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Best Gaming Laptop for Rs 60000 to 65000 India

There are many choices in this range but this laptop stands out of the pack and offers best value for money. The Lenovo Z50-70 (59-427812) Notebook puts an end to your search for the laptop that scores well on both appearance and functionality. It is one of the best laptops in this range by lenovo. If you are a gamer hardcore or casual it serves your need. But if you are looking for a pure gaming laptop go ahead with Lenovo Y-50for a higher price tag . The Z50-70 is a great value for money laptop.

Best Gaming Laptop for Rs 60000 to 65000 India

Powered by 4th Generation Core i7 4500U processor, this state-of-the-art laptop makes your computing experience incredible. It runs anything from a complex program or code to a HD video at a blazing speed. It is not only good for gamers but for others who are looking for laptop for blogging, video editing, students , net surfing and music.

Best Gaming Laptop for Rs 60000 to 65000 India

The finish looks beautiful on the silver laptop

 Key Specifications Lenovo Z50 -70 (59-427812):

Brand    Lenovo Z50 -70 (59-427812)
Price – Rs. 60,200
Model ID – Z50-70 Part number – 59-427812
Suitable for  – Gaming, blogging , Programming , coding, multimedia, movies  and music.(high performance machine)
Best Gaming Laptop for Rs 60000 to 65000 India

Technical Specs – Lenovo Z50 -70 (59-427812)

  • Processor –  Intel Core i7(4th Gen) 4500U
  • Cache Size 4 MB
  • Clock Speed -1.8 GHz with Turbo Boost Upto 3 GHz.
  • Graphics Card – Graphic Processor N15S-GT (GT 840 M)
  • Dedicated Graphics Memory  Type – DDR3.
  • Integrated Camera   HD Webcam
  • Pointer Device  Touchpad
  • Keyboard   Standard Keyboard.
  •  Display Screen Size         15.6 inch.
  • Resolution          1366 x 768 Pixels.
  • Screen Type       HD TN GL Flat Display.
  • Operating System            Windows 8.1.
  • Architecture       64 bit
  • Expandable Memory      Upto 16 GB.
  • Memory Slots    1 (Unused Slot – 0).
  • RAM  –    8 GB DDR3
  • Hard Disk Capacity  1 TB (SATA 5400 RPM).
  • Battery Cell         4 cell 3 hours of backup.
  • USB Port/S          2 x USB 2.0, 1 x USB 3.0.
  • Optical Drive  –  SuperMulti Tray-in Drive.
  • Weight  – 2.4 kg.
  • Dimension(W*D*H) –  384 x 265 x 25 mm.
  • Warranty Period – 1 Year Lenovo India Onsite Warranty.

Pros & Cons – Best Gaming Laptop for Rs. 60000 to 65000 India October 2014

Pros – 

  1. Runs quiet
  2. Design is good and  weight is 2.4 Kg only
  3. Graphics Card GT 840M is good for Gaming at 1366*768 resolution
  4. Battery back up is 3-4 hours better than a Y-50
  5. Processor is decent for the price range a core i7

 Cons –

  1. No back lit keyboard.
  2. No JBL speakers.I found that the speaker volume was too low even when maxed out.
  3. Only 1 USB 3.0 port.
  4. The processor is i7 4500u which is ultra low voltage
  5. Display is ok (though not 1080p) colors reproduction and viewing angles are just satisfactory

Display in our opinion is equivalent to a Y-50 considering the colour reproduction and reflection levels are poor in both the models

Best Gaming Laptop for Rs 60000 to 65000 India

 Processor Core i7 4500U

The Processor is a frugal 22 nm dual-core processor with a TDP of 15 Watts that can execute up to 4 threads simultaneously thanks to Hyper-Threading. The integrated on-chip GPU Intel HD 4400 handles simple 2D tasks and supports Nvidia’s Optimus technology that automatically switches to the dedicated GeForce 840M for more complex applications. Processor has a core clock of 1.8 Ghz and boost clock of 3.0 Ghz.  Maximum RAM supported is limited to 16GB.

Graphics Card GeForce GT 840m

The Nvidia GeForce 840M is a mobile mainstream graphics card based on the new  Maxwell architecture that supports DirectX 11 and has its own dedicated GDDR3 memory (no GDDR5 possible). Our laptop in review  has a 4 GB memory and a 64-bit memory interface. Despite the low memory bandwidth, the performance is, thanks to several architectural improvements,  is equivalent to the GeForce GT 750M with a 128-bit memory interface and surpasses the direct and very popular predecessor GT 740M by around 25%.


The speakers do an average job and direct the sound to the front and the bottom. The sound is completely free of bass and too focused on the medium and high tones. The missing JBL speakers effects us in the sound department and would have liked the JBL speakers along with this mean machine.

Gaming benchmarks Lenovo Z50-70

Gaming benchmarks are satisfactory for the configuration and price. Laptop don’t struggle in modern titles with a resolution of 1366*768. Actually the low resolution on this laptop helps to maintain performance in various new gaming titles.

Starting with Tomb Raider

Lenovo Z50 GT 840M benchmarks

57 FPS is a good performance and looks good on the 15.6 inch screen. 

Lenovo Z50 GT 840M benchmarks

Lenovo Z50 GT 840M benchmarks

 Concluding Thoughts

Best Gaming Laptop for Rs 60000 to 65000 India: Lenovo Z 50-70 has its own set of limitations like ultra low powered i7 and a normal display and lack of JBL speakers. But the positives outweigh the negatives – Graphics card is Maxwell with decent performance. Good storage a 1TB storage , 8 Gb of Ram , good design and sturdy built. Overall it is a great deal compared to most of the laptops priced between 58,000 to 68,000. If you want a pure exhilarating gaming performance go ahead with a PC or you can try the Lenovo Y50 or Y- 510p.

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