Latest Jio Unlimited Recharge Plan List ( Best Prepaid Recharges, Offers) 2020

Let’s Check out the best latest unlimited plans from JIO, Prepaid Recharges that offer best value to the buyers.

Updated On 15th Jan 2019

Before we share with you the best prepaid unlimited plans for JIO, it is essential for us to know about the price hike from JIO.

Jio revised the prepaid plans from 6th December 2019 and made them 40% more expensive. Notably, JIO has stopped giving unlimited voice call benefits in all the plans that company offers.

Instead now we get some free FUP minutes with each plan and we can even buy the minutes pack separately.

So What are the Changes in JIO Plans?

On 6th December, JIO has said that they will increase the price for the IUC plans. Moreover, they communicated that users will get some extra benefit from these revised plans.

Latest JIO Plans Applicable from 6th December 2019

DurationMRP Rs.Data BenefitFUP MinutesValidity (Days)
1-month1991.5 GB/day100028
1-month2492 GB/day100028
1-month3493 GB/day100028
2-month3991.5 GB/day200056
2-month4442 GB/day200056
3-month5551.5 GB/day300084
3-month5992 GB/day300084
12-month20201.5 GB/day12000365
1292 GB100028
3296 GB300084
129924 GB12000365

You can download or share all the revised plans from the below image

Revised-JIO-Plans-Can-download the image

Monthly Plans – What is the Change?

Before Price IncreaseRs. 149Data 1.5 GB /Day for 24 Days, 1000 Voice minutes
Revised PriceRs.199Data 1.5 GB /Day for 28 Days, 1000 Voice minutes

The price is increased from Rs. 149 to Rs. 199, however, 4 Days of extra-validity is given in the most affordable Rs. 199 plan now. So if you wish to use 1.5 GB per day of data, you can opt for the 199 monthly plan.

Before Price IncreaseRs. 222Data 2 GB /Day for 28 Days, 1000 Voice minutes
Revised PriceRs. 249Data 2 GB /Day for 28 Days, 1000 Voice minutes

2 Month Plans – Unlimited Recharges

Before Price RiseRs. 444Data 2 GB /Day for 84 Days, 1000 Voice minutes
After Price RiseRs. 444Data 2 GB /Day for 56 Days, 2000 Voice minutes

There is a big change in validity. We are only getting 56 days instead of 84 days earlier.

3 Month Plans – Unlimited Recharges

Earlier we were doing a Rs. 444 recharge for 3 months plan, now we will have to do a Rs. 599 or Rs. 549 for 3 months.

New PlansRs. 599Data 2 GB /Day for 84 Days, 3000 Voice minutes
New PlansRs. 549Data 1.5 GB /Day for 84 Days, 3000 Voice minutes

Annual Plan

Before Price IncreaseRs. 1699Data 1.5 GB /Day for 365 Days, Unlimited Voice before IUC changes
Revised PriceRs. 2020Data 1.5 GB /Day for 365 Days, 12000 IUC minutes

Do Multiple JIO Recharges Before the Price Hike on 6th December: 

Multiple Recharges for Reliance JIO – How it works?

Jio has tweeted and said that JIO subscribers can do multiple recharges without worrying. Your recharges will be activated only after the validity of the current plan expires.

So, there is no need to worry that the current plan benefit will be forfeited in case you do a second or third recharge. 

Check out the below tweet from the official JIO account, they are clearly saying you can do multiple recharges and the benefit will get accrued in your account.

You can recharge with Rs. 444 (upto 4 times) to save money. It will give 2 GB Data/day and 1000 Voice minutes for 84 days. If you recharge 4 times you will get 336 days of total validity.

It is the best time to do recharges to take advantage of lower price. 

Multiple Recharges for Vodafone-Idea and Airtel – How are they working till 3rd December?

The same is applicable to Vodafone-Idea (Can do a yearly recharge of Rs. 1699), and Airtel customers (Airtel has 180 days maximum limit). 


JIO has announced the new IUC Packs for JIO users which will be mandatory for all the users doing a recharge after 10th October 2019. I know there are several questions arising from this new change by the telecom tyrant, and I will try to address them in this article.

I have a decade of Telecom marketing experience and used to make such plans for a living. Hopefully, I will be able to clarify most of the doubts and intricacies of these new JIO plans.

Let’s first understand IUC and its implications.

New JIO All In One Plans (and IUC Plans)
New JIO All In One Plans (and IUC Plans)

What is IUC and Why it matters?

IUC or Inter Usage Charges is the money that is paid to the terminating network by the originating network.

It sounds complicated, it is not. Let me clarify a bit. When any user, say Airtel user (originating network) calls someone on the JIO network (terminating network) there is an IUC amount that Airtel pays to JIO. Currently, it is 6 P/min earlier it was 14 paise when JIO was launched. 

Why has JIO introduced the IUC recharges?

The answer is simple, to improve profitability. If you are under the impression that there is a change made by TRAI to impose these charges, this is not entirely correct.

