Gaming As a Career in India You Can Earn

Gaming As a Career in India You Can Earn

Gaming As a Career in India You Can Earn and make a living.  This question is asked by many young gamers whether they can opt gaming as a profession on various Facebook gaming groups and other social media platforms.  I have seen the Indian gaming domain for last 15 years and gathered some insights which I have gathered over a period of time.

The scene for Gamers is quite different in India compared to the US, Japan, Korea or China.  The professional gaming is far evolved in these countries and gamers get to play in professionally organized gaming tournaments.

Gaming As a Career in India You Can Earn!

Gaming As a Career in India You Can Earn

The tournaments are taken seriously by the sponsors like Red bull, Asus , Nvidia , Gigabyte to name afew and the price money is few lakh dollars to few million dollars for the competing and winning teams.

The Professional Gaming or E-Sports is even covered by some of the channels like ESPN 3 and most popularly on online channels like twitch TV. Most of us desire to have gaming as a profession, what is better than playing games and getting paid insanely high for it. Live streaming of games online has opened up new income streams for Gamers and changed how Gamers can earn high amount of money.

Take for example Jeffery Shih, better known as “TrumpSC,” is a popular streamer for Hearthstone(Heros of Warcraft), which has over 20,000 consistent viewers in a single night all over the world and other streamer like him earn more than $100,000 in a year. A professional MBA degree for IIM may not fetch income close to that.  

Apart from earning from playing professional tournaments and winning the bounty players can also record the professional game play videos and stream it on twitch TV. Yet another example is a really famous Streamer Kenji, better known as “NumotTheNummy,” who plays Magic the Gathering (a trading card game created by Richard Garfield), he started streaming his game play in 2012 with very few viewers and then everyday streamed the gameplay slowly gathering audience.

Now he has more than 1000 daily viewers for his stream which mostly happens late at night. It is not a health lifestyle though those are the peak hours for streaming.

Games like HearthStone, League of legends, Destiny,  DOTA and CSGO are most watched on the twitch TV and Gamers can earn huge from mastering these games.

The professional Gamers earn from streaming but there are more avenues which they use to get additional income. Here are the top 3 ways professional Gamers earn Money:

  1. Streaming Popular Games daily
  2. Youtube Channels
  3. Guest Appearance on tournaments & sponsorship.

Other than streaming live game action, they earn a lot from making some of the most watched videos on You tube, later in the article have explained How to Start a You Tube Channel. Sponsorship from hardware companies not only get them some of the best hardware for free and at times they review the hardware as well and get paid. Appearing as guest in major tournament organized by large corporations is another way the Gamers earn huge amount of money.

There are Gamers like Kenji and Jeffry who earn as much as $300,000, a mind boggling 1.8 Crore a year from gaming in the foreign countries. The record earning was from professional e-sport player Carlos “Ocelote” Rodriguez the 23 year old Spainard  who plays league of legends and earned $1,000,000(6 Crores) million in one year. The guy is a living legend, 

Carlos Ocelote Rodriguez professional gamer earn 6 crore

What it takes to be a professional gamer?

The Job for professional gamers is not easy, it takes hours and hours of daily practice to become a professional gamer to be good at international level it takes more than beating some of the online opponents.  The Gaming Skills of some of the guys in the professional tournaments is insane, unimaginable reflexes and result of hours, days and months of practice.

Gaming As a Career in India You Can Earn

Now being in India a typical middle class mentality of parents to make each and every Kid engineer, Doctor is one major hinderance if you wish to pursue an off-beat career.

I will not say parents are wrong they are quite right when they resist from such ventures, as the number of opportunities in the western countries are more and easy to make a living compared to India. So you will face huge amount of family and society pressure if you declare that you are going to be a professional gamer instead of following a career in Engineering.

Being professional gamer is going to be hard, you may have to practice a lot and get good with the most popular games. Second issues is the ping of online servers from US to India or other countries which are at times really poor makes it difficult.

I can say it is not an easy path but it is also not impossible.  Talent and Hardwork define what you can achieve.

Career as a Game Developer

Large scale PC game developing companies like Rockstar and UBIsoft  or electronic Arts are present in India but hiring in these is very limited. They tap and hire coders from well known engineering colleges like IIT.  Good news is Android/IOS games development and coding is at boom phase and it is relatively easy to get into the industry and become an app or game developer.

Gaming As a Career in India You Can Earn

Here is a list of some of the companies which are doing Game development in India.

  • Dhruva International
  • , Axis Entertainment Limited
  • Changeyou , FITH Media
  • Fun Element, GameEon
  • Games2win ,Gamiana Hungama
  • Indiagames , Idealabs Interactive
  • Indusgeeks ,Insite Digital/ibexis studios Kreeda Games Maharaja Games

There is a pretty long list of companies on Quora submitted by many users – (Thanks for the contribution) – List of Game Development Companies in India

The pay packages are good and if you have a strong interest in Mobile Games you will be able to make a decent career in the games development industry in India.  Here again you will need a professional college degree like Computer or IT engineering to get a Job in the sector.

Open Your YouTube Gaming Channel

I will not advice you to do it, but if you are keen you can try to open a youtube channel and share your gameplay videos, hacks , cheats and skills to other gamers.  You will be able to earn from the advertisement income. More the number of views on your videos more will be the income from you tube videos.

Youtube channel for gaming

Gaming As a Career in India You Can Earn

You can also download latest games and review them and share the reviews on youtube channel, if you have a basic command over English you can record your reviews and share on the Youtube channel to earn more money from Youtube.

Start a blog on Gaming and Monetize it

If you are passionate about video games, PC games or mobile gaming, you can start your own website or blog and sharing articles and reviews about the current happenings in the gaming world.  It is fairly easy to start a blog, Google’s blogger platform is a great way to start a free blog.  If you can spare some money , around Rs. 5000 you can start a professional blog on wordpress platform.

Candytech Logo Large is also made on wordpress platform, you don’t require coding knowledge to create your website or blog on the wordpress.  WordPress offers simple drag and drop functionality to create the website and there are 1000’s of free themes you can use to create the website.

Later on when you start getting readers and followers can apply to adsense and monetize the blog.  With advertisers showing related ads on your site you will start getting payment from google.

There are a lot of things you will need to do to create a popular website, I can sum up the whole requirements for making a successful site in two words Passion and Hard-work rest everything will fall in place.   It is not easy to start a new blog in 2015 and make it successful, but neither it is impossible.

Become a Guest Writer – Write Game reviews and Articles to Earn

If the whole staring a blog and creating a youtube channel is something you don’t want to do. You can become a guest writer and earn money for writing articles. The key skills for a writer is to have good command over English and vocabulary and knowledge in the field you wish to write about.

Write Guest Post And Earn

If you have a flair for writing and have good writing skills, you can start guest posting on websites and earn money.  There are many websites including Candytech which offers money to the Guest Authors who are able to write compelling content which is interesting for the readers. Writing for 2-3 blogs on a monthly can get you started on earning some income and later you can gain experience and become a pro-blogger and earn more than $20,000 per month like Amit Aggarwal or Harsh Aggarwal.

These are some of the ways that I can suggest you to take into consideration if you wish to earn a steady income from Gaming as a Career in India.

Thanks for reading the Article – Gaming As a Career in India You Can Earn.

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