 SPO2 measurements a day.

Key specifications – Amazfit GTS 2 Mini Smartwatch:

  • Weight: 19.5 g
  • Screen: 1.55 inches, AMOLED display
  • Built-in GPS
  • 5 ATM water resistivity.
  • Compatibility: Android and iOS.
  • Price: ₹ 6,999


  • 70+ sports modes
  • Excellent features
  • Records sleep, menstrual cycle, and stress level
  • Measures oxygen level in blood.


  • The price is a little high.

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Huami Amazfit GTR Glitter Edition (42mm):

Huami Amazfit GTR moonlight edition is specially made for women with advanced multisport features and 10 days battery life. It has a 9.2 mm thin body with a rich look and comfortable all-day wear.

Huami Glitter Edition

The AMOLED screen comes with engaging watch faces with a comfortable viewing experience. It has 5 ATM water resistance.

It allows tracking for running, treadmill, walking, indoor/outdoor cycling, swimming, climbing, skiing, elliptical trainer, and exercise. It has 12 sports modes.

The watch is designed with a dual crown and a circular watch face. The titanium material makes it light, classic, and sturdy.

It is integrated with Bio tracker PPG, which provides 24/7 highly precise advanced heart rate monitoring. It alerts users when the heart rate fluctuates.

Smart features include weather forecast, call reminder, alarm clock, app notifications, event reminder, find my phone, and sedentary reminder.

Key specifications – Huami Amazfit GTR Glitter Edition:

  • Weight: 26 g
  • Screen: 1.2 inches, AMOLED display
  • Resolution: 390*390
  • 5 ATM water resistivity.
  • Compatibility: Android and iOS.
  • Price: ₹ 6,999


  • Lightweight smartwatch with a built-in GPS.
  • Supports multi-sport modes and 24/7 heart rate monitoring.
  • Tracks sleep
  • Premium design with handy UI.


  • Not too many third-party apps are supported.

Amazfit GTS 2

The Amazfit GTS 2 has a rectangular dial of 1.65 inches AMOLED (348*442p, 341 PPI). It has a 2.5D curved surface with a borderless display and a single button on the right side.

The display on this watch is much better than the affordable watches that use an IPS LCD panel. This smartwatch is available in 3 beautiful colors – Black, Gold, and Grey.

Amazfit GTS 2 Smartwatch
Amazfit GTS 2 Smartwatch

The watch has a voice control feature that allows you to use voice commands without the internet.

Further, we have an SPO2 monitor, Stress Tracking, and you can even store up to 3 GB of music files on this watch. The watch offers between 4 to 7 days of battery life, depending on the usage. Like GTR 2e, you get 90 sports modes, offline voice assistance, and incoming call notifications.

It measures your blood oxygen level, monitors heart rate and stress 24/7, tracks sleep patterns, and PAI health assessment system.


  • Weight: 25 g
  • Screen:1.65 inches, Always On AMOLED display
  • GPS + GLONASS dual-satellite – enhanced Tracking.
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Inbuilt GPS
  • Compatibility: Android 5.0 and iOS 10.0 and higher.
  • Silicone Strap of 22 mm
  • 5 ATM water resistance
  • Price: ₹ 12,999


  • Excellent Features even come with GPS.
  • 90 spots modes
  • Tracks heart rate and stress continuously.


  • High price.

Titan Smart Pro Smartwatch

If you want to go with the trusted Indian watches brand Titan, they have launched the Titan Smart Pro Smartwatch for INR 11,995. The watch is available in 5 vibrant colors – Black, Blue, Pink, Green, and Red.

The smart wearable comes with a 1.19 inches AMOLED touch screen display with 390*390p resolution and Gorilla Glass 3 protection. Moreover, It monitors and tracks fitness activities, steps, heart rate (24*7), SpO2, body temperature, stress, menstrual cycle, and sleep. The wearable has 14 sports modes and a built-in GPS.

Notably, it monitors the body temperature and comes with an inbuilt altimeter, barometer, and compass. Also, the watch has 100+ watch faces so that you can set it according to your mood and clothing.

You can check notifications and alerts and control the music and camera of your mobile. It is compatible with Android 6.0 and iOS 9 and above. The battery works for up to 14 days on a single charge and weighs only 29 grams.

Titan Smart Pro Smartwatch

Key Specification – Titan Smart Pro Smartwatch :

  • 1.19 inches AMOLED display
  • Built-in GPS
  • Body temperature monitor
  • Up to 14 days of battery backup
  • Continuous heart rate monitoring
  • 14 sports modes
  • Tracks menstrual cycle
  • Stress and sleep monitoring
  • 5 ATM water resistivity
  • Weight – 29 grams
  • Price – Rs.11,995


  • Elegant and stylish
  • Decent battery life
  • Accurate


  • Costly
  • Can’t reply to messages

Fitbit Versa 2

The Fitbit Versa 2 is the best-selling mobile watch and offers comparable features to the Apple or the Samsung watch.