The IUC is the same as was in 2016, but it is essential for JIo to curtail huge outflow due to IUC.

JIO has about 64% of outgoing calls and remaining is incoming. So due to the higher outgoing JIO needs to pay more to Airtel, Vodafone-idea.  

If Trai reduces IUC to Zero, it will help JIO and JIO may pass some benefit to end customers.

What Are JIO IUC Plans?

The JIO IUC plans start at Rs. 10 and go upto Rs. 1000. The JIO IUC plans allow you to make outgoing calls on other networks (Vodafone Idea or Airtel). JIO is charging 6p/min for every minute of an outgoing call from 10th October 2019.

So an Rs. 50 IUC top-up will give you 656 minutes of outgoing calls. Similarly, a Rs. 10 IUC recharge will give you 124 minutes.

Do You Need an IUC recharge?

Notably, you don’t need to recharge for the IUC  voucher till the validity of your existing recharge is not expired. Suppose you have done an Rs. 399 recharge, that offers 84 days of validity on 5th October, so you will not need any IUC recharge till the validity is expired.

But when it expires you will have to do the IUC recharge along with the normal plan recharge (Rs. 399). If you are on the annual JIO plan, there is no need to do an IUC recharge until the validity is over.

What are the Validity and Minutes Benefit of IUC recharge?

MRPIUC MinutesFree Data (GB)Validity
101241 GBN.A
202492 GBN.A
506565 GBN.A
10013625 GBN.A
500701250 GBN.A
100014074100 GBN.A

You can use these minutes to call on any number of Airtel, Vodafone-Jio, BSNL or any other operator. Jio to Jio calls are free and these minutes are not used for them.

New All in One Packs from JIO

Considering that the new IUC plans were making it a bit difficult for customers to understand as there is a need to do 2 recharges. Jio has introduced new all in one packs which offer free minutes as well as data.

So if you are now doing a Jio recharge these are the best plans for you, in case you don’t want to do a separate JIO IUC recharge.

MRPDaily Data GBTotal DataIUC MinutesValidity
2222 GB per day56 GB100028 days
3332 GB per day112 GB100056 days
4442 GB per day168 GB100084 days
5552 GB per day168 GB300084 days

All the above plans come with free 100 SMS/day and unlimited JIO to JIO calling. The IUC minutes are used when you call someone on other networks like Airtel or Voda-Idea.

Why JIO, Airtel and Vodafone Idea are increasing rates?

Considering the abysmal state of telecom companies in India, this is seen as a positive move from the industry’s point of view. (Will Vodafone-Idea Shut Shop in India?)

However,  from the end-user’s (you and me) perspective this is bad news. We will have to shell out about 40-50% more on our telecom bills. 

Having said that, it is not a big jump considering we were paying close to Rs. 140 per month for 1.5 GB /day data and unlimited calls. Now we will be paying close to Rs. 200 (if you do a 3-month recharge). 

If you are doing a monthly recharge, you were paying Rs. 200 earlier, now will have to spend Rs. 250. It is not all bad, the Telecom industry needs more than 3 Lakh Crore to roll out 5G and the revenue uplift from the price increase will help them deploy the technology in a sustainable way. 

The problem is going to be for the fringe users who find it difficult to spend more than Rs. 200 on telecom every month. There are not going to be too many options for these users after the rate increase.

Is Trai Wrong to Keep the IUC charges rule?

The short answer is NO. The IUC was charged to compensate the terminating network operator whose network is also used when a call is made.

JIO assumed that they will be able to get the IUC Zero and will be able to influence the policy which has been there for more than 2 decades.

The whole business strategy was based on the promise of forever free voice calls. But it backfired as TRAI has not reduced the IUC to Zero.

Another point to consider is that if TRAI would have reduced IUC to Zero some years back, operators like RCom, Uninor, Etislant, MTS, Aircell would not have incurred billions of dollars in loses and closed shop.

The IUC prevented these operators from offering free or cheap calls.

But isn’t it good for consumers if we get free and cheaper call rates?

The simple answer is NO. This will lead to eventual loss and failure of other established telecom players like Voda and Airtel and we will be left with a monopoly of JIO.

Monopolies are bad as there is no competition and the company will do what it pleases in the market.

What happened to the Mukesh Ambani’s Promise of Free Calls forever?

He broke it. Yes, JIO can blame TRAI or whomsoever they please, but the hard truth is they have broken the promise of “forever free calls”.

Are IUC Recharges are a Hassle for Consumers? 

Yes, these are a hassle for the end consumer, who shouldn’t be involved in such politics and antics of the companies.

Jio could have simply increased some price of the packs as they have done with all in One pack and could have put some limit on free minutes without making it complicated to understand for the end-user.

All said JIO has made data and call rates low for the millions of end-users and has pushed the competition to offer competitive rates. That is undeniably beneficial for the customers.

Also, we reported that Airtel(read more) and Vodafone-Idea(read more) have increased tariffs up to 50%. 

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Information Source – JIO Official website.

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