4 Best Gaming PC Build under Rs 80000

If you are looking to build a high end gaming PC Rig in 2015, you are at the right place. Building a high end gaming PC is a tricky task. You have so many combinations to choose.  Whether to buy a better graphic card or spend more on processor. Is it good to buy a cheap motherboard to go with the build, all of it can be nerve wrecking? However it is important to choose all compatible components so that they all perform synchronously to give you the best gaming experience. Spending high on a single component is not advisable as you will get bottlenecks from other weak parts.

Best Gaming PC Build under Rs 80000

This is a brief Guide how to make 4 custom Value for Money Gaming PC builds for playing modern 3D Graphic Games,  for a budget close to Rs. 80,000 or $1300.

I personally  don’t favor any particular brand or company, whether it is Nvidia or AMD for graphics cards or AMD Vs Intel for choosing the right processor.

We will use the Z97 board for the intel based builds in these Rigs, reason we did not used them earlier in Rs. 70,000 builds was due to budget constraints. But in Rs. 80,000 Rig they can be accommodated. The Z97 motherboards also add up more features and support for the next generation processors and some unique features are also there like inbuilt WiFi connectivity which some buyers may like to include in their Gaming PC build.

Also again we will avoid the current generation AMD 9590 processor, as they are really power hungry, heat producing and lack processing muscle.

We have not used a Core i7 Haswell processor as well, in any of the builds since the cost of processor is comparatively  higher compared to the intel core i5 and don’t fit in our budget. The advantage in terms of gaming performance between Core i5 and Core i7 is not justified for us in this budget.  We will use the budget to get a better graphics card rather than buying the Core i7. If you want to push your budget close to Rs. 100,000 you can surely add the Core i7 to the Intel processor based Gaming PC build Number 3 & 4.

Best Gaming PC Build under Rs 80000

If you have any personal queries after reading the article please visit the Buyers Guide Section and contact me, I will be at your service.

In this article we will have two builds based on the AMD architecture and 2 builds based on the Intel Architecture. Budget  – We will start with the Rs. 80,000 gaming Rig and gradually move a little higher.

We are also not considering the addition of second graphics card for SLI or crossfire at this stage but if you wish to future proof you gaming rig you can buy a high wattage SMPS for running two graphics card in SLI.

All the components we have selected to build these four Rigs offers great performance per Rupee.

Here are 5 earlier Articles which is a must read if you have lower budget or want to explore more options:

Please pardon me for any price fluctuations as they are country specific and vary from time to time but recommendation for hardware is universal.

These 80k or 1300$ incredible Gaming Rig’s are meant for playing games at 1920*1080 resolution or higher. The FHD display is  great  for gaming, anything below it will be inappropriate, for a Gaming PC build under Rs 80000 or $ 1300.  You can also add an even higher resolution monitor to the gaming Rig based on your budget.

If you are confused what to buy whether a PC or a high end laptop here is an article for you, why it is better to buy a Gaming PC rather than buying a Gaming laptop.

Also you can read how much VRAM is required to play games on FHD monitor – Will buying a 2Gb or 4Gb graphicscard make a difference at 1080p.

Now with all the relevant background, let’s begin with the first Gaming PC configuration.

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Author: Kanuj Sharma

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65 Replies to “4 Best Gaming PC Build under Rs 80000

  1. hey kanuj im planning to build a desktop for architecture work and rendering …..which will be both gpu based and cpu based what configuration do u prefer my budget is below 80,000 rs

  2. please check my PC specs. is it okay??
    Graphic Card – asus-nvidia-strix-gtx-970
    Cabinet – cooler-master-k281-plus-cabinet
    Motherboard – asus-z97-pro-gamer
    Ram 4gb x 2 – corsair-ddr3-4gb
    Power supply – cooler-master-thunder-600-watt
    Processor – intel-i54440-processor-3.1-ghz
    I am going to order all this on weekend. Is everything good with my specs or not???

  3. Hello Kanuj I have this configuration in Mind. please tell me how I can lower my budget and improvements ?? and is it necessary to buy LCD?? Cant we connect it to directly to Samsung TV using HDMI???
    Intel i5 4690K Processor
    MSI Z97 Gaming 5 Motherboard (Black)
    MSI NVIDIA Geforce GTX 960 Gaming 2 GB GDDR5
    Corsair Vengeance DDR3 8 GB (1 x 8 GB) PC DRAM (CMZ8GX3M1A1600C10)
    Corsair VS650 650 Watt PSU
    Cooler Master K281 Mid Tower Cabinet
    Dell S2240L 21.5 inch LED Backlit LCD Monitor

    Without monitor this is costing me under 70 which is under my budget. So please help me

    1. Does my Rig is Okay. ???? Any changes you want to make ?? Does it ok to use Corsair VS600 600 Watt PSU

    2. I wanted to buy GTX 970. Suggest Me Motherboard and Processor so that my budget wont reah above 75?? Does it ok to use Corsair VS600 600 Watt PSU with GTX 970

  4. Hi Kanuj,
    Nice article.
    I have already built my gaming PC. The PSU I used is Corsair 750w. The only thing I need is the UPS for this PSU.
    I need power backup of atleast 10-15 minutes.
    which particular UPS you suggest?

