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Battleground Mobile India (Launch, Specs, Requirements) – Update

Battle Ground Mobile India Updates

Battleground Mobile India

Data Leak to Chinese Servers – Fixed!

23 June 2021 – Battleground Mobile India was criticized as it was discovered (by IGN India) that the game was sending data to servers in China, Russia, the US, and some other countries.

Also, it was discovered that the game was pinging a Tencent server in Beijing when booting up.

The Game Developer Krafton has issued an update that will restrict the data sharing to the servers in China.

After the patch, the game was tested and it was found that it is not sharing any information with Chinese servers.

But it is odd to see that the game was doing this first, as the Indian Government banned the PUBG mobile (previous avatar) due to similar security concerns and data sharing with Chinese servers.

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Here is the link to the detailed statement on the leaked data issue by Krafton (BattleGround Mobile Developer).

Battleground Mobile Crosses 5 Mn Downloads

21 June 2021 – The new PUBG avatar – Battleground Mobile India has already crossed 5 million downloads just after one day of launch.

Owing to the massive popularity of PUBG mobile, the new version has been awaited for a long. Now everyone is hooked to the new game.


20 June 2021 – The early access of Battleground Mobile India is out for some of the users on 17 June 2021, and from the footage by various gamers, we got multiple details about the game. Let’s have a look at it.

Google Play Store Link to Battle Ground Mobile

Download Size, and Smartphone Configuration to play the game

  • Starting with game size, the Battleground will be available on Google Playstore for all soon, along with a size of 731MB, and that is amazing for the user and those with a smartphone with 2GB or 3GB RAM to seamlessly enjoy the game.
  • To prevent the harmful impact of the game on kids, Krafton used a green color for blood instead of red and offered a few warnings for safe gaming.
  • The best part is that your old data can be carried over from PUBG mobile which means your time and effort in the PUBG mobile will not go in vain.
  • There is no difference between BGMI and PUBG mobile in the setting option or Map. Both are the same. Even there is no difference in guns and gameplay too.
  • And one more thing is that you don’t need an OTP for login.

BattleGround Mobile Requirements

The company says you need at least a 2GB RAM phone and an Android 5.1 or higher operating system to enjoy a seamless game.

Battle Ground Mobile India is yet not launched for IOS or iPhone users in India, but we hope that Krafton will soon release the Game for Apple users.

It is based on the same concept as PUBG, a battle royale game where multiple players fight with their strategy, and the last man standing will win the match.

Additionally, you can play this game in different modes like solo, Duo mode, Squad mode, and One on One matches.

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PUBG Mobile is coming back to India as “Battleground Mobile India.”

19 May 2021 – Finally, one of India’s most loved online battle royale games is making a comeback.

PUBG will finally be launched in a new Avatar in India called “Battleground Mobile India.”

A week ago, Krafton(the famous South Korean game developer) announced the game, and later on, on 18 May 2021 (Tuesday), it started the pre-registration. (Link to Pre-register at the end of the article).

Pre-registration of the Game is going live only for Android users, and iOS users will have to wait for some time before it starts.

How to do Pre-Registration for Battleground Mobile India

Step 1 –

Visit the Google play store on your Android device(Phone/Tablet).

Step 2 –

Type ”Battleground Mobile India” on the search bar and click on the ”Pre-register” button later.

Step 3 –

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That’s it; you will get a notification when the game launches.

We can also do Pre-Registration directly by clicking on this link –Click Here.

Krafton also says that they will offer rewards and outfits to those users who do a pre-registration. The prizes include the Recon Mask, the Recon Outfit, Celebration Expert Title, and 300 AG. So, Hurry! and do pre-registration for the exciting rewards.

About Battleground mobile India

The exact launch date of the game is not declared yet, but we can expect that it will launch within a month.

Some reports say that the upcoming version of the game will be very much similar to the older version (PUBG Mobile). Due to criticism by parents in the past, this time, the game will have less violence, enhanced privacy, and more security.

Some new rules regarding this upcoming game

The developers ensure that the Indian Government does not ban the game.

  • If you are below 18 years, then you will be asked to provide the mobile number of your parents/guardians for becoming eligible to play the game.
  • Also, children below 18 will not play more than 3 hours a day, and they can’t spend more than Rs 7000 on a game.
  • The outfit will be different, and your player will be fully clothed from the beginning.
  • Lastly, the matching will be done only in between the Indian players.

Breaking: PUBG Mobile Re-launch, Updates, Changes

The most popular Android Game is making a comeback in India as the developers confirm that they are working on a new PUBG Mobile game, especially for Indian gamers.

To quote the creator “it is preparing to launch PUBG MOBILE INDIA, a new game created specifically for the Indian market.

The company also revealed plans to provide a secure and healthy gameplay environment alongside investments to cultivate local video games, esports, entertainment, and the IT industry.

PUBG Corp. has also decided to invest $100 million in India along with the parent company Krafton. As per the press note, it is the most significant investment from a Korean Firm in India and will also foster the growth of E-Sports and Mobile gaming in the country.

New Changes and Updates to PUBG Mobile

Further, they will alter some of the In-game content to local needs and customize the game according to the Indian users. We can say that the game engine and core gameplay will stay the same as the Global release, but there will be minor changes to accommodate the local likings.

New characters will start with clothing instead of undergarments, as was in the original game.

Also, the players will restrict how long they can play the game every day to promote better health and fitness for the PUBG players. Notably, there have been several health-related issues with excessive addiction to PUBG.

The creator is taking adequate steps to ensure that the game doesn’t get banned again or cause issues with certain society sections.

The company will set up an Indian subsidiary to ensure better Indian operations and better communication and service for the Indian market.

Considering the Ban on the game by the Indian Government in the aftermath of the fight at the Ladakh border, this is big news for mobile gaming fans.

Also, the added investment from the PUBG corporation is a welcome move for the Make in India campaign of the Government. You can also check the PUBG Mobile Lite or the new Fortnite game along with the specs requirements to run the game.

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