Broadband Plans Comparison – JIO, ACT, Airtel, BSNL

In this article, we will compare the Broadband Plans from Reliance JIO, Airtel (Xstream), ACT Fibernet, and BSNL.

We are making a comparison of the Best Plans in the Rs. 500, Rs. 1000, Rs. 1500 and higher price range for users who want an internet connection for Home or Office.

With everyone looking to work or study from home, it is essential to have a stable and fast internet broadband connection.

Also, if you are a movie or web series lover, visit Disney+Hotstar, and Netflix like OTT platforms. Some of our selected plans will also give you free access to these OTT platforms.

Broadband Plans Comparison
Broadband Plans Comparison

Let’s read about our shortlisted best broadband plans from companies like Reliance Jio, Airtel, BSNL, and ACT Fibrenet.

Broadband Plans Comparison Under Rs 500

Plane NameCompanySpeed MbpsMonthly Data limitPost FUP SpeedValidityRental + GST(18%) (Rs.)
Plan 1Jio30 Mbps3300 GBNA30 Days Rs 471
Plan 2BSNL30 Mbps3300 GB2 Mbps30 Days Rs 530
Plan 3Airtel40 Mbps3333 GB1 Mbps30 Days Rs 589
Plan 4ACT Fibernet40 Mbps500 GB512 Kbps30 daysRs. 549

Plan 1 is by Reliance Jio, in which you will surf unlimited monthly data(3300GB) at a speed of 30Mbps for Rs 471(GST is already included).

It is the most affordable broadband plan that comes with decent speed.

Plan 2 is by the BSNL that offers unlimited data(3300) and a speed of 30Mbps for a month, and after consuming 3300GB, the speed downgrades to 2Mbps. You will get this offer after paying Rs 530(GST included).

Plan 3 is by this Airtel is a decent plan as we are getting slightly better speed than the rivals – 40Mbps at a slightly higher price of Rs 589(including GST).

Plan 4 by ACT Fibernet offers 500 GB of data at 40 Mbps speed for a monthly price of Rs. 549.

In the above 3 plans, You will also get unlimited voice calling support( local/STD).

Broadband Plans Comparison under Rs 1000

CompanySpeed MbpsMonthly Data limitPost FUP SpeedValidityRental + GST(18%) (Rs.)
ACT Fibernet75 Mbps500 GB 512 Kbps30 DaysRs. 710
BSNL100 Mbps3300 GB2 Mbps30 DaysRs. 749
Jio150 Mbps3300 GBNA30 DaysRs 1,179
Airtel200 Mbps3333 GB1 Mbps30 Days1,179

Plan 1 is by the ACT Fibrenet, which offers 500GB of monthly data, which you can surf at a speed of 75Mbps and a price of Rs 1172, but it does not provide voice calling support. This is an expensive plan in comparison to other operators.

Plan 2 from BSNL: We get 3300GB monthly data at a speed of 100Mbps + you can also get unlimited voice call support and a price of Rs 1,179. Affordable and fast.

In Plan 3 from Reliance JIO, you will get 3300GB of monthly data with a speed of 150Mbps, and Voice calls support for Rs 1,179.

Lastly, Plan 4 is by Airtel, which offers a speed of 200Mbps to surf 3333GB of monthly data, and voice calling support at Rs 1,179.

Airtel 200 Mbps plan seems best as it offers more speed and access to premium services.

Best High-Speed Broadband Plans Comparison

If you want very high-speed broadband plans, you can opt for one.

Plane NameCompanySpeed MbpsMonthly Data limitPost FUP SpeedValidityRental + GST (Rs.)
Plan 1ACT Fibernet1000 MbpsUnlimited2 Mbps30 DaysRs. 2999
Plan 2Jio1 GBPS3300 GBNA30 DaysRs 3999
Plan 3Airtel1Gbps5000 GB1 Mbps30 DaysRs. 3999

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