Latest Jio Recharges - Unlimited Data and Voice Calls

Jio Raises Prepaid Tariffs by 20% Starting from 1st December 2021

Adding fuel to the inflation fire, Jio has raised the prices for prepaid subscribers by 20% starting from 1st December 2021.

Readers may be aware that Vodafone-Idea and Airtel have already increased the prices a couple of days back.

Jio Price Increase
Jio Price Increase

Let’s have a look at the new Jio Prepaid Plans that are applicable from 1st December 2021.

Jio Phone Plan - Increased from Rs. 75 to Rs. 91

Current Price (Rs)Validity (days)New Price (Rs)Benefits
7528913 GB/month, Unlimited Voice, 50 SMS

Unlimited Data Plans - Price Increase By 20%

The unlimited Data Plans have also become expensive, and all of the plans now cost 20% more. Most users are doing Rs. 199 recharge for 1.5 GB/day data for 28 days will have to shell out Rs. 239. Also, there is no 1 GB/Day plan with 28 days validity.

The three-month plan for the 1.5 GB data per day for Rs. 555 will now cost Rs. 666.

Current Price (Rs)Validity (days)New Price (Rs)Benefits
129281552GB/month, Unlimited Voice, 300 SMS
149241791GB/day, Unlimited Voice, 100 SMS/Day
199282391.5GB/day, Unlimited Voice, 100 SMS/Day
249282992GB/day, Unlimited Voice, 100 SMS/Day
399564791.5GB/day, Unlimited Voice, 100 SMS/Day
444565332GB/day, Unlimited Voice, 100 SMS/Day
329843956GB, Unlimited Voice, 1000 SMS
555846661.5GB/day, Unlimited Voice, 100 SMS/Day
599847192GB/day, Unlimited Voice, 100 SMS/Day
1299336155924GB, Unlimited Voice, 3600 SMS
239936528792GB/day, Unlimited Voice, 100 SMS/Day

Data Add On

The Data Add On has also become expensive, and for 12 GB of data, you will have to shell out Rs. 121 instead of Rs. 101 earlier.

Current Price (Rs)Validity (days)New Price (Rs)Benefits
51-616 GB
101-12112 GB
2513030150 GB

Should You Do a Yearly Jio Recharge?

Yes, you should go ahead and do the yearly JIO recharge that will ensure that you don’t have to pay any extra tariff for the next year on Telecom.

I have just done the 1-year recharge for all my family members. As mobile is an essential requirement and we will have to shell out more money whether we like it or not.

Thoughts on Jio Price Increase

Lower-income groups are already struggling with inflation, and the price increase by all Telecom players adds to the woes.

If we consider a family has 4-5 members - the Telecom price increase can add Rs. 250 to 500 to monthly expense as most users are hooked to data and prefer the 1.5 GB/day or even higher data plans.


Do you want to know which are the Best Jio Recharges available currently?

In this article, let’s look at some of the best-prepaid Jio recharge offers that you can currently buy to get the maximum benefit.

There are different plans available for JIO subscribers with a different monthly budget.

I will try to address and cover most of the plans that are the best value for money and add some discounts and cashback offers that you can avail of.

We will start with some of the most affordable plans and then move higher per day data plans.

How do we find out which are the best Jio Recharges?

I created an excel sheet with validity and data benefit and got the price per day. Based on this calculation, we got the best plans from JIO.

You don’t need to worry about anything, my friend. We have the latest plans, and we keep updating them every month.

Note* - Jio has removed the IUC charges and hence all calls from JIO to Other networks are now free and there is no capping of minutes. Now you can call for unlimited minutes not only from JIO to JIO but to other networks like VI, BSNL or Airtel without worrying about any call charges if you are on unlimited Voice calling plan.

5 Best JIO Recharges For Everyone
5 Best JIO Recharges For Everyone - Photo Credits Al Hakiim

Best Unlimited Voice and Daily Data (1.5GB – 2GB)

For those who have high data usage and want unlimited talk time, the table given below will help you find your best plan.

If you are going with the 28-days validity plan, the Rs. 299 plan is an ideal choice for you.

Besides, you can spend a little extra and do an Rs. 533 recharge to get 56 days of validity benefit missing with 2 GB daily data along with an unlimited call facility.

You are also getting a discount of Rs. 67 with the 533 plan making it a better choice over the Rs. 299 plan.

