Home Computers 3 best gaming PC configuration under Rs 50000 India

3 best gaming PC configuration under Rs 50000 India

3 best gaming PC configuration under Rs 50000 India 

6) Mother Board  GIGABYTE GA-H97M-D3H LGA 1150  Motherboard   

Expected Price –  Rs. 7,000 to 7,800

GIGABYTE GA-H97M-D3H: Offers all basic features and sufficient number of SATA, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports and supports the graphics card well. IF you are looking for overclocking go ahead with MSI Z97 Guard-Pro Motherboard will cost you around Rs. 8,900. However, the processor in this rig does not overclock you may have to choose a K series processor if you wish to overclock.


MSI B150M BAZOOKA Gaming Motherboard (for Intel 6th Gen Core i3 Skylake Processor) 

MSI B150 Bazooka Motherboard

The MSI B150 M Bazooka Gaming Motherboard is an ideal match for the Intel Skylake Core i3 processor. The motherboard is priced close to Rs. 8500 which is okay considering the features it offers.

The motherboard comes with DDR4 memory support upto 2133 Mhz. The motherboard has a micro-ATX form factor come with support for USB 3.1 , USB 3.0 and USB 2.0. You can easily use 1 graphics card with the motherboard whoever no SLI or Cross fire is possible, you may need to get a Z170 board if that is on your mind.

The motherboard supports SATA 6 GB/S , PCI E 3.0 and DDR4 memory upto 64 GB if you ever need that much.

Overall it is a decent, cheap price motherboard from MSI. If you want something more expensive with additional features you can go for the Gigabyte H170M-D3H Gaming Motherboard priced at Rs. 10,800 and comes with Crossfire support too. 

DDR4 RAM – 8GB DDR4 Kingston HyperX Fury Black Series 2133 MHz

You will need the DDR4 RAM with the above-mentioned motherboard and Intel Skylake processor. Please remember the DDR3 Ram will not work with these motherboards. There are also some motherboards which work with the DDR3 ram and Intel 6th generation processors but no motherboard has support for DDR3 as well as the DDR4 motherboard.


The Hyper X is a low latency RAM with 280 DIMM pins.

 Almost a year back the price difference between the DDR3 and the DDR4 ram was too much but now there is not too much gap, so it is not a rip off if you go with the DDR4 Ram as well.

Check out the Gaming PC Rig 4 we have included the 6th gen processor there.

Read More – DDR4 Vs DDR3 RAM – Performance difference.

Read More on Processors – 9 Best Processors for Gaming PC Build.

7). Graphics Card – Nvidia GTX 950

3 best gaming PC configuration under Rs 50000 India

Rather than buying an AMD R7 270X or a 370 or even the Nvidia GTX 750 Ti , If you can buy the Nvidia GTX 950 it will be great addition to this Rig. With the recent price drop of Nvidia GTX (

GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 950 GV-N950OC-2GD 2GB it is must buy for you to get the maximum performance out of this Rig.  The Gigabyte GTX 950 is priced close to Rs. 14,400.

The Nvidia GTX 950 comes with the Maxwell architecture and is highly energy efficient. The Giga Byte Graphics card has a  Core Clock of 1064 MHz and it has a Boost Clock 1241 MHz. You can easily overclock it to 1300+ clock speed and play the latest games like Dark Souls 3 or GTA 5 at very high settings.

The Graphics card has Memory Clocked at 6610 MHz and the  2 GB GDDR5 Memory Interface with 128-Bit Memory Type supports the DirectX 12 & OpenGL 4.4. Essentially you don’t require a 3 GB GDDR5 graphics card as the resolution is low on the monitor it will be more than sufficient to push it to limits using the Gigabyte GTX 950.

Asus GTX 950

Asus Nvidia GTX 950

The Asus GTX 950 is also a very good choice and also has got a price cut in May 2016 and that can also be bought if you want a little cheaper solution.  The Asus GTX 950 comes with Dual fan cooler and offers cool and silent game play. The Asus GTX 950 is priced close to Rs. 13,500, almost Rs. 1000 cheaper than Gigabyte.

Currently, I would recommend to go with the Asus GTX 950. 

The Clocks on the GTX 950 are as follows :OC Mode – GPU Boost Clock : 1228 MHZ , GPU Base Clock : 1051 MHz Gaming Mode (Default) – GPU Boost Clock : 1190 MHZ , GPU Base Clock : 1026 MHz.

Summary – 3 best gaming PC configuration under Rs 50000 India 2016

PC ConfigurationModel & SpecificationPrice
CabinetCooler Master Force 5003505
MonitorDell E2014H 19.5 inch LED Backlit LCD Monitor6499
Ram8 GB Corsair Vengeance3200
Hard DiskSeagate Barracuda SV-35 1 TB Desktop Internal Hard Drive3800
Power SupplyCorsair VS 650 Watt PSU4000
ProcessorIntel 3.5 GHz LGA 1150 i3 4150 4th Generation Processor7400
Graphics CardAsus GTX 950 2GB GDDR5 Graphics card13600
Mother BoardGIGABYTE GA-H97M-D3H Motherboard8099
Total                  50,103

Total Cost of Purchase – 50,103

* Prices may vary from time to time – Please pardon for any price fluctuations.

Now Coming to the Second Configuration if you have slightly higher budget

Click Next Below for PC Configuration 2 & 3 

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  1. hi i am planning to buy a gaming desktop pc for my kids and do not know the configuration but wish to use it at least for 5 years. planning to buy it in Dec 2017

    it will also be used sometimes by me for my own business use (limited)

    and projects

    so kindly recommend or advise a configuration for 50K

  2. Hye, Can you please update suggest me some configurations of 2017 for a gaming machine in 55-60k range?
    Thank You!

  3. Do you have a new set of PC configuration for the year 2017? I am planning to upgrade my PC from Pentium to something higher.

  4. hi,
    can you suggest what watt PSU will be required if i use
    i5 4440
    Gigabyte G1.SNIPER B7 G1 Gaming Motherboard For Intel 6th Gen
    Gigabyte Radeon Rx 480 G1 Gaming 8GB GDDR5 Graphics Card

    and the rest as per your 3 rd gaming rig config in this post

    moreover whether this rig will have bottleneck?