This Fitbit smartwatch has multi-skilled functionality with great finishing, an always-on touchscreen display. It provides small(140mm-180mm) and large(180mm-220mm) seamless and flexible silicone wrist bands.

Notably, It’s available in colors like black/carbon, copper, black/grey, and pink.

Fitbit FB507GYSR Versa 2

The large display expanse with less border contributes more space for statistics. Also, the stats are synchronized automatically and wirelessly to computers, Androids, and iOS.

You can access the applications for travel, news, fitness, sports, and transport a single tap.

This watch notifies the user of calls, texts, and calendars. You can reply to text using voice assistance(only android users). It encompasses real-time, resting, and workout heart rate. The 15+ goal-based exercise modes such as run, bike, swim, yoga, and many more are included with a subscription.

Further, It tracks light, deep, and REM sleep to get perceptions about the night. Provides suggestions and motivations on activities, sleep, nourishment, cardio fitness, and breathing sessions.

Automatically records running, aerobic exercises, and swimming with water resistance capacity up to 50 meters.

The Fitbit apps authorize a user to set alarms& reminders, create or edit lists, find handy business, weather forecasts, sleep monitoring, and keep records of female health symptoms.

You can set personalized reminders for staying hydrated and active. You can get on-screen answers using Amazon Alexa by connecting to the Amazon account. The Fitbit pay adds up to credit or debit cards to purchase or pay for transport. The Fitbit app enables the use of ECG.

The memory allows for storing 7 days of minute-by-minute data.

Key specifications – Fitbit Versa 2

  • Weight: 45.3 g
  • Screen size: 1.34” OLED display.
  • Dimensions: 1.56*1.59*0.47cm
  • Manufacturer: AmazonUS/FITEZ
  • Android Wear OS
  • Battery life: 6+ days
  • Compatibility: Android 7.0 and iOS 12.2 or above
  • Price: INR 14,999(USD211)


  • Lightweight fitness and health companion smartwatch.
  • Conforming brighter colors with OLED display.
  • An accurate fitness tracker with DND mode.
  • Available at a reasonable rate.
  • Comfortable to wear.


  • No built-in speaker and GPS.
  • Connection issues.
  • You have to pay a lot of money after buying this smartwatch to experience all its features.

Garmin Women’s Smartwatch Lily

The Garmin women’s smartwatch Lily comes with a small dial measuring 1 inch in size. It has an LCD touchscreen and weighs 24 grams.

Garmin has one of the best software and offers features like pregnancy guidance, hydration tracking, VO2 max, and much more. The App interface is intuitive, and the watch looks like a premium piece of jewelry.

This device is the first Garmin smartwatch with a 34 mm diameter (small and cute). However, it does not compromise on any fitness features.

Garmins' Women smartwatch Lily

The watch is capable to measure your body energy level, stress levels throughout the day for you to choose the best time for a workout and rest. Stress tracking allows you to find whether you are calm, balanced, or stressed. There are relaxation reminders that guide you for short breathing activities.

The heart rate monitoring measures the beats constantly and can alert when found any fluctuations in the usual rate. The smartwatch monitors sleep patterns and SpO2 levels.

It notifies for texts, calls, and calendar reminders. It tracks steps and daily fitness activities. You will get guidance for wellness from the apps for yoga, walking, cardio, and mindful breathing. The fitness watch has 5 ATM water resistance and up to 5 days of battery life.

Key Specification – Garmin Women’s Smartwatch Lily:

  • Weight – 24 grams
  • 34 mm watch case
  • 1 inches touchscreen display
  • 5 days battery life
  • WatchOS operating system
  • Interchangeable bands
  • Stress tracking
  • Heart rate and sleep monitoring
  • Notification for text, call, and calendar
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Price Rs. 25,990


  • Amazing safety features
  • Accurate fitness and sleep tracking
  • Stylish and sturdy


  • No color display
  • No built-in GPS

Fitbit Versa 3

Fitbit Versa 3 comes with Amazon Alexa, which checks the weather, sets reminders, and controls smart home appliances. It has 90 days free trial for Fitbit premium users with personalized guidance.

The Versa 3 comes with improved performance and battery life over the Versa 2.

The smartwatch has 6+ days of battery life on a single charge. Charge it for just 12 minutes with fast charging, and it can easily run all day.

Fitbit Versa 3 smartwatch

The sleep monitoring tracks light time, deep, and REM sleep – then gathers all data and generates a sleep score to understand your quality of sleep every night.

The PurePulse 2.0 tracks heart rate 24/7. The smartwatch features Run, bike, and hike modes. The Active Zone Minute measures the resting heart rate and alerts with a buzz when you step up the intensity.