Old MRP (Rs.)New MRP (Rs.)BenefitValidity
1992391.5 GB Data Per day (Total 42 GB), 100 SMS per Day, Unlimited Voice Calls28 days
2492992GB Data Per day (Total 56 GB), 100 SMS per day, unlimited voice calls28 days
3994791.5GB Data Per day (Total 84GB), 100 SMS per day, unlimited voice calls56 days
4445332GB Data Per day (Total 112GB), 100 SMS per day, unlimited voice calls56 days

Best High Data Plans

If your daily data need exceeds the 2 GB limit, then the below-mentioned plans are best suited for you.

The Rs 601 recharge offers you 3GB of data per day and comes with a free 1-year Disney+Hotstar subscription worth Rs. 399.

Old MRP (Rs.)New MRP (Rs.)BenefitValidity
3494193 GB Data Per day (Total 84 GB), 100 SMS per Day, Unlimited Voice Calls28 days
4996013GB Data Per day + extra 6GB (Total 90 GB), 100 SMS per day, unlimited voice calls, Disney+Hotstar subscription (1 year)28 days

Best Long Validity Plans For JIO

Jio users who don’t want or don’t have time to recharge monthly. In the table below, You will get the three-month (84 Days) and higher validity plan that offers excellent value for the users.

Both the 666 and the 719 plans are ideal for 84 days. You can choose whichever suits you best. A lot of people can consume 2/3 GB of daily data while streaming movies, videos, etc. It can be an ideal offering for you.

Also, two other recharge plans are Rs. 2545, 2879, and 4199 are excellent choices for the yearly option.

Old MRP (Rs.)New MRP (Rs.)BenefitValidity
5556661.5 GB Data Per day (Total 126 GB), 100 SMS per Day, Unlimited Voice Calls84 days
5997192 GB Data Per day (Total 168 GB), 100 SMS per Day, Unlimited Voice Calls84 days
99911993GB Data Per day (Total 252 GB), 100 SMS per Day, Unlimited Voice Calls84 days
212125451.5 GB Data Per day (Total 504 GB), 100 SMS per Day, Unlimited Voice Calls336 days
239928792GB per day (Total 730GB), 100 SMS per Day, Unlimited Voice Calls365 days
349941993GB per day (Total 1095GB), 100 SMS per Day, Unlimited Voice Calls365 days

Best 4G data Vouchers – Data Top UP Vouchers

Sometimes our data is exhausted before the daily renewal. So, here are some 4G data voucher plans that will add data to the existing program and expire with your current project.

Your existing plan will have no impact if you do a data recharge. Suppose you are on a 1.5 GB data plan, and you exhaust your 1.5 GB data for the day and then do an Rs. 25 recharge.

It will add 2 GB of data that you can use at any time but will not impact the 1.5 GB data plan you have.

Old MRP (Rs.)New MRP (Rs.)BenefitValidity
21252 GB add-on dataexisting plan
51616 GB add-on dataexisting plan
10112112 GB add-on dataexisting plan

Best Global ISD Calling Plans

The table given below is the ISD plan you can use globally, and the amount deduction varies by the country area code like; to make a call in the USA, the charges apply to Rs 0.5/min.

Click here to know JIO Call Rates to All Countries.

MRP (Rs.)BenefitValidity
501424.58 ISD Talktime ( Rs 0.5/ min or Rs 100/min vary according to country) 28 days

If you want to know about some other company’s recharge plans then click the links below.

Which Jio Recharge Should You Get for Maximum Benefit?

If you are opting for the 84-day plan (Price Rs. 666, 719 or Rs. 1199) for 1.5/2/3 GB data/day is the best value for money offering available for JIO users.

Note - The 84/56 days recharge plan is cheaper than 28 days.

Should you buy the yearly 2879 Jio recharge?

Even if you take the yearly 2879 recharge, the benefit is not much to justify the 1-time cost.

If you recharge six times with the 533 plan, here is what you get

Price – 533*6= Rs. 3198 Validity = 56*6= 336 days. Daily data is the same for both the packs, but when you are doing a yearly recharge, you are getting nearly one free month and a low price, which is a good deal.

But in case the quality of the network becomes terrible in your area, you will be stuck with Jio and can’t do an MNP. I usually do the three-month recharge to keep my options open.

You may want to change the connection, or if the service becomes unusable, you also have an option for MNP.

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