  5. I would suggest a zotac GeForce 1050ti mini
    Bcuzz it comes with 4gb graphics and it is compact and it would lower the price to almost 2k less

  6. Hi Kanuj ,

    Could you please advise on below config? I hope all the compatibility factors are addressed and also advise on DDR 4 3400 RAM, is it worth the money. Which brand I should go for DDR 4 ram?

    Mother Board:- ASUS Z170 PRO GAMING – ~15,000/-
    Processor:- “Intel Core i5 6600 3.3 Ghz LGA 1151 6th Gen Intel Processor – ~17500/-
    Graphics Card:- Asus GTX 950 2GB GDDR5 Graphics card 13,500/-
    Ram:- G.SKILL DDR4 8GB 3400MHZ CL16 TRIDENT Z DUAL .. — 5,500/-
    SSD: Samsung 840 Series MZ-7TD120BW 120 GB — 7250/-
    Hard Disk:- WD 1TB Blue Desktop Internal Hard Drive (WD10EZEX) 3000/-
    Cabinet :- Cooler Master K380 CPU Cabinet – 4,799.00/-
    Power Supply:- Corsair VS650 650 Watt PSU — 4500/-
    Monitor:- Dell S2216H 21.5” Monitor with FHD display — 6499/-

    • No point putting too much money on the 3400 MHz i think 3000 Mhz is much cheaper and you should buy it Gskill and Corsair both are my top picks

  7. Can you please advise on the below configuration. Thanks to your blog, it cleared some of my pressing doubts.

    Mother Board:- ASUS Z170 PRO GAMING – ~15,000/-
    Processor:- “Intel Core i5 6600 3.3 Ghz LGA 1151 6th Gen Intel Processor – ~17500/-
    Graphics Card:- Asus GTX 950 2GB GDDR5 Graphics card 13,500/-
    Ram:- G.SKILL DDR4 8GB 3400MHZ CL16 TRIDENT Z DUAL .. — 5,500/-
    SSD: Samsung 840 Series MZ-7TD120BW 120 GB — 7250/-
    Hard Disk:- WD 1TB Blue Desktop Internal Hard Drive (WD10EZEX) 3000/-
    Cabinet :- Cooler Master K380 CPU Cabinet – 4,799.00/-
    Power Supply:- Corsair VS650 650 Watt PSU — 4500/-
    Monitor:- Dell S2216H 21.5” Monitor with FHD display — 6499/-

    • Dont buy the GTX 950 at this stage wait for the GTX 1050 Ti or the GTX 1050 , also you can buy a H170 motherboard if you are not going to Overclock the processor as you and buying non K series 6600 processor. that will save u money to buy even a GTX 1060

  8. Hey guys can you suggest me good optical drive which can suit for the above list which costs 50,103? Will the above list be affected by any internal optical drive?

  9. ok…can you pls revert on below configuration.

    Cabinet Cooler Master K380 CPU Cabinet
    Ram Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR4 x2(SDL374015918)
    Hard Disk WD 1TB Blue Desktop Internal Hard Drive (WD10EZEX)
    Power Supply Corsair TX650 650W or Seasonic S12 620 Watt PSU
    Processor “Intel Core i5 6600 3.3 Ghz LGA 1151 6th Gen Intel Processor
    Graphics Card ASUS GTX 1060
    Monitor BenQ XL2411Z 60.96 cm (24 inch) 144Hz 1ms Gaming Monitor NVIDIA 3D Vision Supported seamless FPS RTS MOBA Game eSport
    Mother Board ASUS Z170 PRO GAMING



    • seriously dont waste money on that 25K monitor the 3D glasses dont work properly if that is what they are giving.

      buy a normal monitor like this one Dell S2216H 21.5” Monitor with FHD display . can buy any cooler like a cooler master hyper 103

  10. Hey Guys,

    Pls let me know how is this configuration for my gaming pc… i want 3d monitor also pls suggest.

    Cabinet :- Cooler Master K380 CPU Cabinet
    Ram:- Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3x2(CMZ8GX3M1A1600C10)
    Hard Disk:- WD 1TB Blue Desktop Internal Hard Drive (WD10EZEX)
    Power Supply:- Corsair VS650 650 Watt PSU
    Processor:- “Intel Core i5 6600 3.3 Ghz LGA 1151 6th Gen Intel Processor
    Graphics Card:- ASUS GTX 1060
    Monitor:- Dell E2014H 19.5 inch LED Backlit LCD Monitor
    Mother Board:- ASUS Z170 PRO GAMING

    • Looks fine can buy it you will need a processor cooler and DDR3 ram wont work with this get 3000 MHz DDR4 RAM can search candytech for RAM reviews and more info and Dell E2014H 19.5 is not a 3D monitor it is a normal monitor – 3D monitors are useless for most part and very expensive

  11. I’m planning to purchase a new rig with Asus strix 1060 6gb in mind. My budget is 70k. What would you advice for assembling the components??

  12. One more thing i wanted to ask Kanuj.I am dodging between Zotac 960 AMP Edition and Asus GTX-STRIX-960-DC2-OC(for 1080 screen) or you suggest anything else if i am ready to spend 5k more?Any difference between b150 asus pro gaming motherboard and msi b150m bazooka?

  13. Would you please suggest a good pocket friendly ups for a gaming desktop?I was going for that last one above.

  14. Hi just bought an Asus gt710 2gb VGA for my old PC which got apparently is now dead, will this card work with the configuration provided or should I go for the recommend VGA n the site

  15. I couldn’t understant about the monitor. How can a 1080p monitor won’t be able to play games like AC unity and GTA 5. And a lower resolution will be able to play
    Please explain me this concept

  16. Gigabyte GA-H110M-S2 DDR4 Intel 6th Generation Motherboard LGA 1151/ Intel H110 can we use this motherboard for this build?

  17. Dear author, you have wrote all the pc builds at best prices for every type.but you have not included 1 important thing.the software it just cost 6k+ .so if you are going to write the new pc build pleasd include the software

  18. what is i replace intel core i3 with i5 6600k .shud i need to change the mother board also .can u suggest a build with intel core i5 for 60000-70000.please reply asap.

  19. To play game on high settings what upgrades are necessary? And is it future proof, like what all parts can be upgraded?

  20. Seagate Barracuda SV-35 1 TB Desktop Internal Hard Drive is for storing videos mainly. Western digital 1TB blue is a good fit with more or less the same price.

