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Den Broadband is popular in many cities especially, in Delhi, Kanpur Faridabad, and Gurgaon. It is a reliable broadband & cable Tv service provider in India. The company has operations in 13 states – Haryana, Bihar, MP, UP, Uttarakhand, MP, Jharkhand, and Kerala.

Den boasts of presence in 433 cities across India and has more than 13 million customers.

At Candytech, we have been using Den Broadband for more than a year and thought of sharing the experience with readers who want to use their service.

Den Broadband Plans
Den Broadband Plans 2020

Before I share the plans, here is something I wanted to highlight.

Surprisingly, the company has not disclosed any of the plans on its official website. Unfortunately, they can charge whatever they want from the customers in different cities without disclosing the plan’s information.

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India should make it mandatory for all broadband providers to clearly share the plan details on their websites. Hiding this crucial information is entirely against consumer rights and the companies should be penalized for such lack of transparency.

Let’s check out all the available plans, price lists, Speed tests, and service reviews.

To begin with, here are the latest Plan details (2020) for Den Broadband in Haryana/ Delhi and other states.

Den Broadband Home Plans ( 2021)

Plane Name Speed Mbps Monthly Data limit Post FUP Speed Validity Rental (Rs.) Rental + GST (Rs.)
Plan 1 50 Mbps 100 GB NA 30 Days 449 530
Plan 2 10 Mbps 500 GB 2 Mbps 30 Days 399 470
Plan 3 25 Mbps 500 GB 5 Mbps 30 Days 499 588
Plan 4 50 Mbps 500 GB 5 Mbps 30 Days 650 767

The basic plan comes with 50 MBPS speed, and you get just 100 GB of monthly data, and the price is Rs. 530 (inclusive of GST).

Plan 2 is a good value for money as you get 500 GB of data at 10 Mbps speed, and post FUP, you get 2 Mbps speed. The price is also not too high, only Rs. 470.

Plan 4 (I am using it) offers 50 MBPS speed and comes with 500 GB of data for a price tag of Rs. 767. It is overall a good plan and gives good speed and high data limit. Also, we have got 5 Mbps speed in case we exceed the 500 GB data limit.

DEN Long Validity 3 Month Plans

Mbps Price (Rs.) Duration Data
25 1350 3 Months Unlimited
50 1800 3 Months Unlimited
75 2250 3 Months Unlimited

Note – FUP data limit of 500 GB per month; after the FUP (Fair Usage Policy) limit, the speeds will reduce to @ 5 Mbps. For the above plans, there is an additional 18% GST.

100 MBPS Plan – Price Rs. 2700 for 3 Months, 1000 GB FUP Data limit, FUP at 10 Mbps, and for one month, it is available for Rs. 950. 

Den is not offering 100 Mbps plans in my city. If they are offering higher speed plans in your town, please share the details in the comments for the benefit of other readers.

Den Broadband Plans (Commercial Plans 2021)

Plane Name Speed Mbps Monthly Data limit Post FUP Speed Validity Rental (Rs.) Rental + GST (Rs.)
Plan 5 10 Mbps 500 GB 5 Mbps 30 Days 549 650
Plan 6 20 Mbps 500 GB 10 Mbps 30 Days 599 706
Plan 7 40 Mbps 500 GB 15 Mbps 30 Days 799 943
Plan 8 50 Mbps 1000 GB 20 Mbps 30 Days 999 1178

The above mentioned are commercial plans from the broadband provider. The price for the commercial plans starts at Rs. 650 and goes upto Rs. 1178.

Notably, the data capping on the commercial plans is 500 GB for the lower plans and 1000 GB for the higher plans.

Speed Test Results For Den Broadband

Speed Test For 50 Mbps Den Broadband Plan

Speed Test Den Broadband

Ping – 9 ms
Download Speed – 52.24 Mbps
Upload Speed – 52.45 Mbps

Awesome !!!

As you can see from the above screenshot, the company is offering more speed than the promised 50 Mbps. Also, I have observed that the speed usually stays the same and doesn’t throttle even at peak load times.

Overall from the speed perspective, they are doing great. But if you live in a metro, 50 Mbps is slow, as some of the ISP’s even offer up to 1Gbps speeds.
I think Den should start offering 100 or 250 Mbps speed in these plans without raising the monthly rental.

Quality of Service and Downtime

I usually experience two days of downtime in a month that is more than what I expect. However, since their fiber is not underground, it is bound to have failures due to breakages. Several times state electricity boards or others cut the wires and caused the service to fail.

However, they are prompt with the repairs and usually start the repair work within a couple of hours of such incidents. Overall, I will give a 4.0/5.0 Star Rating to the Quality of service.

Also, we have an option to pay the bill online and collect the payment from home or office. It is pretty convenient as far as the payment options are concerned.

