Best LED TV Buying Guide India

If you are in the market to buy the Best LED TV in India, here is a quick 5 minute guide you must read before doing a thorough research and buy a TV online or Offline.

There are many factors you must consider before making a purchase , like display type , size of your room , sound output , resolution , connectivity to your smartphone , curved or Flat. Let’s look into these features and what makes the best fit for your budget and choice.

Best LED TV Buying Guide India 2016

Display Types 

Best LED Tv Buying Guide India 2016 -There is utmost confusion in terms of which display screen is right. But we will try to generalize it for Indian TV guide and what TV’s generally are sold in here. We will try to not go into what constituent into making these technology, because frankly we know you’re not interested in that.

There are many display technology and their different variants which makes them difficult to say which is the most perfect, but mostly in India, you will find LEDs. (But LEDs use LCD technology and are named LED-LCD. Furthering the confusion, many stores for some reason advertise even LED screens as LCD.) Generally, LEDs gives you better power consumption, better backlighting.



Quick Tips :

LED are generally better than LCD. Plasma’s are a dying technology and you shouldn’t buy one. OLED is the best, and so sports a hefty price for that quality too.

There are some display screen coming in LCD and LED too, like PLS, TN, IPS and VA display. In among LED and LCD screens, mostly you will have the choice to go for IPS display or VA display.

IPS display are more resilient, very strong display and has less chance to get a crack if you throw your remote at it in anger. Popularized by Apple, IPS generally have better picture quality and viewing angles than VA display or TN display.


VA display depends, but for a general guide (and not getting too technical), you can opt for VA display too. They give just below performance compared to IPS displays, but are not that sturdy. It is strongly advised to not spray cleaning agent directly on their screen or don’t rub the screen with clothes very harshly. However with some manufactures like Sony, you will find mostly VA displays.

PLS Display is basically your IPS display but Samsung is the exclusive manufacturer of it.

Resolution and Screen Size

 TV’s in India comes broadly into 3 resolutions :

  1. HD-Ready (which is just a marketing term for 720p TV’s)
  2. Full-HD (marketing term for 1080p TV’s)
  3. UHD/4K (Ultra HD or 4K resolutions, 2160p TV’s)

1080P Vs 2K Vs 4K TV difference

The 480P and the 2K resolution are least common in India and elsewhere.

Don’t let the salesman confuse you when he says every TV is HD. On a mental note, we reserve you would want a 1080p (Full HD) TV in 2016 and upwards. But don’t worry if you decided for 720p (HD-Ready) TV’s, they can still play 1080p videos through your USB.

If you’re buying 4K TV, they look amazing but you might want to consider some points here.

Normal Cable connection in India doesn’t provide 4K quality in channels. Even HD channels are not native 1080p, but 1080i (i stands for interlaced) to save bandwidth and is definitely way worse than your 1080p. All 4K TV’s comes with 4K upscaler so even 1080i channels looks pretty, but you won’t get a native 4K experience anytime soon, unless you opt for those special packages which might cost you Rs.  4000 a month.

Best LED TV Buying Guide India 2016

Also streaming 4K content using your broadband will cost you a bomb with 100 GB plus data consumption monthly if you watch TV for a couple of hours daily.

Also, look out for HDR and Quantum Dot technology in your 4K TV. If you can wait some months or even a year, wait and be sure to pick a 4K TV with either those 2 technology….

It will be worth it since you won’t be buying your TV every 2 years. If you can’t wait, and 4K TV’s are within your range, these TV’s can be seen as future proof because in time, channels quality will increase and you won’t have to buy another TV for many years.

When choosing your TV size, also consider the size of your room and the distance from where you will be seeing it. A 32 inch TV on a large room might just be satisfactory while a 40 or larger on that room would be an experience you might fell in love with. But don’t go overboard and avoid buying 55” or 60”Tvs without first making sure it won’t drown your living room. A 55” 4K TV will also provide less quality if you see non-HD Indian channels than your 40” 4K TV due to upscaling and already low quality of non-HD channels.

Are Curved or 3D LED TV the Right Choice

Should You buy a 3D LED TV OR Curved TV

Avoid them. Like your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend. Curved TV are pointless because of terrible viewing angles, it is only good when you see them from an optimal viewing distance. Their high price is just another reason to avoid them completely. 3D TV’s are already a dying breed, the content for them is already low, the 3D effect isn’t fancy enough in the first place as they’re again plagued with bad viewing angles. Avoid both of them wholly.