    Another suggestion is for around Rs 4000 good SSDs(120 GB) are available, which is a top performance upgrade if you have a spare 500 GB or 1TB regular hard drive for storage.

    I request the gaming pc builders to stay away from PSU(SMPS) brands like iball, circle,zebronics,mercury, fronttech,intex etc.

  21. Why Corsair VS series PSUs? They are bad PSUs as widely reported in Tomshardware. Seasonic PSUs are available in India. They are high quality over any corsair PSU and also affordable as for as these gaming and workstation budgets are concerned. I suggest these S12II series by Seasonic. For low end graphics cards Antec VP 450P is a good shout.

  22. hello sir I am very thank full to you for giving the specifications
    but can I run gta5, assassin’s creed syndicate etc

  23. How about
    Motherboard – Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 Price about 14000
    Processor – AMD 3.5 GHz FX 8320 8 Core Processor Black Edition Price about 13000
    RAM – Kingston HyperX FURY Memory DDR3 8 GB PC (HX318C10F/8) Price about 3000
    Power Supply – Corsair VS650 650 Watt PSU Price Rs. 4000
    Hard Disk – Seagate Barracuda SV-35 1 TB Desktop Internal Hard Drive Price Rs. 3800
    Monitor – Dell E2014H Price – Rs. 6099
    Cabinet – Cooler Master Force 500 Price – Rs. 3500

  24. Hi,
    Why have you mentioned buying i3 processor? as most of the recent games require i5 as a minimum system requirement.

  25. Plz Suggest a good motherboard (PREFERENTIALLY ASUS ) with

    intel i3-6100, Sapphire R9-270X, 8 Gb DDR4 ram

    Does 650W PSU will work with above combination or lesser will do?

  26. I was looking at the Gigabyte H97M D3H you recommended. Well, the HyperX Fury (not supported by this board) is faster than the slightly higher priced(on Flipkart) Vengeance. Also, 6th gen LGA 1151 processors have arrived.
    Should I go look for a different motherboard? What would you recommend?

    So far I made this list, trying to keep it within 60K, (55K would be great)
    Graphics Zotac GTX 970 4GB 28,000
    RAM Kingston HyperX Fury 4GB x2 3,600
    Motherboard ==?
    Processor ==?
    Cabinet Deepcool Tesseract 3,250

  27. I want to make a complete gaming pc in the range of rs50000,but you are only telling about few things,i also want to know which cpu cooler you used ,which cpu fans you used .etc.and every thing that is fitted in cpu and please tell me the complete cost of making this pc.

  28. Why not a Core i7? or i5? is it because of price?? say my budget was 80k. What would you upgrade from this current rig??

  29. Hi kanuj i assembled n using a pc with bazooka mobo n i3 6th gen except w8thout GC .but when i checked properties it shows 8 gb ram but only2.1 GB USABLE . DO I NEED TO REPLACE MOBO OR ANY TIP FOR THIS ISSUE THANK YOU IN ADVANCE

  30. Hi Candytech,

    I’m thinking of buying the third build with an edit, replacing the gtx960 with the gtx970 which I’d also like to overclock. So I must change the mobo which I would like you to suggest and any tip for cutting down the prices for making it fit my 50 k budget , I’m thinking to reduce the psu to a 600W from a 650W , is it good or bad ?

  31. Hi
    My ordered details are
    Processor intel i3 6th gen
    Mobo ga lga 1151 1110m s2 ddr4gigabyte
    Ran kingston hyper x 8 gb ddr4
    Monitor dell s2240l
    Graphics card none

    Question 1 – smps 450w or 550w or 650w pls tell
    Question 2- mobo above is good enough?

    Question 1 – shall i buy 550w psu 0r 450w or 650w smps pls tell
    Question 2-mobo listed above is good enough?

  32. Hi
    i have a brand new PC config are as follows
    Processor Intel I5 6640
    Mother Board Gigabyte Z170-D3H
    Ram 2*4 GB DDR4 G.Skill Rip Jaw
    Graphic Card Galax nvidia GeForce Gtx 950 OC black
    PowerSupply Cooler Master 600W

    Question 1: i have a normal heat sink installed on my Processor so will it effect over my Gaming performance. or will it do any harm to my pc

    Question 2: since GTX950 is Quite new to the market will it smoothly render 4k on games like Crysis3 or Fallout4

    Please Do Answer

    thanks in Advance

    Regards Mayur

    • I will purchase asus nvidia 960 in future maybe 2-3 months .
      Is mobo is good bro?
      Thanks for the reply .
      This site helped me a lot .thank you very much

  33. Hi i need to build pc for home usage n casual gamin .pls tell me a build i think i dont need 8 gb ram n gaming motherboard .

  34. Bazooka motherboard is unavailable at amazon.in can you tell me where i can get it or similar motherboard for 6th gen intel n 8 gb ddr4 ram

  35. Hello …I won’t to change my motherbord for gaming my old mother board don’t allow me to upgrade more than 8gb ram and 1genration above processor .my budget is 150$ for motherboard along with ram .Also after that I will change my graphic card .please suggest me motherboard for good gaming performance .

  36. Hey i am really confused that wich graphic card to buy my budget is 20000 i want tht my spended money atleast work for 2 years so wt to prefer msi asus gigabyte

  37. Hi Candytech,
    I have
    Processor: AMD FX 6300
    RAM: 2X4gb DDR 3Corsair Vengence
    Motheboard: Gigabyte LMT-S2
    Graphics card: AMD R9 270
    PSU: Corsair VS 550
    My question is that can a low cost motherboard can affect the performance of the system.

  38. Can you suggest me a build which can play Witcher 3 low setting at 60fps? (1366×768 or 900p will do) Thank you!

  39. Hi Candytech,

    I am researching for config of my 1st Gaming Rig from past few weeks. I have finalized to below build. I have some good contacts in lamington road, mumbai, i have mentioned their pricing below.

    Please suggest any improvements if needed before i go ahead with this build:
    Intel i5 6500 (6th Gen) => INR 13,800

    Gigabyte H170M-D3H (DDR4) => INR 9450

    Kingston HyperX Fury Black 8GBx1=> INR 3700

    Seagate Baracuda 1 TB 7200RPM => INR 3400

    Corsair VS 550w => INR 2850

    Cooler Master Force 500=> INR 2950

    Dell S2216H Full HD 5ms=> INR 8550

    Graphic Card:
    Asus Nvdia Geforce GTX 960=> INR 14700

    Total => INR 59,400

    Ps. I will add ssd & additional ram stick for dual channel after sometime. Budget issues . Strangely 4gb ddr4s are not available in market yet.


