The most popular Android Game is making a comeback in India as the developers confirm that they are working on a new PUBG Mobile game, especially for Indian gamers.

PUBG MObile India
PUBG Mobile India

PUBG Corporation, the creator of the Player Unknown Battlegrounds, has stated in a press release that the game will return to India in a new “Avataar.”

To quote the creator “it is preparing to launch PUBG MOBILE INDIA, a new game created specifically for the Indian market.

The company also revealed plans to provide a secure and healthy gameplay environment alongside investments to cultivate local video games, esports, entertainment, and the IT industry.

PUBG Corporation has said in the press release that the data of the Indian gamers will be safe, and the company will ensure that none of the users’ information will be safely managed.

Also, the company has said that they will open a new India office to collaborate and actively interact with the local business to strengthen the gaming service for everyone.

PUBG Corp. has also decided to make an investment of $100 million in India along with the parent company Krafton. As per the press note, it is the largest investment from a Korean Firm in India and will also foster the growth of E-Sports and Mobile gaming in the country.

Re-launch or Unban Date

So, as we know this is a new game and the International version of PUBG is not going to get unbanned or approved by the Indian government anytime soon. However, the new PUBG Mobile for India is likely to launch either in November or the latest by December 2020.

PUBG Corporation (developers of PUBG mobile India) has not given any exact dates for launch but it is not too far considering they have already made the public announcement to launch the game in India.

We will update as soon as the information about the game is out.

New Changes and Updates to PUBG Mobile

Further, they will alter some of the In-game content to local needs and customize the game according to the Indian users. We can say that the game engine and core gameplay will stay the same as the Global release, but there will be minor changes to accommodate the local likings.

New characters will start with clothing instead of undergarments, as was in the original game.

Also, the players will have a restriction on how long they can play the game every day to promote better health and fitness for the PUBG players. Notably, there have been several health-related issues with excessive addiction to PUBG.

The creator is taking adequate steps to ensure that the game doesn’t get banned again or causes issues with certain society sections.

The company will set up an Indian subsidiary to ensure better India operations and also have better communication and service for the Indian market.

Considering the Ban on the Game by the Indian Government in the aftermath of the fight at the Ladakh border, this is big news for mobile gaming fans.

Also, the added investment from the PUBG corporation is a welcome move for the Make in India campaign of the government.

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