ACT Fibernet Best Broadband Plans (Top Cities)

ACT Fibernet is pretty popular in some of the southern states and cities and they offer excellent service and affordable Broadband plans. Let's check out the ACT Fibernet Best Broadband Plans in Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi and compare pricing.

The company was one of the first to offer 1 Gbps plans in India even before JIO fiber Giga broadband was launched.

ACT fibernet

If you are from North India, probably you may not have heard of ACT Fibernet as they primarily operate in south India. However, they serve few cities in the north such as Delhi, Lucknow, and Jaipur.

You can also explore Best Broadband Plans from JIO, BSNL, Airtel, and Den Broadband.

ACT Fibernet was also the fourth-largest wired broadband service provider in India.

Notably, ACT Fibernet Plans are different for different Cities.

Installation and Router Cost

ACT Fibernet is not charging anything for Installation in many cities and also if you sign-up for 12 months plan, you will get 2 months of free usage.

Let's start with the best ACT Fibernet broadband plans in Bangalore and then we will move to other top cities.

Best ACT Fibernet Broadband Plans in Bangalore

Plane NameSpeed MbpsMonthly Data limitPost FUP SpeedValidityMonthly Rental
Plan 140 Mbps500 GB 512 Kbps30 DaysRs 549
Plan 275 Mbps750 GB512 Kbps30 DaysRs 710
Plan 3300 MbpsUnlimited -30 DaysRs 1185
Plan 4400 MbpsUnlimited -30 DaysRs 1999
Plan 51000 MbpsUnlimited-30 DaysRs 5999

Plan 1 is the basic offer that comes at a price of Rs 549 offering 50 Mbps speed and 500 GB monthly data and if you consume your data before 30 days then the speed will come down to 512Kbps.

Plan 2 offers a 75 Mbps speed to surf 750 GB monthly data along with a 512 Kbps post FUP speed at a price of Rs 710.

In plan 3, you will get unlimited monthly data to surf at a speed of 300 Mbps and also comes with a Zee5, and Netflix access at a price of Rs 1185.

Plan 4 is also the same as plan 3 with just one difference. In this plan, you will able to surf data at a speed of 400 Mbps and this offer price is Rs 1999.

Lastly in Plan 5, ACT offers unlimited monthly data to surf at a speed of 1000 Mbps(1 Gbps) and also offers a 5 Mbps post FUP speed. The price of the plan is Rs 5999.

Best ACT Fibernet Broadband Plans in Chennai

In Chennai the plans are restricted to 3300 GB data for most plans and the higher speed 400/1000 Mbps plans have a 5000 GB of Fair usage policy limit. There is no truely unlimited plan available.

Plane NameSpeed MbpsMonthly Data limitPost FUP SpeedValidityRental (Rs.)
Plan 140 MbpsUnlimited (3300 GB)512 Kbps30 DaysRs. 549
Plan 2100 MbpsUnlimited (3300 GB)512 Kbps30 DaysRs. 820
Plan 3250 MbpsUnlimited (3300 GB)1 Mbps30 DaysRs. 1075
Plan 4400 MbpsUnlimited (5000 GB)1 Mbps30 DaysRs. 1999
Plan 51000 MbpsUnlimited (5000 GB)1 Mbps30 DaysRs. 2999

Best ACT Fibernet Broadband Plans in Hyderabad

There are several plans available for Hyderbad users starting from Rs. 500. In Hyderabad ACT has not specified the FUP limit for the plans and offers unlimited data usage in most of the plans.

Plane NameSpeed MbpsMonthly Data limitPost FUP SpeedValidityRental (Rs.)
Plan 140 Mbps1000 GB (1 TB)512 Kbps30 DaysRs. 500
Plan 275 MbpsUnlimited-30 DaysRs. 700
Plan 3150 MbpsUnlimited-30 DaysRs. 1075
Plan 4400 MbpsUnlimited-30 DaysRs. 1999
Plan 51 GbpsUnlimited-30 DaysRs. 5999

Best ACT Fibernet Broadband Plans in Delhi

There are only a few planes for Delhi. The 1 Gbps (1000 Mbps) plan is recently introduced in Delhi and offers one of the fastest internet offerings in the city.

Plan NameSpeed MbpsMonthly Data limitPost FUP SpeedValidityRental (Rs.)
Plan 1150 MbpsUnlimited-30 DaysRs 799
Plan 2250 MbpsUnlimited-30 DaysRs. 1049
Plan 3300 MbpsUnlimited-30 DaysRs. 1349
Plan 41000 MbpsUnlimited-30 DaysRs. 1999


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Information Source - Act Fibernet

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