  5. Hi

    Thanks for all the information. I am deciding on getting similar configuration as mentioned for “Gaming PC Build – Intel Processor and Motherboard Using GTX 970 _ Rs. 83,320/”. Could you please suggest what is the best way to buy this:-
    1) Buy the parts separately from various sites(Flipkart/Snapdeal, etc) in order to get the best price for each item. Get this assembled from some professional.
    2) Visit market (such as Nehru Place , as i stay in Delhi) and get my rig built there. The problem here is all the specific required components may not be available. For eg i5-4690K may not be in stock and i may have to buy i5-4670K instead.

    Kindly suggest. If your suggestion is option 2, please let me know if there is some specific store i shall prefer. My email id is

    1. hi you can choose to buy online or off line both ways are good. Online we have also linked to some cheaper parts on Snapdeal amazon and flipkart you can buy from there and pay any computer guy 200-300 to assemble once all your parts come home.

  6. Hi kanuj,
    i have cm k380 cabinet and i am thinking of getting 212x cooler so can you confirm that it will fit in this case. because information on internet is very confusing.

  7. Hii Kanuj,

    Thanks a lot for the above article. It was great. I am planning to build a PC based on your 4th recommendation. I am reading a lot of articles & reviews for the last few days. I had a few doubts I am hoping you can help me solve.
    Budget: Approx 95K-110K. I am not thinking of upgrading this system in the upcoming 2-3 years (Maybe add another GPU in SLI, but that’s it).
    Requirement: I am more than happy with 1080p & don’t want to try 1440p or 4K at all. But I want to play each & every game in highest settings possible (Max AA, Nvidia Hairworks on in Witcher 3, TressFx on in TR, Ubersampling on in witcher 2 etc.) I also want my system a lil bit future proof.
    My questions are:
    1) With i5 4690K I guess I will be needing an aftermarket cooler for overclocking. I have found CM 212 EVO has good reviews. Will that be enough or should I go for liquid cooling (something like corsair h100i)?
    2) Regarding the mobo what advantage(s) does ASUS Z97-Pro-Wifi have over Asus Z97-A, apart from the wifi connectivity factor? Any other LGA1150 mobo suggestion apart from these 2 (for better price-performance ratio)?
    3) Ram 1600Mhz or 1833 Mhz?
    4) I am thinking of buying NZXT Phantom 410 case, as it has great looks, awesome cooling features & good cable management provision. The only problem is for installing ASUS GTX970 DC2OC card I have to remove the Removable HDD cage & be left with only 2 HDD/SSD slots. Can you suggest some mid-tower case with moderately good looks, ample space, side-window, very good cooling/airflow/ventilation & good cable management options (Budget 5K-7.5K)?
    5) Previously I was very sure of buying GTX970 (& after a year or so adding another in SLI to boost gaming performance). But now with the release of new GTX980Ti, I am a little bit confused. Should I wait for some time to gather more funds & go for GTX 980Ti(Considering upcoming DX12 games [in 2016-2017] might need more than 3.5GB of VRAM for high resolution textures, even in 1080p) ?
    6) For power supply will 750W be enough or do I need 800/850W(Considering I will add another GTX970 in SLI in future) ?
    Also can you suggest a suitable 750W/800W/850W PSU (CM or Corsair? Which Model?)

    Thanks a lot in Advance.

    1. Hi for board the Asus Z97 A is also good boards you can choose any of the the two , for CPU cooler hold for sometime buy after 6 months, and hyper 212 X i reviewed is good cooler no need to spend more, RAM is your choice 1833 is better but costly not too much performance gain, if price difference is little 1833 is also good. for cabinets check this article – https://candytech.in/7-best-pc-cabinet-for-gaming-pc-build-india/ HAF 912 or Corsair 500R , see GTX 980ti has very good performance and is the ultimate no doubt, but again it is twice as expensive as 970. for 1080P you will not have any challenge for 2-3 years with single gtx 970. if you were looking for 2K or 4K i would have said 980 ti is needed. Asus GTX 970 is really good. and SLI can be great. For PSU Corsair 750 – is good for SLI as well.

  8. Hey.

    Thanks for this highly informative post Mr.Kanauj Sharma. I am building a mini-itx. And I am looking at your 80000 build. Now my question is 1) Is ASRock Z87E-ITX a viable option for the same build?
    2) Do I Need to change any other component in your 80k list, if I am going Mini-itx?

