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Intel Dedicated Graphics Card Alchemist for Laptops and PC – Full Details

Intel Discrete GPU – Alchemist: Release Date, Specifications, Price, and Performance

Intel Alchemist GPU

New ARC Brand and Discreet GPU Launch

Intel is set to bring its first-ever discrete gaming GPU to the market in 20 years. Codenamed Alchemist the new Intel GPU was earlier referred DG2.

According to the leaks, the Intel Graphics card will unveil in the first quarter of 2022. Alchemist will be the first offering from the new brand “ARC”. The Tag Line for the new ARC Brand is “High-Performance Graphics”. It includes hardware, software, and services.

Alchemist will be the first set of Graphics cards that the company will release and will have several iterations down the line.

Specifications and Details

Also, the Intel GPU will be based on the Xe-HPG architecture.

In addition, Intel has been putting a lot of effort into the Xe graphics for the last two years. We have seen significant improvement in the Graphics performance for the onboard Xe Graphics cards in the Intel 11th Gen laptops.

However, the ARC-based discrete GPU will give a spark in the performance and will for the first time in history the company will compete with AMD and Nvidia.

The Graphics card market is a duopoly for ages and Intel is finally gearing in a big way to break into the segment.

At a time when the GPU prices are sky-high, Intel is entering the market. It may benefit the users a little bit with more choices and may help revive the PC gaming market.

Earlier, in CES 2020, Intel has given a hint of launching the discrete graphics card. However, it’s been too long and we are waiting for a long time to see the real fruit.

Also, Intel poached Raja Koduri from AMD to head the development of discreet graphics cards at Intel. He has been pivotal to AMD GPU strategy and we can expect some good products from Intel down the line.

The new ARC-based graphics card aims to focus mainly on gamers and creators.

Presently, we do not have all the details and specifications for the Alchemist GPU but some of the information is already out.

Besides, Intel has shared and demonstrated some of the aspects like – variable-rate shading, video upscaling, AI-accelerated game supersampling, and mesh shading piquing.

The Alchemist will support Direct X12 Ultimate. The two main features the GPU carries are XeSS and Ray Tracing support.

Intel is also on a hiring spree to have more Game Developers offer Day Zero drivers for games. Apart from the Hardware, it is an uphill task for the brand to optimize the game drivers for the graphics card considering this strenuous task has years to master for the rivals (AMD and Nvidia).

Intel ARC GPU’s Roadmap and Details:

Intel has shared the Roadmap for the development of new Graphics cards starting with Alchemist in Q1 2022, followed by Battlemage, Celestial, and Druid in the coming years.

Intel Vs AMD Vs Nvidia – GPU Wars

Accordingly, there is no doubt that Intel is going to give tough competition to Nvidia and AMD. We all know that Intel is not a stranger to graphics as it offers decent performance in integrated graphics cards for many years. Also, these integrated GPUs perform similar to many entry-level discrete graphics cards.

Akshay Kamath, Client Sales Director, Intel India, said that the goal of designing a dedicated GPU is to offer smooth, frictionless gaming and content creation experience. These will give alternatives in terms of hardware and software developer companies.

Also, he added that Xe architecture-based card is being developed in collaboration with developers. Working closely with them assures the company of the game engines, the corresponding game visual effects, and different technologies that optimize with GPU and CPU.

In addition, the Xe architecture is the entire base of Intel’s GPU system which is designed to offer fully scalable graphics architecture that serves several markets and product segments. Xe architecture is such has a spectrum from lower-power integrated graphics to the entry-level discrete graphics card. It supports up to the high-end gaming and performance graphics, and also for HPC data center.

Mr. Roger Chandler, gave a hint that they are working closely with the host of workstation-class and creator-class professional application vendors so that they can offer a better solution while working on the product.

Moreover, we can also expect most big Gaming Titles to support the Intel Arc-based GPU at the launch day, and the number will increase with time.

Additionally, the company is currently working with a plethora of studios, so that they get multiple platforms supporting XeSS. XeSS has already created enthusiasm among the pro-gamers, and the company will show the capabilities of such features, which will motivate the developers.

Power Efficiency

Power efficiency is the priority in any graphics card, and the same is applicable to Intel’s upcoming Alchemist. According to Raja Koduri, power efficiency is an aspect that always matters the most, and the company is working on different frequencies, voltages, and choices to find the perfect balance.

OEM Partners

Intel said that the cards will provide such a design that is needed to remove friction for partner brands. So, that they can accelerate and differentiate on top of products. The Graphics cards will not only be made by Intel but will be available from top brands like Asus, Gigabyte, etc in the future.

When we talk about working with the partner brands, we all know that Intel has a long history with the Taiwanese ODM community and OEMs globally. According to reports, Intel will surely stick to them at the platform level. Though we can also see some new relationships at this time for the discrete GPU.

On the other hand, Intel assures that they will take good care that the buyers will not face any shortage due to any reason, particularly the mining, but we can not say anything so early. Also, the team particularized that at this time, they are not designing a product that targets specifically miners. The main focus for the company is Gamers and Content Creators.

Concluding Thoughts:

To sum up, currently, we do not have many details regarding specifications and pricing. We will update the content as soon as we get all the updates.

To get detailed information on Intel Alchemist GPU, stay tuned to our website.

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