10 Most Popular Phones in India in 2022 - Xiaomi and Samsung Rules

Top Selling Mobiles Worth Buying in India Currently

There are many mobile brands operating in India, we did a study a few weeks back and found there are more than 30 brands. (Can Read - The Hyper Competitive Indian Smartphone Market Analysis Report ).

There are too many mobile brands battling for customer share, making India one of the most competitive markets in the world.

Every day there are many new phones getting launched and it is even difficult for hardcore enthusiasts to track all of them. I do it for a living, still, at times there are so many new smartphones getting launched that even I find it difficult to write about each of them.


However, the point of this article is to have a look at the top phones (from big brands) that are most popular currently.

The data for this post is gathered using multiple sources, such as sales numbers posted by brands, from counterpoint research, IDC, Canalys research, and other sources.

Also, we have taken the number of reviews (Flipkart and Amazon) and interest over time using Google Trends/ search volumes to factor in the Popularity of devices.

**But to make things more transparent, I will say it is an indicative analysis but not audited sales numbers shared by brands. Moreover, there is no central resource or agency that publishes this data.

Indian-Flag-Icon Indian Smartphone Market Share

It is important to note that the top brands in India are Xiaomi, Samsung, Realme, Oppo, and Vivo. (Source - Smartphone Market Share India (Samsung and Xiaomi dominates)

Smartphone Market Share 2020 Q3

Also, It is interesting to see the high-end premium market is dominated by OnePlus, Samsung, and Apple.

This article also gives you a fair idea about what is selling and popular currently.

Having established above, now based on our research, let's look at some of the top phones sold by the brands.

Top 10 Most Popular Best Selling Smartphones in India from Top Brands

Starting with the premium mobile manufacturer Apple.

apple-logo Apple

Apple is known for making high-quality products that are also expensive.

Last year(2020), Apple launched its iPhone SE and the iPhone 12 series (iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max).


All these phones are very successful especially the new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini.

Also, the Apple iPhone 11 and the XR are best sellers in the market due to lower prices in comparison to the 12 series.

Also, considering the iPhone 11 is now more affordable we will suggest you buy it over the XR.

Here are the most popular iPhones available currently and their starting price:

  1. iPhone 11 - Price Rs. 51,990 (4 GB ram and 64 GB Storage)
  2. iPhones 12 - Rs 79,800 (4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage).
  3. iPhones 12 mini - Rs 71,900 (4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage).
  4. iPhones 12 Pro - Rs 1,19,900 (6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage).
  5. iPhones 12 Pro Max - Rs 1,24,900 (6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage).

Mi-logo Xiaomi

Xiaomi has the second largest market share in India after Samsung. The company is known for making excellent phones and sell them at an affordable price. Recently they launched one of the cheapest 5G smartphones in India - the Mi10i.


In 2020, Xiaomi launched a lot of phones, in fact, they have launched 20+ smartphones. Xiaomi recently shared in a statement that they have sold 20 million phones in the Redmi Note 9 series and it is a best seller for them. The company also sells phones under the sub-brand POCO online.

Here are some amazing phones launched by Xiaomi in 2020 available on Amazon with their starting price:

  1. Redmi 9 Power - Rs 10,999 (4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage).
  2. Redmi Note 9 Pro - Rs 12,999 (4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage).
  3. Mi 10T Pro 5G - Rs 39,999 (8GB RAM and 128GB storage).
  4. Mi 10i - Rs 20,999 (6GB RAM and 64GB internal storage.)

Realme-logo Realme

Realme was born to take on Xiaomi in the online segment. And the brand has done well in the past year and has overtaken Oppo to become the fourth largest mobile brand in India.

Realme has launched several new mobiles in 2020 and they are very popular online.