  9. hii, i am planning to get the same configuration using asus z97 and an intel i5 processor, but i am confused regarding the graphics card, zotac gtx970 or the nvidia gtx970, .. and most of the graphics card i have seen have similar names, but they are very different products i suppose, can u give some information about that..and about the ram is it advisable to get 1*8gb rather than 2*4gb.. i am kind of new at this.

    1. Hi Rick better to buy an Asus Gtx 970 it is little expensive but really good and secondly buy two 4 GB RAM sticks for better performance.

  10. Hi Kanuj,

    Need help pls. I am in a need for a Performance PC for rendering the 3D designs done is Solidworks, Maya, 3DS max etc. I dont use the PC for gaming, so can you please suggest me a very good configuration?

    Budget – Not sure, under 1L is good without monitor.

  11. Hi Kanuj,

    Because of the launch of GTA 5, I know that, now of all time, everybody is considering to upgrade their rig.
    Well So am I. I studied all your 4 Rigs. Well, I also nearly have the same configuration. Just that I already have a rig, so I can save may be 6K because of HDD. My existing is i3-540 3Ghz-4GBDDR3-1.2TB-Nvidia 550Ti (don’t remember the chipset).

    Rig, that i am planning is this:
    MSI Z97S SLI Krait Edition Motherboard
    Kingston HyperX FURY Memory DDR3 8 GB PC (HX318C10F/8)
    ASUS 27″ VX279H or 32″ LG LED FHD TV (personal opinion, no contention with your recommendations)
    (if not playing games, at-least will help me connect my WD 2TB to see US TV Series)
    Asus NVIDIA GTX 750ti OC or Zotac NVIDIA GTX 970 4GB
    Corsair Graphite 230T Midtower Cabinet
    Cooler Master SickleFlow X Blue 120 mm Cooler
    Cooler Master Thunder 600W PSU

    Let me know your thoughts….And if you have any contacts in Delhi who could get me some good deal on these components. Please let me know..

  12. is the perfomance better in G1gtx 970 than the zotac ? if not then why it is provided with three fans ?

    1. G1 has much better cooling than the Zotac and the build quality of the G1 card is much better. as far as performance goes G1 will offer some FPS more than the Zotac. I used the Zotac 970 and returned it back, reason was simple.

      It was crossing 83 degree temp on stock. Which makes the entire cabinet and room hot. An Asus or G1 is more expensive than the base version of the Zotac as they run more cooler and overclock better compared to the Zotac base model.

      There is an high end Zotac GTX 970 which is one of the best cards and cost around 33K but again is too much to pay for a GTX 970, my suggestion is to go with the MSI twin frozr or Asus as they are good quality and are good value for money. The G1 is expensive though definitely is a good purchase if you can afford it.

  13. Can you suggest me a rig of 80000 without monitor. And should I go for i7 or not on that rig?

    1. you can look at the 4th rig in this article it is around 92k remove the monitor from it and you are good to go , can add an i7 in this if you can spare more money…

  14. Hats off for writing such an excellent article..Very useful for beginners like me !

    My question is for a noob like me who’s never gonna overclock the CPU for that extra 10-15 fps why dont i opt for i5-4690 ?
    I know the price difference is only 1k but i can downgrade my motherboard to H series and save another 6k..
    And I dont think SLI is important for me as am gonna get the GTX 970

    What ‘s your opinion on this ?
    What’s the difference between intel Z & H series chipsets other than the overclocking potential & SLI ?

    1. Not much Z series just give you an option to overclock in future as well and are more feature rich compared to the non Z series even more robustly build , you can go with non Z series as well it will not make a difference as long as you are not overclocking. You can buy core i5 4690 without K series and a GTX 970.

  15. Is this build overclocking proof. And can I have 2 gpus in sli? Plus by how much more will the cost go up(in the 4th build) if I add an ssd and 2×8 gb of ram.

    1. Hi Smit, you can overclock it, for 2 GPU’s you will have to tell me which two GPU’s you plan to do sli and accordingly have to suggest. 16Gb RAM and SSD can be added no issues with that.

  16. Waht would you recommend as the best 27inch monitor to go for if my i keep my budget around 15-20K

    1. Hey sahil,

      I would recommend ASUS VX279H FHD monitor priced at 23K in flipkart (I am planning to purchase this month end). It’s got great config and great reviews. Also, there are very less options when it comes this size range. Also, you can spare, You can buy LG 32″ LED TV for around 27K…I mean not only for gaming but even if you don’t mind playing games, you can connect pendrive/HDD etc for other multimedia purposes.

  17. Hi,
    This is great but do you think I should buy a GTX 970 or AMD 290X, AMD 290X I am getting for Rs. 25,000 on OLX. Please guide Kanuj Sir!

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