    • Hi AB, config looks good to me , don’t buy the DDR3 ram as it will not be supported by the MB u have selected, also try getting a better PSU may be add Rs. 1000 more to it.. and I would suggest add a Samsung SSD 128 GB there is light and day difference in general work, though no impact on gaming… and i think you will need a processor cooler , intel has stopped bundling the stock coolers i think with 6th gen 🙂

    • Hi Kanuj,

      Thanks for fast reply.

      Above mentioned RAM is ddr4.

      For PSU i have also got pricing for Corsair VS 650w = INR 3900. Or should i go with entirely different set?

      Thanks for suggesting SSD but i will go for it after few months 🙂

      If possible can you suggest me value for money cooler for this processor ?


    • look for cooler master 600 watts psu , frankly u wont be OC the cpu can buy any cheap one for 500 to 800 bucks which is silent check deepcool or any from coolermaster starting range cooler

  40. Hey bro….. just thoght to upgrade my rig……alll I want to is my gpu because my gpu is too poor…but I am confused…..my current config is amd fx 6300 ..8 gb kingsont fury x ram …and a nvidia gtx 630 … (which is too poor for my gaming needs) ….now I want a graphics card thats future prof with very good perfomance….I want a gpu thats best for 768p resolation (1366×768) high to ultra …in future but confused …as I also can oversend in gpu …should I buy amd r9 270X or nvidia gtx 960 …or wait for 2016…

    • Nvidia gtx 950 or the GTX 960 are great and can be bought right now, if you want to wait something better will come but I dont think much is coming before mid 2016.

  41. I am looking for following, please let me know if this is totally
    compatible and good. Estimated cost of these is INR 90K.
    Is this okay?

    G.SKILL RIPJAWS 16GB (1 X 16GB) DDR4 2133MHZ LAPTOP RAM (F4-2133C15S-16GRS)

    • ohh god 🙂 that is a very poor graphics card if you are building gaming pc then must use a gtx 970 in this range and a core i5 6th gen also 8 gb ram is more than enough, core i7 and core i5 will not have any difference as far as gaming is concerned.

  42. can you tell me the highest best ever configuration that should be withstand for 7 to 10 yrs of all games?

  43. Is this configuration for gaming is good?.
    Please reply. I need to know which components work best with what.
    My assembled pc includes–
    MOTHER BOARD– Asus M5A99X EVO Motherboard
    HARD DISK– Seagate Barracuda 1 TB Desktop Internal Hard Disk.
    DVD BURNER– Asus DRW-24D3ST DVD Burner.
    POWER SUPPLY– Corsair VS650 650 Watt PSU
    RAM– Corsair Vengeance DDR3 8 GB (1 x 8 GB)
    COOLER– Cooler Master Hyper TX3 EVO Cooler.
    MONITOR– Dell S2240L 21.5 inch LED Backlit LCD Monitor
    GRAPHICS CARD– Sapphire AMD/ATI Radeon R7 250 with Boost R7.
    KEY BOARD– Rapoo 1860 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse combo.

    THE TOTAL IS RS.62416.



  44. Hi Kanuj,

    I’m pleased to find your analysis straight-to-fact with no-nonsense details.

    Just need to know – Is it OK to go with Motherboard – “ASUS B85M-G”, rather than “GIGABYTE GA-H97M-D3H” or “Gigabyte B85M-D3H” as you suggested for “Intel 3.5 GHz LGA 1150 i3 4150 4th Generation Processor”?

    Also what would be suitable GPU here from Nvidia?

    And – which Monitor is more suitable here – “Dell E1914H 46.99 cm (18.5) LED Backlight LCD Monitor”, or, “Dell E1916hv 18.5 Led Backlight Lcd Monitor With Vga-Black”?


  45. Hey …I want to …know about amd r7 360 as msi variant is costing 10k …and amd 260x is even costing 10k and nvidea gt 750 ti is 11 to 12k my buget is 10 to 12k …which is best for my requiment …. resolation 1336×768 ..grapich setting-very high or ultra ….fps smoth 60 fps..at least maximum … which is the best value and give the variant name also..

  46. Well, instead of a monitor can i use my 42 inch hd tv for a display as it would save my cost and i can spend more on the processor or graphics card. Perhaps use an i-5 processor

    • manas,
      it is nice to have a very good gaming experience on soooooo big display, but have u ever tried to know why do we watch tv sitting far away unlike monitors of pc . just because companies produce tv’s with such illumination and other technologies that u’ll eye will get damaged . ……….that’s why we use low illuminaed and special tech. used monitors just to protect our precious eyes instead of money…….


  47. Hello sir, my question is can I use 24″ monitor (eg. Benq rl2455hm or viewsonic vx2452) with fx 6300 and gtx 960 …??? Or suggest me any other monitor upto 1250rs with 24″ screen?

  48. Hi Kanuj,
    With the same configuration, can I use my existing LG TV instead of monitor? The TV is 720p and has HDMI inputs?

  49. hello sir, i read your article and it’s just awesome. i need a little help plz, my budget is 50k and i am confused that should i buy a laptop or customize cpu. which 1 should i buy. can any gaming laptop is available in under 50k. plz tell me what should i do, i checked the prices of good performance graph cards and they were so costly, they were out of the range. what should i do…

    • so are desktops are worth it than laptops sir.
      and can i get gen 4 i7 in this budget and which company is best for buying cpu’s laptops. and under this budget can games like AC unity or max payne 3 can run in ultra settings or not

    • core i7 costs 20K you can best get a core i3 and a graphic card like GT 740 and monitor with 720P resolution which can run games at high settings,

      PC Vs Laptop – for same budget laptop will have 50% power Vs PC.

    • so r u sayin that not even i5 can come in 50k budget comp, and 50k budget cpu can’t run these type of games. but i want a high performance cpu, so what should i do i m dead confused man! so just tell me flat out and straight out that what should i do with my damn 50k. just tell me about it.. fast plz

    • 50K budget is good please check the gaming pc builds these can run all games at high settings, buy a 720P or 1600*900 monitor , go for core i3 or fx 6300 plus a decent card like 270X to maximize FPS. If you will spend all the money on core i5 you will not be able to buy a GPU like 270X. so get a good gpu like 270X and avg CPU like fx 6300 for best gaming experience.

