JIO Revised Prepaid Plans July – Rate Increased

Reliance JIO has raised the price for its 3 months (84 days) Rs. 309 plan to Rs 399. Earlier the plan validity was 84 days now it is reduced to 56 days.

The data benefit was 1 GB / day, subscribers used to get 84 GB of data and unlimited local and STD calls for 84 days.

In the revised 309 plan the subscribers will get the 1 GB / day data for 56 days (a total of 56 GB). The validity reduction will offer JIO increased earning as subscribers will recharge after 2 months instead of earlier 3 months period.

JIO has also launched a new Dhan Dhana Dhan offer for the subscribers looking for 84 days recharge with  1 GB /day data and unlimited calls for a price of Rs. 399.

Essentially it means you will have to spend Rs. 399 for the 3 months plan instead of the Rs. 309 before this tariff update.

It is better to buy the 399 plan for 3 months compared to buying the 309 for the 2 month period as the monthly cost in the 2 months plan comes to be Rs 154 = 309/2 and for the 3 months plan it is cheaper Rs 133 = 399/3.

A saving of Rs 63 if you go for the 3 month period offer.

Though JIO may have increased the tariff it is still 100% cheaper when compared to the plans offered by the rival telecos Airtel, Idea and Vodafone.

The 28 days validity plan that offers unlimited calls and 1 GB /day data for Idea, Airtel and Vodafone is priced at Rs. 348 which is more than the Rs. 309 plan for JIO offering 56 days of validity.

With the Launch of JIO data prices have crashed in India and we can expect the same scenario to continue for next few quarters. The prices for the data tariff will stay at the current level and the pressure on revenue and Ebitda for telecom companies will continue.

JIO Revised Prepaid Plans July 2017

JIO Revised Prepaid Plans July

The 309, 399 and 509 are the attractive plans out of the above-mentioned which you can opt for to reduce your spend on telecom.

JIO is also expected to launch a new 4G VOLTE feature phone which could be priced between Rs. 500 to Rs. 1200. It can also bring more disruption in the rural market where there is a need for an affordable phone with low calling tariffs.

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