It is available in Pink/Gold, Black/Black, and Midnight Blue/ Gold shades.

Key Specifications – Fitbit Versa 3:

  • Weight – 20g
  • Built-in GPS
  • 5 ATM water-resistant
  • Sleep and 24/7 heart rate monitor
  • Tracks all-day activity
  • Store and play music
  • 6+ days of battery life
  • Built-in Amazon Alexa
  • Price – ₹ 17,990 (USD 280)


  • Monitors 24/7 heart rate and sleep patterns
  • .Built-in GPS
  • Built-in Amazon Alexa
  • Great built quality


  • Requires premium membership to control music
  • Slightly overpriced

This comfortable watch comes with excellent gold-tone stainless steel, an ideal classic-looking watch for modern women. It looks traditional and, at the same time, has clandestine tech features that you will love.

The graphics are easy to read due to their large size full-colour display and personalized watch faces.

It allows notifications from the calendar, alarm, automatically updated numerous time zones, social media, and text. The watch comes with Google Wear OS that is more mature than a lot of custom OS from other manufacturers.

It constitutes an activity tracker, music control, heart rate monitor, and built-in Google assistant. Also, you can talk to Google assistant, and the watch has an inbuilt speaker.

The watch comes with 18 mm Fossil bands that you can change whenever you are bored with the band color.

Fossil Gen 5 Venture
Fossil Gen 5 Venture

Carry Google pay and Google assistant on your wrist!!!

Powering the watch is the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor with detectors such as accelerometers, altimeter, gyroscope, microphone, and NFC.

It has a water-resistance capacity of 3 ATMs which makes this watch swim-proof. It provides standalone GPS with 4.2 LE Bluetooth connectivity.

The watch also supports smartphone notifications and replies.

The watch comes with a 1.28″ AMOLED display with an incredible resolution of 416 x 416, offering 328ppi.

It also has 1 GB RAM and 8 GBB of internal storage.

The activity tracker detects the steps, heart rate, distance, and calories burnt during exercise. It assists with specific tasks and goal trackers.

Key specification Fossil Women’s Gen-5:

  • Weight: 51 g
  • Case size: 44 mm
  • Diameter: 41 mm
  • Battery life: 2 days
  • Compatibility: Android 6.0 and iOS 10.0 and above
  • Price: INR 18,490( USD 295)


  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Easy to use buttons and user interface.
  • It has a microphone and voice command function
  • Built-in GPS.
  • WIFI and NFC connectivity.
  • More prominent display with a touchscreen.


  • Low battery life.
  • Not the fastest Processor.
  • Unable to review workouts once finished.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (40 mm)

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 with a 40 mm diameter is the best fit, especially for women and girls.

The Samsung Watch has a gorgeous, reliable, accurate design and runs on the Google Wear Os.

The watch is available for Rs. 22,990 currently.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Moreover, it comes in eye-catching Black, Pink, Silver, and Green color. The Armor Aluminum metal frame with a simple design gives a classic and professional look.

You can compete with your friends or workout buddies through Galaxy 4. Also, it counts steps and burnt calories.

The notable feature of the Samsung wearable is the Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Sensor for Body Composition Analysis and Optical Heart Rate sensor. Further, it tracks women’s health and comes with an Advanced Sleep Analysis.

Key Specification – Samsung Galaxy Watch 4:

  • 1.2″ AMOLED full-color Always-On display
  • Corning Gorilla Glass protection
  • Exynos dual-core 1.18 GHz processor
  • Wear OS powered by Samsung
  • 5 ATM + IP68 water resistivity
  • 90+ workouts
  • BIA measurement
  • 247 mAH battery capacity.
  • Weight – 26 gram
  • Bluetooth 5.0 and WiFi connectivity
  • Compatible – Android 6.0 or above & iOS 8 or above
  • Price – ₹ 22,990


  • Excellent Super AMOLED Display
  • Multiple health tracking features
  • Wear OS allows you to install as many apps as you want


  • Bixby as a Voice assistant instead of Google.

Fossil Gen 6 Smartwatch (FTW6078) (42 mm)

The Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch comes with incredible features and a voguish appearance. The watch is available online at a discounted price of INR 24,995.

The Key highlights are premium design, AMOLED display, accurate tracking, Fast Performance, and Wear OS by Google.

Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch 42 mm

Notably, the smart wearable comes with all-new intelligent battery modes that help to extend the battery life. Also, the watch supports a magnetic USB charger and charges up to 80% within an hour.

Moreover, the device measures heart rate and also tracks daily activity. It has 3 ATM water resistivity. Further, the watch supports Google Assistant and Google Play.