  50. hey suggest best laptop under 55k for gaming , daily use , i am college boy/…. i think hp pavillion 15 p077tx is good one please comment about it and suggest me
    it has
    Intel Core i5
    8 GB DDR3 RAM
    1 TB HDD
    Windows 8.1 and DDR3 2 GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 840M

    • so will it run games like AC unity and max payne3 in high settings?
      i have an aoc lcd monitor 931swl is it one of the monitors you r talkin about and is it poweful to hold games like i was talkin about?

    • so will it run games like AC unity and max payne3 in high settings? I have an aoc lcd monitor 931swl is it one of the monitors you r talkin about and is it poweful to hold games like i was talkin about?

  51. KANUJ
    you are awsome….. i just had some queries on this build up.
    if i could use a i5 4th generation processor with the #1 configs… would it work good or it wold make any problems…
    coz i am building a cpu first time and i need help and proper guidance..
    thank you
    Vaibhav Khatri

    • yes you can you may need to check the PSU requirements for the GPU which model you want to buy. Rather than buying a 270X 4GB go for Gtx 960 2GB at least 10% faster than the 270X.

  52. and im getting 21-60 variable fps in assassins creed 3 with this build is it my psu (VS550) bottlenecking or the bad optimization.. i get 45 fps in black flag

  53. okay bro u r awesome!

    so im getting 1080p monitor (dell s224…)

    if game lags then i can reduce back to 1366*768 resolution. cant i? Gaming at AOC 768p (native) and Dell 1080p (on 768p) would give same performace at same visual settings or ill get lesser fraes on the dell?

    one more question!
    Difference b/w dvi, hdmi, vga?
    and their difference in providing picture quality? or all three provide the same picture quality?


  54. i just checked last eligible for return was on 21April for VS550 .. now im crying i wish i would have bought VS650 instead 🙁

  55. Bhai ecerything seems to be fine i can max my ACU out with ultra and even the game version is 1.0 with 2xmsaa and vsync off.. thanks for ur system build but mene M.B. change kiya. and btw how do i know ki PSU is causing problem if it is? system restarts bla bla….? No system is not restarting!

    and i want 1080p monitor! I know my card is a killer at 720p but i want to invest at once may be if i buy other gpu in future! ill will play medium to high!
    vese ive a question ki should i buy ram? i only play games no multitasking.

  56. yaar my config is as follows:

    Mobo: GA-78lmt-s2
    GPU: Sapphire R9 270x 2gb Oc with boost @1100mhz
    CPU: FX6300 @3.5-3.8ghz with TX3 Evo cooler
    PSU: Corsair VS550
    RAM: Simtronics 4gb @1600mhz
    Cabinet: Dont know …of mercury or something!
    Monitor: AOC 15.9″ E1670SWU
    windows: 7 64bit Ultimate

    Bhai, i want to know ki is there any fault in my pc?
    also i want a new good monitor. this monitor has worse viewing angles and games fickers alot on turning vsync off

    Also is my ram good or should i buy another stick?

    • you can check the Dell monitor 1600*900 resolution which i have mentioned, I dont advice you to go with 1080P, are u able to run the system properly with VS550 as the R9 270X takes more power.

      On RAM front you should buy a similar ram stick of 4GB if you need to.

    • Bhai ecerything seems to be fine i can max my ACU out with ultra and even the game version is 1.0 with 2xmsaa and vsync off.. thanks for ur system build but mene M.B. change kiya. and btw how do i know ki PSU is causing problem if it is? system restarts bla bla….? No, system is not restarting!

      and i want 1080p monitor! I know my card is a killer at 720p but i want to invest at once may be if i buy other gpu in future! then would not have to buy a monitor ill will play medium to high!
      vese ive a question ki should i buy ram? i only play games no multitasking.

  57. I wanted to build Config # 2. But bought a 550 watt PSU by mistake instead of 650 watts.
    Will the 550 watt PSU be sufficient? Please do let me know.

    • Thanks for your reply. I am building the same gaming PC within 50000 that you have suggested above in this page.
      CPU – Intel 3.5 GHz LGA 1150 i3 4150
      GPU – Sapphire AMD/ATI Radeon R9 270X 2GB DDR5.
      From what I have read, the total consumption of the PC should come to 450 watts, so 550 watts PSU seems to be sufficient. Do let me know if you think it will not work.

    • Dear Pratap,

      The 270X uses more power, it will not work with VS 550, as the energy efficiency is close to 80% of the PSU. I would recommend you to return that to the seller and get VS 650, where did you bought it from.

      Also second option is to buy the 750ti which will work with the 550 watts PSU. Though would recommend to swap the PSU.

    • Kanuj – I bought it online through eBay. Will check if I can return it or sell it on OLX. Good lesson to learn as it has been a long time since I have built a PC 🙂

  58. Hello kanuj
    I have a budget of 55k and thinking of assemblingthis one but i want to know can it run assassin creed unity or upcoming PS4 titles or if not can i go with other graphic card coz i still have 5000 more if i assemble this one

  59. These are the specs for my PC:
    3.10 GHz Intel Core i3-2100
    Board: Intel Corporation DH61WW AAG23116-303

    Instead of buying a new PC can I add a GTX 670 to my motherboard with 8GB RAM and 650W power supply? I am not a hardcore gamer and as long as I can play FIFA, CS, DoTA, GTA 4 and eventually GTA 5 without lag then I’m more than happy. Do i need a processor upgrade too? What do you think?

  60. Hey, please help me complete my rig.
    Cabinet: Cooler Master Force 500
    Ram: 2x4GB G.skill Ripjaws
    Monitor: 1386×768 LG LED
    Power Supply: Corsair VS550 650 Watt PSU
    Graphics Card: GTX 760
    Mother-Board: ?
    Processer: ?
    I was thinking of going for i5 4th gen. Which motherboard should I go for?

  61. thanks kanuj
    i m pleased with it
    i got the perfect idea here. i myself have been exploring about it much.
    question: i have an acer led monitor should i save money and buy i5 or spend it on some other parts?

