Best New Airtel Prepaid Recharges 2022 – Based on Usage

In this article, we will check out the – Best New Airtel Prepaid Recharges based on usage that are currently available. I have segregated the plans based on low, medium, and high voice and data usage, so you find the best plan and spend the least on telecom.

Airtel offers a lot of different packs and recharges for its millions of users. The company is the No. 2 mobile operator in India and is second to JIO in subscriber market share.

Also, I have shared the details about “Airtel Smart Recharges” that you will need for using the Airtel Sim for only incoming calls or as a secondary sim card.

Best New Airtel Prepaid Recharges 2022
Best New Airtel Prepaid Recharges 2022

Best Plans For Voice Only Usage

The table below has a talk time plan with unlimited validity from low to high cost. You can do a Talktime recharge and make calls. However, if you use the sim to make a lot of calls and also use data, we will suggest getting the Data+Voice Combo unlimited plan. You will also need a Smart Recharge for validity; otherwise, these will not work.

MRP (Rs.)BenefitValidity
20Rs 14.95 Talk timeunlimited
100Rs 81.75 Talk timeunlimited
500Rs 423.73 Talk timeunlimited
1000Rs 847.46 Talk timeunlimited
5000Rs 4237.29 Talk timeunlimited

Best Unlimited Voice and 1.5 to 2.0 GB Daily Data

Here are the best plans for users who want unlimited calling and high daily data. Airtel has recently added the new Rs. 549 plan and the Rs. 779 plan to the portfolio.

2651 GB per day (Total 28GB), unlimited voice calls, 100 SMS/day28 days
2991.5GB per day (Total 42GB), unlimited voice calls, 100 SMS/day28 days
3192GB per day (Total 56GB), unlimited voice calls, 100 SMS/day28 days
4791.5GB per day (Total 84GB), unlimited voice calls, 100 SMS/day56 days
5191.5GB per day (Total 90GB), unlimited voice calls, 100 SMS/day60 days
5492GB per day (Total 112GB), unlimited voice calls, 100 SMS/day56 days
7791.5GB per day (Total 135GB), unlimited voice calls, 100 SMS/day90 days

Best High Data Plans – 3 GB Data Usage Per Day

If 1.5GB and 2GB daily data-based recharge plans are insufficient for you, then opt for these High Data Plan plans.

The Rs. 699 plan is better as it offers a total of 168 GB of data and has 56 days of validity. There is no point in taking the Rs. 599 plan.

MRP (Rs.)BenefitValidity
5993GB per day (Total 84GB), unlimited voice calls, 100 SMS / day, Disney+Hotstar VIP Mobile28 days
6993 GB per day (Total 168GB), unlimited voice calls, 100 SMS / day, Amazon Prime 56 days

Best Long Validity Plans (3 months, 12 months)

Many long validity plans are available, but the below-mentioned offers the best value.

The best-extended validity plans are 719, 839, and Rs. 2999 for 84 days validity and 365 days validity, respectively.

7191.5GB per day (Total 126GB), unlimited voice calls, 100 SMS/day84 days
8392GB per day (Total 168GB), unlimited voice calls, 100 SMS/day84 days
29992GB per day (Total 730GB), unlimited voice calls, 100 SMS/day365 days

Best Data Vouchers

If someday you have run out of daily data, you can opt for the Rs. 58 plan that gives you 3 GB of Data that expires along with your existing plan. But, If you want to save money, you can opt for the Rs 118 plan that gives you 12GB of data.

New MRP (Rs.)BenefitValidity
583GB dataexisting
11812GB dataexisting
30150GB dataexisting

Best ISD Pack – For International Calling

MRP (Rs.)BenefitValidity
50Umbrella Pack (save up to 83% on international calling)1 month
  • For ISD calls, Airtel has an ISD umbrella pack of Rs 50 with 1-month validity. Canada at Rs 1.5/min; China at Rs 3/min; the U.K at Rs 2-17/min; the U.S.A at Rs 2-8/min; Malaysia at Rs 4/min; Singapore at Rs 2/min; Australia at Rs 3-180/min; New Zealand at Rs 2-7/min; Thailand at Rs 4-8/min; Bhutan at Rs 7/min; Nigeria at Rs 4/min; Bahrain at Rs 4-35/min; Kuwait at Rs 7/min; Saudi Arabia at Rs 7/min; UAE at Rs 9/min; Sri Lanka at Rs 5.50/min; Qatar at Rs 11/min; Oman at Rs 15/min.

Smart Recharge – Minimum Monthly Recharge For Airtel Users

In case you have a different primary Sim-Card and want to use Airtel Sim-Card as a secondary. Here is how much you will have to shell out to keep your Airtel connection alive.

You will have to do a Smart Recharge that comes with monthly validity, some talk time, and data benefits. You can use the Airtel Sim to get incoming calls and make outgoing calls.

The minimum recharge for keeping your Airtel number working for a month is Rs. 99.

MRP (Rs.)BenefitValidity
99Talk-Time Rs. 99, Call Rates – 2.5p per second for local and STD Call + 200 MB Data Total28 Days

The 2.5p/sec tariff translates to Rs. 1.5 per minute for the call rate. You can get about 60 minutes of calls when using the Rs. 99 Airtel Plan.

You can also do a smart recharge of Rs. 109 that offers 30 days validity and the same benefit as the Rs. 99 plan. But if you are going for a Smart Recharge.

Note – Data Tariff post-quota completion will be charged at 50p/MB.

Visit Airtel Official Website for More Information on Prepaid Plans.