4 Best Home Gaming PC Build Rs 20000

4 Best Home Gaming PC Build Rs 20000 to 25000

Gaming PC Build 3:

In the third Gaming PC build we will use a more powerful processor and graphics Card to ensure that you are able to run some of the games at high or ultra settings.

Intel Pentium G3258 CPU : Haswell, Unlocked – This is an Intel anniversary addition processor and comes with the ability to overclock and can reach the performance of a Core i3 or FX- 6300 in some of the gaming titles after overclocking. You will need a compatible motherboard which supports overclocking of this processor.

Intel 3.2 GHz LGA 1150 G-3258

GIGABYTE H81M-S1 Motherboard – For Non Overclockers – The motherboard is compatible with the Intel Haswell G3258 processor. The motherboard supports 16 GB of RAM and also supports the PCI e version 3.0. and sufficient if you don’t wish to overclock.

ASUS H81M-K Motherboard (Overclocking Needs Bios Update), Asus enabled overclocking on some of the non Z series motherboards and this is one of those. It requires a Bios update if the out of box Bios is not the current generation which allows for overclocking of the Intel Pentium G3258 CPU.

Asus H81 MK motherboard

Search more forums read more on this before buying and you will also need a CPU cooler to effectively overclock the CPU.

If you may like to buy a CPU Cooler, you can buy the Cooler Master Hyper TX3 EVO Cooler which will cost you around Rs. 16,00.  For Safe Overclocking I would recommend you to read this Article to learn the Basics of GPU Overclocking.

Nvidia GT 730 1 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card – The graphics card matches the performance of R7 240 and also exceeds in some of the games. Again I will recommend not to purchase the 2GB and 4GB DDR3 version of GT 730, 1GB GDDR5 outperforms them easily. You can read this article – How much VRAM Does Graphics Card Require.

Galaxy NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 GC 1 GB DDR5 Graphics Card

Nvidia galaxy Gt 730

Key Specs Nvidia GT 730 Graphics Card

  • 64-bit, 1 GB DDR5 Memory
  • 954 MHz Core Clock
  • 3 year Warranty
  • DirectX 12 Compatible
  • 1 Gb GDDR5 memory
4 Best Home Gaming PC Build Rs 20000

You can also buy the Sapphire AMD R7 240 with this build. Both AMD R7 240 and Nvidia GT 730 perform at par.

 Intel Gaming PC Build Rs. 25000 
PC Configuration Model & Specification Price 
CabinetIntex Black Cabinet IT-2161200
MonitorAOC e1670Swu 15.6 Inches LED Monitor3900
RamTranscend 4GB DDR3 RAM (JM1333KLN-4G)2450
Hard DiskToshiba 1 TB Desktop Internal Hard Drive (DT01ACA100)3600
Power SupplyCorsair VS450 450 Watt PSU2300
ProcessorIntel G3258 LGA 1150 3.2 GHZ Processor5000
Graphics CardZOTAC NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 1GB DDR54,880
Mother BoardGIGABYTE H81M-S1 Motherboard3,400
Total     26,730

Gaming PC Build 4:

Coming to the last Gaming PC build here we will use the AMD Fx 4300 processor and slightly powerful GPU AMD 250

MSI AMD/ATI R7 250 1GD5 OC 1 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card – AMD R7 250 is one of the best Graphics Card for Rs.6,700 – The excellent value for money graphics card offers better gaming performance compared to the Nvidia GT 730 .

MSI R7 250 1GB Gddr5

The graphics card has  Core clock of 1000 Mhz and requires a 400 Watt minimum power supply. It has 384 Stream processors and 1 GB GDDR5 Memory. The PCI –E 3.0 Bus standard is required for connecting to your motherboard.

AMD FX-4300 – The AMD processor sports the Bulldozer architecture, along with a 32 nanometer die size and offers a clock speed of 3.8 Ghz out of the Box. The processor comes with the AMD Turbo Core technology that is designed to dynamically adjust performance to provide the best experience.

4 Best Home Gaming PC Build Rs 20000

The unlocked processor also allows maximum tunable performance by means of overclocking the processor. Even at stock speed this is a great companion for your gaming PC build. The processor has 4 MB of L2 as well as L3 cache memory. The processor requires AM3+ socket motherboard to run.

 AMD Gaming PC Build Rs. 25000 
PC Configuration Model & Specification Price (Rs.)
CabinetIntex Black Cabinet IT-2161200
MonitorAOC e1670Swu 15.6 Inches LED Monitor3900
RamTranscend 4GB DDR3 RAM (JM1333KLN-4G)2450
Hard DiskToshiba 1 TB Desktop Internal Hard Drive (DT01ACA100)3600
Power SupplyCorsair VS450 450 Watt PSU2300
ProcessorAMD FX 4300 4 Core Edition 4.0 Ghz5800
Graphics CardMSI AMD R7 2506700
Mother BoardGigabyte GA-78LMT-S2 Motherboard3,900
Total         29,430

Concluding Thoughts : I would suggest you do a lot more research before purchasing the Gaming PC which you are planning to purchase. Remember to check the Processor and motherboard compatibility, always check the GPU power supply requirement before finalizing all the components.  The gaming PC build 3 and 4 are obviously more powerful and offer better gaming experience and cost 3-5 thousand more.

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  1. KANUJ does the motherboard compatible with amd fm2 a4 6300 supports HDMI output.
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