Additional Information

Den Customer Care Number –  0120-6175000

Den Email –

For New Connections – 7827278080

Note – Aforementioned; Den may have different plans in different cities depending on the competition.

Share with me in the comments about your broadband experience or if you have any questions? I answer all the queries.

If you are getting the Den Broadband, I will suggest getting either of these two routers. I have used both, and they both work very well with the Den Broadband.

Tenda AC10 Router

Tenda AC 10 Router

  • Offers Upto 1200 MBPS Speed
  • Dual Band Router (2.4 Ghz + 5 Ghz)
  • Fast Performance – 1 GHz Processor
  • 4 Antennas High range – 5dBi
  • Mu-Mimo Beamforming Technology
  • Connect Upto 30 devices
  • Price – 2699

Tenda AC 10 is ideal for connecting many devices like TV, PC, Laptop, and smartphones to the router and want a very stable high-speed connection. The Tenda F3 is also excellent, and I have used it with upto five devices simultaneously, and it works without any issues. I also used TP-link and other brands of routers, but Tenda is excellent value for the money.

Tenda F3 Router

Tenda F3 Router

  • Offers Upto 300 MBPS Speed
  • Single Band Router (2.4 Ghz)
  • Fast Performance easy to configure
  • 3 Antennas High range – 5dBi
  • Parental Control and Security
  • Connect Upto five devices
  • Price – 1499

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18 Replies to “Den Broadband Plans 2021 – Home and Commercial (Price, Speed, Review)

  1. I am using den with the following plan:
    50 Mbps Primary, 5 Mbps Secondary Speed, FUP 750 GB, Validity 30 Days. The monthly subscription is Rs. 772.49, including GST. I always recharge online. So I need to know their plans online too.But apart from the lack of plan details on the website, I find that the speed often stoops to such a low speed as 2 mbps download. At that time upload speed may be around 5 mbps or so. I have never seen download speed in the neighborhood of 50 mbps

    1. Yes that is true Depart of Telecom should mandate broadband players to clearly mention plans on website. Thanks for sharing your experience it will help others.

  2. I am using DEN broadband in Jodhpur Rajasthan since last three years.
    Plan details –
    Speed 50mbps
    FUP 1000GB per month
    Duration 15months
    Cost ₹9000 with gst ₹10620
    There is very less downtime and speed is also fine most of the time.

    1. Glad to hear that you are getting a good service with the Den broadband

  3. In bareilly installation cost is 4500 which includes 50mbps plan for 3 months.
    50 Mbps plan cost’s 700 per month or 1500 for 3 months without GST with 600gb/month FUP.
    Speed is good and rarely any downtime

  4. The worst internet connection I have ever come across.
    Customer service is dead. Only women will call you 9/10 at the end of the month for payments recharge besides no use for any complaints regarding internet connection. Don’t get fooled.

  5. Very poor service very poor quality in a month 7 days break down taking two
    to three days in rectify .Distributor not taking any interest. Hope it will improve shortly

  6. Please tell what are the installation charges? And what did you get in those charges?
    Here they are asking for Rs.4000 at the time of installation, which includes 1000 refundable security amount, one month charges, ONT, Router.
    Plan they are offering is 25mbps for Rs.800 a month.

  7. Very bad service say me 20 mps speed i got always 5 or3 mps speed only 1room you used i hate den please dont purchase this

  8. Here in my area in Delhi Cantt, Delhi, their pricing is 500GB/per month for 6 month @ 3000and speed is 20mbps . No installation charges .

  9. Very pathetic service specially in city like Gorakhpur. It’s been one week after installation and there is no stable connection. They will just note down your address and do nothing. Installation cost is 3500 and they are taking 5500. They also ask some extra money after installation. Go for Airtel.

  10. I’m using DEN broadband. Service is pathetic and i don’t recommend any one to use it.
    Actual installation cost is Rs. 3500 but they will ask you up to Rs.5500 for which they will never provide you any bill. You can bargain as much as you can. And will provide 2Ghz router which maximum supports 70 Mbps over wifi.
    The connection speed is 100 Mbps for which I’m paying Rs. 1416. But i never get speed more than 40-50 Mbps and also in a month at least 3-5 days it will not work based on the location. Initially i was getting a speed of 4-5 Mbps for 20 days and nobody was responding when this will be resolved.
    Before getting a new connection get the proper GST bills for installation and also ask for help-desk number if they have. And whether their will be any complaint number generated or not for any issue.
    Airtel is much much better if you can get the installation done at your place but they have very limited coverage in Gorakhpur as of now.

    1. I faced similar issue of downtime initially, then I asked the local provider that I will deduct per day money for the lost time. Then they gave additional free days against the downtime and now rarely having the downtime issue.

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