Key Specification – Fossil Gen 6 Smartwatch:

  • 1.28″ AMOLED touchscreen display
  • 416*416p resolution
  • 3 ATM water resistivity
  • Powered by Snapdragon 4100+ platform
  • Wear OS by Google
  • Built-in GPS
  • Tracks heart rate and SpO2
  • Supports rapid charging
  • Weight – 140 gram
  • Bluetooth 5.0 and WiFi connectivity
  • Compatible – Android 6.0 or above & iOS 8 or above
  • Price – ₹ 22,670


  • Classic watch with a great display
  • Rapid charging support
  • Smooth performance


  • A lower number of Watch Faces.
  • Alexa Support as an assistant is not available yet.

Apple Watch Series SE is the top-selling smartwatch that women love across the globe.

If you are an iPhone user, the Apple Watch is a must-have accessory. It tracks daily workouts, has a sapphire crystal screen touchscreen, and is always on a Retina LTPO OLED display.

This watch is a health and fitness companion that contributes to intelligent coaching features. It helps to identify warning signs through health notifications like an unusual heartbeat.

Further, you can check the variability in beat-to-beat intervals when the user is at rest or working out.

Moreover, the watch comes in two models only GPS(does not allow to make/ take calls) and cellular+GPS(allows to make/take calls). Also, it supports LTE and UMTS cellular radio.

If you don’t want to spend too much on the Apple Watch Series 7 – Get the Apple Watch SE.

Apple Watch SE
Apple Watch SE

The Apple Watch SE offers additional features not present in the Apple Watch Series 3.

The processor on the Series 5 is faster and also comes with a fall detection feature.

Another addition is the presence of the Electrical Heart Rate sensor that can detect abnormal Heart Rate and alarm in case of any anomaly.

The Apple Watch Series SE is also available in the 40 mm (good for ladies) and the 44 mm (good for men) versions.

You can even unlock your Macbook with the smartwatch on your wrist.

It can store music, a boarding pass, a movie ticket, or reward cards. Also, you can route yourself with the help of Apple maps. Furthermore, it provides a heart rate monitor, breathing mode, manages menstrual cycle, emergency services, and a daily activity tracker.

The built-in eSIM is one-hundredth size of regular SIM cards.

You can face-time audio calls using built-in phone apps. It is swim-proof with up to 5 ATM water resistance, and you can take it to the swimming pool.

Besides, there are sensors like GPS, barometric altimeter which measures elevations, optical heart sensors, emergency SOS, accelerometer, and ambient light sensor. The outstanding features are the faster Wi-Fi connectivity, speaker, microphone, gym kit, and Apple pay.


  • Highly accurate heart rate monitor.
  • Face-time audio call using phone apps.
  • Built-in eSIM and GPS.
  • Air activation is possible.
  • Shares the same numbers as a phone.


  • Low battery backup.
  • Lacks Always on Display, SPO2, ECG.

So plenty of new additions to the Apple Watch SE make it worthy of the price tag (Rs. 29,990).

Please read our detailed guide to buying the best Apple watch for you.

Apple Watch Series 7 smartwatch comes with an always-on Retina display. The display of Series 7 is 20% more area than Series 6.

The 41 mm is available for Rs. 41,990 (suitable for women), whereas the 45 mm (suitable for men) is available for Rs. 44,900.

Apple Watch Series 7

In addition, the screen has a crack-resistant front crystal. Also, it has IP6X dust resistivity and WR50 water resistivity.

Moreover, you can now stream music and podcast even by leaving your phone at home. Also, you can stay connected via calls, texts, and email with family and friends directly from your wrist.

The Apple Watch tracks your daily activity, and you can view the health data in the Fitness app on your iPhone. Further, it takes ECG. Measures blood oxygen level (Spo2) and notifies of irregular or high/low heart rate. It tracks the new tai chi, pilates, running, yoga, swimming, and dancing.

Key Specifications – Apple Watch Series 7:

  • Always-On Retina display
  • Always-On altimeter and fall detection
  • Measures blood oxygen level
  • Takes ECG
  • IP6X dust and water resistance
  • Can stream music and podcast
  • Measures and maximize workout
  • Allow calling and texting
  • Price – ₹ 50,900


  • Excellent display with a classic build
  • Allows calling, texting, and receiving notifications
  • Measures ECG and SpO2 accurately


  • Lacks fast charging

Concluding Thoughts – Best Smartwatches for Women/Girls

Smartwatches are excellent accessories that add style and usefulness for people who want to know more than time using a wristwatch. You can track several things, and it adds to the glamour appeal.

More importantly, if you are into fitness (who is not these days), the smartwatch is an excellent way to track your workouts and overall health to take necessary action.

Tech companies like Apple and Samsung are working hard to make better watches for end-users, and you will never have a dull moment using one of these watches.

If you have any queries, please ask in the comments section below.

Thank you!!!

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We promise to send only One email per week. Only popular articles and relevant information. You can unsubscribe anytime - 100% Privacy.