  62. My rig:
    Core i5 4590 3.3 GHZ
    Stock CPU cooler
    Gigabyte GA -B85M-D3H 1150 LGA Motherboard
    8 Gb Kingston HyperX Fury DDR3 RAM (2X4GB)
    Zotac Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2 GB Graphics
    60 GB SATA III Corsair Force LS series SSD
    1 TB Western Digital WD Green HDD
    500 GB Seagate Barracuda HDD
    Bitfenix Alchemy Multisleeve SATA 3 Cables
    ASUS 24X SATA DVD Writer
    Corsair VS550 550 Watts Power Supply
    Antec GX Series GX 900 Cabinet
    Antec F39 120 mm Blue LED Fans x 3 nos
    Aula Ogre Soul Mouse + Befire Backlit Keyboard
    Netis 300 mbps PCI-E WiFi Adapter
    Lexsys Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter 3 mb/sec
    HP Pavilion 22fi 21.5 inch LED Monitor
    Sony SRS-D9 60 Watts 2.1 CH Speakers
    Windows 8.1 Professional on SSD

    Performance: Being able to play games like Farcry 3 and Crysis 3 at 1920 x 1080 native resolution with max settings.

    QUESTION: Will I get any tangible boost if I upgrade to Core I7 or upgrade RAM to 16 Gb?

  63. Hello, I want a gaming pc so I’m choosing the 3rd option because I have the budget and seems good but yeah I will have to replace the processor with i7. But I have one question, am I expected to assemble the parts myself or I can tell a mechanic to do that for me?

  64. Hi, can a gigabyte 85 MD3 H motherboard be used instead of the 87 MD3H for a configuratjon using a core i3 and a AMD R 280 X card. Thank you

  65. Hi kanuj, I really need your help,
    I am planning to build a pc under Rs50000-55000(and this is my first time)
    I need a pc for editing purposes as well as gaming, games such as watch dogs and future games along with recording with fraps and any other recording software. I want to run games like watch dogs at ultra setting if possible. 😉
    The specs i have managed to build are –
    Amd fx6300
    8 gb ( 2x4gb ) corsair vengeance
    Corsair 500w psu
    Monitor – e2240 L
    msi R9 270
    Motherboard – asus m5a78L-M ( fm3+)
    Cooler master force 500

    I want you to suggest me any thing super best for this price range or you could make changes in my build.
    Thanks again, i really need your help plz plz plz

    • Hi you may need a better PSU to run that 270x this 500 watts PSU will not work, Please look for our AMD build and try to take the parts as I have recommended. You can also check this article -https://candytech.in/4-best-gaming-pc-build-configuration-rs-60000/

  66. Dear Mr Kanuj,

    As you have suggested I went through the article. But I am still confused at some points. So I am going to tell you my requirements and you please suggest me the best for the same. My budget is 50000. In this budget I want a full functional gaming PC, where I can also work with other software’s as well. Also I want i5 processor and gtx760 2gb graphics card and keyboard & mouse. Other peripherals are fine as your article suggests. Now another fact is I am heavily confused between some of the items like, I couldn’t find Corsair VS550 650W PSU, instead VS650 650W is available. Again there are so many variety of i3/i5 processors which comes at various price range. I researched over online prices for your 55000 budget PC and came up with a total price of around 53028. After online I am also going to research on the computer stores prices locally after getting your valuable suggestion. So to avoid the confusion and all, I strongly request you to provide me direct links/URLs of some Indian online stores for each of the items/all items and it would be very good if it comes under 50000 budget altogether. Please help. Again thanks in advance.

  67. In Lamington Road wht will be the price of ZOTAC NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 2GB Graphics Card 20k or less my budget is same 50k and we can run any game on gtx770 like witches 3 and all next gen

    Thank you…. For your email ..

  68. ZOTAC NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 2GB Graphics Card .. Is this graphics card good for gaming it’s for 18000 something but i think amd is good in graphics card so please tell which is the best one..

  69. Sapphire AMD/ATI Dual-x R9 280X Radeon 3 GB DDR5 Graphics Card is for 36000 bro is that true and you told the price will be.. 17300 i am thinking to built the last gameing pc in your list
    Of 55,500 so please tell me


    • Considering the fact that the 970 was released in2014 even the used one would be quite new. And we all know that this card can Max out even Crysis 3 at 1080p and can even run at 1440p with some graphics tuning. So if you can get it around 20-25000 it would be a steal..go for it without act second thoughts. You will have one hell of an experience.

  71. Dear Mr. Kanuj, many many thanks to you for your valuable information regarding mid range gaming pc configuration for 2014.Can you suggest me some mid range gaming pc around Rs.50000 with Intel i5 quad core processor with suitable graphics card and all other component so that it smoothly run all high end graphics game of current and awaiting so that cpu & gpu cannot be bottle neck to each other. I will prefer to buy them from local IT service center rather than online. Please kindly send me your advice with the price list through mail.Thanks again.

  72. Dear Mr. Kanuj,

    Greetings. Your review on mid range gaming pc configuration was quite interesting. And to say the truth you have won my heart for this specific review. Now, come to the point, this review was created sometime in the year 2014 and it is March, 2015 now. So as a matter of fact a lot of things has changed within this period of time. So that, I would be really thankful if you kindly research and provide me a updated configuration details for a gaming pc within 50000 INR range where I can play even new high end games like ‘Mad Max’, ‘Dying Light’, ‘GTA 5,’ ‘Battle Field 5’, ‘Arkham Night’ etc. and the other upcoming games very smoothly. Also in this review you have mentioned about ‘i3’ processor, where in my personal opinion taking an ‘i5’ processor would be more wiser decision (may be). I love v-e-r-y m-u-c-h to play games. But about the configuration etc. I still have lack of knowledge. So please mail me your precious advice with prices and it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

  73. hello sir

    i have intel core i7 4770k -18000 i get this in offer from amzon
    which Processor is best for gaming and video editing amd or intel
    ps4 and xbox 1 have amd
    for graphic card which is the best and latest 2 gb graphic card under 20k
    thank you

  74. And what about the processor?? Amd or Intel?? Totally confused. I also heard that nvidia graphics card run more smooth and make less noise than radeon. Is it true??

    • Please go with 2nd or 3rd build , go with Intel Processor and there is nothing wrong with the radeon AMD cards they are as good and quite as Nvidia.