Here, is the list of some of the best selling Realme Mobiles:

  1. Realme C11 - Rs. 7499 (2 GB Ram and 32 GB Storage).
  2. Realme C15 - Rs 11,650 (4GB RAM and 64GB storage).
  3. Realme 6i - Rs 13,271 (4GB RAM and 64GB memory).
  4. Realme Narzo 20A - Rs 10,479 (4GB RAM and 64GB internal memory).
  5. Realme Narzo 20 - Rs. 10,499 (4GB Ram and 64 GB Internal Storage).
  6. Realme 7 - Rs 14,999 (6GB RAM and 64GB internal storage).

Nokia-logo Nokia

Nokia has seen its fair share or ups and downs and currently, they are not doing too good in the Indian market. One of the main reasons is that they don't have phones across different price ranges and segments.

Nokia 5.4

In 2020 the company has launched few new models in India at competitive prices. However, specs-wise these can't beat the Chinese rivals but Nokia phones are well built and offer excellent quality.

Nokia 5.4 is the latest phone launched by Nokia but not available in India.

Here are some Nokia of the popular Nokia phones that you can buy in 2021:

  1. Nokia C3 - Rs 6,999 (2GB RAM and 16GB storage).
  2. Nokia 2.3 - Rs 8,699 (2GB RAM and 32GB storage).
  3. Nokia 5.3 - Rs 11,999 (4GB RAM and 64GB storage).

Vivo-logo Vivo

Vivo is the number 3 mobile brand in India after Samsung and Xiaomi. The company makes phones typically in Rs. 8000 to Rs. 40000 price range.


Vivo has launched many new phones in 2020 and they have popular and affordable Y-Series phones, mid-range Vivo V-Series phone, and some expensive X-Series smartphones.

Here are some of the popular and best sellers from Vivo:

  1. Vivo iQOO 3 - Rs 29,990 (8GB RAM and 128GB storage).
  2. Vivo V19 - Rs 24,990 (8GB RAM and 128GB storage).
  3. Vivo Y91i - Rs. 7,990 (2 GB RAM and 32 GB Storage).
  4. Vivo Y30 - Rs. 13,990 (4 GB RAM and 128 GB Storage).
  5. Vivo V19 PRO - Rs 29,990 (8GB RAM and 128GB storage).
  6. Vivo V20 Pro - Rs 29,990 (8GB RAM and 128GB storage).
  7. Vivo X50 Pro - Rs 49,990 (8GB RAM and 256GB storage).

Oppo-India Oppo

Oppo launched 15+ phones in India last year (2020) in which Oppo Reno and, Oppo A series, and Oppo F17 are best sellers. The phones are available on Amazon and also on retail shops.

List of some amazing smartphones launched last year (2020):

  1. Oppo A5s - Rs. 8,990 (3 GB ram and 32 GB Storage)
  2. Oppo A5 2020 - Rs 11,990 (4GB RAM and 64GB storage).
  3. Oppo A52 - Rs 16,990 (6GB RAM and 128GB storage).
  4. Oppo F17 Pro - Rs 21,490 (8GB RAM and 128GB storage).
  5. Oppo Reno 4 Pro - Rs 34,990 (8GB RAM and 128GB storage).

Samsung Samsung

Samsung is the market leader in India at least in Q3 2020. The brand makes phones for all segments of buyers; starting at Rs. 5000 to Rs. 100,000+.

Samsung Galaxy S21

Last year(2020), Samsung launched several new phones. The Flagship S20 series, the online best sellers Galaxy M series, and the offline champs like the Galaxy A51 and A71.

Here is the list of some successful phones that you can purchase:

  1. Samsung Galaxy M01 Core - Rs 5,999 (2GB RAM and 32GB storage).
  2. Samsung Galaxy M51 - Rs 22,999 (6GB RAM and 128GB storage).
  3. Samsung Galaxy A51 - Rs. 20,999(6 GB Ram and 128 GB Storage).
  4. Samsung Galaxy A71 - Rs 29,499 (8GB RAM and 128GB storage).
  5. Samsung Galaxy S20 - Rs 41,999 (8GB RAM and 128GB storage).

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