Should You buy a 3D LED TV

Smart TVs are Dumb – Are they worth the cost

Best LED TV Buying Guide India 2016 – The interface is confusing, they require high internet speeds for full functionality, and apps from all networks and broadcasts are still not stable. After a week, you will forget these functions even exist and will use your TV like you had always done in the past, and for good reasons.

Not to mention you can buy Teewe, AnyCast,  Chromecast, Miracast  Roku Stick, Amazon Firestick to turn your Dumb TV into Smart TV anytime you want.

Also there are additional options to add Android experience to your normal LED TV like a Roku TV box,  iRevo Smart TV Android Box with Air Mouse, MXQ PRO Amlogic S905 Android 5.1 TV Box Quad Core Set Top Box, Andoer MK809IV Mini PC TV Dongle Stick, Leoxsys LT66 Android HDMI Smart TV Mini PC etc to convert it a full-fledged Android TV. 

But if you have the budget then you can think of investing in one of these or get the more expensive smart tv.


The sound in HD TVs

What Good is a video, without great sound? Sounds are increasingly terrible in all new slim Televisions compared to your 10-year-old TV. That is one reason why you should go to the store and check it out yourself, bring in many samples with yourself in your USB Drive which we will cover shortly.

All your 22 HD channels in cable have even more terrible sound quality (I checked TATA Sky and DEN) so buying a Home theatre or a Soundbar is pretty much an added expense you will have to take sooner or later. Try to gouge the sound while purchasing but you will pretty much be unsatisfied unless it is a special music TV edition.


Playing Files through USB

Best LED TV Buying Guide India 2016 – You will be hard pressed to find a TV which can play HEVC or H265 Videos. Most TV play mkv,mp4,avi and other common formats but be mindful of what codecs in compression is used in those containers.

For example, your TV might play H264-Mp4 while won’t play H265-Mp4. (H265 packs twice as much data in the same size which makes for amazing quality videos for lower sizes). Most TV play AAC audio codecs but won’t play Tru-Audio videos.


Things to notice when checking :

  • Does your TV has the ability to change Audio. (Eng/Hindi Dual Audio Vids)
  • Does your TV has the ability to play mkv/mp4 with H264 Codec
  • Does your TV has the ability to display /toggle subtitles

While checking quality people tends to forget these things but when you would want to see HD movies in your TV or have your old parents see them in Hindi, you should educate yourself which format and codec your TV runs or not. I went to more than 8 stores over the month many times with my USB to check every TV. Be mindful in the future which videos or movies you download.

Special case for 4K content, your normal USB can’t play 4K content. You will have to use your HDMI slot for them. Which gets us to our next topic.

As many USB and HDMI slots as possible

Simple as that. The more the merrier. Check for headphone jacks too.

Entirely optional, but if you can get MHL-Enhanced-HDMI slots, you should prefer them. You can use RokuTV Box (Rs.5000/) with your TV and after buying rights for the codecs for just Rs.300/, you can play almost every format, even HEVC H265. An MHL enhanced HDMI slot will self-power Roku Streaming stick turning your non-smart TV into smart TV.

Refresh Rates, Response time and Gaming

The more refresh rates, the better the viewing experience. Ask for Response Times of your TV, (less than 6ms is desirable for Gaming). Some TV also comes with “Gaming” mode which promises less response time when you decide to plug your PS4/XB1/PC to your TV.

It is very unlikely to get good response times in your TV in normal cable functioning so make sure you take special notice of that Gaming Mode. More the response time, more is the input lag in your games so try to have less response time, less than 6-8ms.

Best LED TV Buying Guide India 2016

Final Advice : Online Stores and Hard Bargain

 Best LED TV Buying Guide India – Go to brick & mortar stores and check discounts on Online Stores. Don’t worry about the package and handling or customer care because it is done directly by the company not by the store that are selling.

The Store’s responsibility is just to deliver the TV to your house and they’re done. You can get ridiculous discounts on online stores.

Also, if you have asked all these questions from the seller, he/she knows they can’t take you for a ride. Do hard bargaining, you will be surprised how easily they will let you have the TV for Rs.2000-5000 less, depending upon the price and your bargaining skills. Take as much time as possible, there is always a better deal in the next store.

Written By – Shubhendu Singh

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