      If you have higher budget go with the GTX 760 as i have mentioned in build 3 or AMD R9 270X which I have mentioned.

  75. Thanks.. Then ill use gigabyte motherboard. What about the performance? Which make will give the best gaming experience??

  76. Hi, i designed a pc for 50k rs. Here are the specs
    cabinet- nzxt phantom
    Ram- corsair vengence DDR3 2X4 GB
    Motherboard- ASRock 970 Extreme4
    CPU- Intel i3 4150
    Graphics Card- Zotak Nvidia GTX750Ti 2GB DDR5
    PSU- Corsair VS650 650W
    Monitor- Acer 18.5 inch
    Hard disk- Seagate barracuda 1TB
    Which one is better?? The one you made or my make??
    Which one will have more performance??

  77. Hi my budget is 55000rs could you please suggest me pc with latest configuration and if possible do suggest some good looking cabinet, keyboard and mouse. And please advice a configuration which i can upgrade very 2-3 yrs without spending much so that it doesnt get outdated..
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Karan you can refer the best gaming pc for Rs. 60k article and also email me from contact us option if you need more help

  78. hello ,
    my pc is 3 yrs old , i am using amd phenom ii x4 965 BE along with 4gb starlite ram , amd radeon hd6670
    my motherboard is gigabyte 880gm usb3 , and psu cooler master rs460 . is that any good ?
    if i need to upgrade , what should i invest in ??

    • Hi Anirban , You can upgrade to a new PC and sell the old one on OLX, check our guides on gaming PC build and choose your PC based on your budget 30k to 40k

    • Buddy you seriously need to consider an upgrade, or else you might not be able to enjoy games around this year. Previously launched COD-Ghost demanded 6GB ram and Radeon™ HD 5870 as the minimum requirement. Wolfenstien the new order one of the best games of 2014 required HD7770 and , Crisis 3 the best looking game of 2013 and in my opinion till this date i.e if you have seen it maxed out, required minimum of Radeon HD 6450. So you can see the graph rising. On a second though what resolution ar you playing in.

  79. No, not at all. Its been around 7 months since I build up my rig with the fx6300 and have coupled it with the MSI r9 270x. I have been runing most of the new games(crisis2 & 3, battlefield4, far cry 3, dead space, mass effect,DMC, tomb raider, etc) mostly running at ultra(except for crisis3,that game is a slap on the budget rigs-but still looks good with mixing high and very high settings) at stock speeds and delivering 50-60fps. My case has three 120mm cooling fans which keeps the temperatures cool(cpu idle-44’c and load 65-68’c). So as of yet not felt the need of and aftermarket cooler or a to overclock but might do that in future just to keep te temperatures safely around 55-60’c.

    • 1080p, and I’m not using any monitor, instead I am using my rig on Samsung 32inch Led TV with genius 2.1 gaming speakers.
      And I can tell u the experience that I have is not the ultimate but really out of this world.

  80. Im sorry i missed putting a link.

    Just take a look and see the benchmarks how amd easily takes down i3.
    There are many other articles on the internet that shows if you overclock this cpu(fx6300) it easily closes to i5 for example this one

    The intel’s consequently have better performance per core. In older games, the intels perform better as those games are optimised for good performance with only a few cores (single-threading).
    In newer games, the AMD FX’s really shine due to the introduction of the so called ‘next gen consoles’ and games using more cores(multi-threading) The games like bf4, crisis3, thief, ac4 are clearly utilizing multiple cores.
    One very important thing that i would like to mention is regardless of what cpu you choose its gaming performance would be not on par but better than the next gen consoles specially if you choose the amd. As far as exclusive game’s are concerned guys you always have the option of the emulators as the gpu chosen is very powerful it would easily handle any console game. The rest is upto you guys. Best of luck for your build.

    • Thanks Deepak for your inputs, we dont allow external links because of spam issues, on the Core i3 4130 Vs FX6300 there are millions of comments on forums favoring either of them, it is an un ending debate. Both are good processors having their own merits. If you are getting good results and happy with FX 6300 gaming performance it is great.

      Did you overclocked it using an after market cooler or running the stock?

  81. This build is somewhat of a tragedy. I dont know why people keep pushing processors when it comes to gaming. Its true that the performance and speed of an i5 or and i7 is commendable but that performance comes at a price. If you can afford it you can definitely go for them, but at the budget mentioned above choosing intel over amd would be really stupid. I would personally recommend an AMD fx6300 that would be at 65-7000rs(i bought it for 6149/- from flipkart on big billion day) and with 6 physical cores it would shatter the performance of an i3. Its true that i3 single core performance and hyper threading are very good technologies and theoretically can boost but today’s apps and games are created to benefit multiple cores and real time performance do increase with the presence of physical cores. Yes i3’s hyper-threading allows the dual cores as quad but that is theoretically when it comes day to day use the performance is directly proportional to cores. dont just believe me take look at this and for the motherboard consider anything with an am3+ socket. My personal recommendation would be msi 970a G46. Rams and GPU are considerable but the processor do give a second thought.

  82. Kanuj my final configuration :
    cabinet: Cooler Master Force 500
    ram: kingston hyper x 8gb :
    monitor : dell monitor s2240l
    processor : intel core i5 4440
    psu: Corsair VS650 650 Watt
    Mother Board : Gigabyte H87M-D3H
    Hard Disk :Seagate Barracuda SV-35 1 TB
    Gpu : SAPPHIRE RADEON R9 270x

  83. Thanks kanuj for your valuable response
    I will buy r7 260x 2gb +i5 . My question is I am getting r7 260x 2gb at flipkart at 46pc off
    So I buy from flipkart or the computer market would be the right place to buy for price. Please send me the geniuine rates of this gpu

  84. hi kanuj
    this is my pc configuration :-
    cabinet: Cooler Master Force 500 : 3.3k
    ram: kingston hyper x 8gb : 4.8k
    monitor : dell monitor s2240l : 8k
    processor : intel core i5 4670 : 14.5k
    psu: Corsair VS650 650 Watt : 4k
    Mother Board : Gigabyte H87M-D3H : 7k
    Hard Disk :Seagate Barracuda SV-35 1 TB : 3k
    gpu : XFX ATI radeon r 7770 core edition 1gb ddr5 : 8k
    grand total 51-53k
    please prefer me any alterations piyush within my range

    • Dear Piyush you know buying a core i5 will not improve your gaming FPS or performance you need to buy a 270x and a core i3 or Nvidia 750ti and core i3. Core i5 will not help. Corei5+HD7770 is slower in gaming than a 270x+core i3. by 20% at least.

    • Also Dell S2240L is a 1080p monitor which needs a 750ti or better to run games on 1080p above 30 FPS , if you are buying a weak graphics card would suggest you buy a 1600*900 resolution monitor

  85. Thanks kanuj for your response
    Currently i only have a laptop (i3,2gb ram, intel hd graphics) which i generally use for daily purposes and some low graphics gaming as my laptop not support high end gaming . So i want a pc on which i can play games like far cry 4 , gta 4,5 , battlefield 4 at a very good fps . My budget is around 50k-55k .please provide me a rig having i5 4670 as cpu and fits my budget

    • Dear Piyush, though is not advisable to buy a core i5 with a very weak graphics card and cheap motherboard, you can send us your requirement by visiting buyers guide section we will help you out.

  86. Hi kanuj ,
    My budget is aroubd 50-55k and i will definitely go for i5-4670k and rest of your pc configuration no.1
    Please prefer me GPU and MOTHERBOARD under a total of 10-13k

  87. hi this is piyush from delhi . I have a budget around 50-55k for a gaming pc.
    I will go for i5 4670k processor and rest through your rig
    Please suggest me gpu and motherboard under a total of 10-12k

  88. Hi Kanuj
    Are all these rigs at par with the next-gen consoles??i am considering buying a PS4 but if i can build a rig at around 54000(configuration 3)then i don’t think i will opt for the PS4 coz i have always been a PC loyalist..thanks in advance

    • Yes Rahul the builds are pretty solid and best is you can always upgrade the graphics card / processor alone after 1-2 years of use and buy a cheap used one or new on discount, PC gaming experience has always been superior compared to consoles and also depends which games you play.

  89. Hi Kanuj’
    If i opt for configuration 3(price 54000) will it be at par with the next-gen consoles?Coz i am considering buying a PS4 for the Exclusives but i am a PC purist at heart.

  90. Hi Kanuj,
    1st of all thanks for the brilliant insight on gaming rigs.I have one question.Right now i am seriously considering buying a PS4 due to all the Exclusives but I am a PC purist at heart.So could you tell me are all these gaming rigs at par to the next-gen consoles?I mean will these run games like Assassin’s Creed Unity,Mortal Kombat X and upcoming games like Witcher 3 and Batman Arkham Knight without any lags and the best fps possible??

  91. Hi Kanuj,

    I am planning to buy PC as per config 1 (cost-51903) and can you advise looking at the current gaming industry it would happily support all the upcoming games in next 3-4 years? Especially graphics card. In case any upgrades are reqd then would board processor and card all three would be changed or its just graphics card only

    • Dear Ashish, you can upgrade the graphics card at a later stage as well without changing the processor and motherboard as well.

  92. Why such a mellow down processor… R9 270X is a decent GPU and it can go with a proper i5 or AMD FX 8350 or higher.

    • Would like to use a core i5, but budget is 50K only if we take an core i5 then we will have to get a R7 260 instead of 270X to stay below 50k

    • How about AMD FX 6350… atleast 1.5 times better than i3 4150 with same price and more cores.

      I do have faith in hyper threading technology of intel and yes their single cores are always better than AMD’s single core, but with newer games taking advantage of more cores.. 6300 will outsmart i3 easily.
      + Overclocking an unlock processor will be very easy.

      Only downside is single core performance of FX 6300 sucks and may be per core i3 cache is low and yeah more power supply is needed by FX 6300, otherwise FX 6300 should be a choice if you are not an intel fan.

    • Haswell based Core i3 has lots of advantages, runs coolers , less power supply requirements , better manufacturing process , great performance for gaming(non threaded applications) current gen games hardly use more cores and benchmarks suggest core i3 performance equivalent to FX 6300 or a small difference.

      In this budget FX 6300 and I 3 both can be explored regarding FX 6350 not a significant boost compared to a FX 6300 and availability online is concern.

    • let me tell you something very important when it comes to pc gaming. No matter what build you consider or what configuration you come down with(whether amd,intel or nvidia), always make sure not to pair a good CPU with an inferior GPU. They will bottleneck and the decrease each others performance. Instead choose an inferior CPU save some money and spend it on a good gpu, because its the GPU which would be rendering everything from textures, tesselation, AA-MSAA to the very valuable FPS(frames per second)

    • Dear Deepak this is know to me for last 10 years :). Thanks for the comment. This is being published in many of my articles. You can read about Candytech section. Then you may understand.

    • I am sorry kanuj the reply was not for you. I dont know how it landed here. Infact I was referring to Shashank Sharma as he was asking to pair an i5 with r7 260x. This might be the server problem. If possible please attach that thread to him above.

    • Gigabyte H87M-D3H with this board you can use 4th gen intel i7 processor but it will be better u buy a decent board like a z87 also this will also work fine.

    • Hi, Request you to please let me know the configuration of gaming PC with i7 and Nvidia graphics card

    • What is your approx budget for the PC build. you can refer our buyer guide or write to us for detailed discussion.

  93. Hey bro can u give me a best gaming confregation around Rs 35 thousand..
    I like to plays games like FIFA n Military War like..

    • Hi we have a core i5 3570k overclocked to 4.5 Ghz and 3 graphics cards HD 7950 and other 2 1 from Nvidia and other from AMD

    • Benchmarks are generic to graphics cards performance not based on the build for reference they are from core i7 4th gen so you can expect a decline in performance with the core i3 processor

  94. I am running

    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 OC @ 3.0 GHz
    GA-G41 Mobo
    8 GB (4+4) DDR-III 1333 Mhz

    My Mobo doesn’t support PCI 3.0, so with this config which Grfx card would you suggest me which would not be buttlenecked by my cnfig ??

    • Hi Hunky,

      your mother board is more likely have a 2.1 PCI support you can safely buy a Nvidia GT 740 or GT 750 max a 750 without being a bottle neck check your PSU that can be a bottleneck need to have a 400 watt plus PSU , would suggest you buy a 730 or a 740 for best.


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