If you are thinking to buy an external webcam to do high clarity video calls for professional or personal use we have some excellent suggestions for you.

You can use these Webcams with either your laptop or your desktop PC by connecting them with a USB-A port.

Most of these Webcams also come with a microphone or an array of microphones to improve call audio. Some of these have background noise cancelation that can help if you work in a not-so-quite environment.

Also, these cameras work well with ZOOM, Google Meet, Skype, and other web-cam software. Moreover, I have also mentioned if these cameras work with a MacBook or iMac and support the macOS.

Let’s get started with the most basic Web camera that you can purchase for under Rs. 1000 and we will gradually move to higher-priced offerings that give better video and audio clarity.

1) Bluelex Hopepe

If you are looking for the best cheap webcam for your PC or laptop then this is a good basic camera to get things done. It is available on Amazon for just Rs. Rs 940 and is the cheapest web camera on this list.


The Bluelex Hopepe has a 5MP lens and offers HD 720P resolution along with built-in sound absorption and noise reduction microphone.

Key Specifications:

  • Item weight: 150 grams.
  • Camera: 5MP lens.
  • Max Resolution: 720p.
  • Autofocus support.
  • Interface: USB 2.0 cable of 150cm length and 20mm focusing range.
  • Built-in microphone.
  • Compatible with: computer xp2 or above, vista, win7, win8, win10, and other operating systems smart T.V, and laptops.


  • Low price, affordable.
  • Average Quality camera.
  • Can also connect with your smart T.V.


  • There is no separate mute button on the webcam.
  • Average Video and Audio Quality.
  • Lacks Full HD Resolution

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2) Zebronics Zeb-Ultimate Pro

The Zeb-Ultimate Pro comes with a 5MP lens including FHD (1920*1080) pixels resolution. It is also available on Amazon at a price of Rs 1,609.

Zebronics Zeb-Ultimate Pro

Key Specifications:

  • Item weight: 90 grams.
  • Camera: 5MP lens.
  • Resolution: FHD (1920*1080) pixels resolution.
  • record  1080px video at 30 frame/second.
  • Auto white balance, Night vision, manual switch for LED.
  • Built-in microphone.
  • Interface: USB 2.0 cable of 1.58m length.


  • lightweight.
  • good video resolution.


  • Not compatible with 4K UHD smart T.V.
  • The mounting stand is bad.

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3). Wansview Webcam

Wansview is a Full HD (1920*1080 pixels) webcam that offers high-quality video calls at 30 frames/second. It is available on Amazon at a price of Rs 2,490.

The camera comes with Dual Noise-cancelling microphones that provide users a clear voice for online communication.

The webcam has an easy setup, doesn’t require any software. You just have to attach its USB Type-C 2.0 cable to your PC/laptop/smart T.V.

It is compatible with Windows, Android, and Mac O.S.

Wansview webcam

Key Specification

  • Item Weight – 99.7 grams.
  • Offers FHD resolution.
  • Frame Rate – 30 frames/second.
  • Provides Auto light correction.
  • Has a Dual-noise cancellation microphone.
  • Good for video streaming.
  • Comes with a USB Type-C 2.0 cable for connectivity.
  • Compatible with  Android, Windows, and Mac O.S


  • The microphone is good, and the camera also has good clarity.
  • Wide compatibility.
  • Lightweight and easy to mount on the device.


  • Not support 4K video support.

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4) Logitech C270

Logitech is a well-known brand in the webcams market and the Logitech C270 is one of its best selling and affordable webcams, available on Amazon at a price of Rs 2,595.

Logitech C270

This webcam supports 720px video calling at 30 frames/second while providing crisp, colorful, and contrast images.

The Webcam offers better video quality and audio than the previously mentioned webcams.

It is not super high quality like some of the premium webcams that I have listed below but offers a working picture and audio quality to attend online classes or web meetings.

Key Specifications:

  • Item weight: 222 grams.
  • Camera: 3MP lens.
  • Resolution: 720px.
  • Frame rate: 30 frames/second.
  • 60-degree field of view.
  • Light correction and noise reduction.
  • Built-in microphone.
  • USC cable of 1.5m length.
  • Supporting device: Laptops, LCD, and Desktop.


  • 2 year limited hardware warranty.
  • Good audio from mic.
  • Durable and easy to use. s


  • Average Clarity and low resolution
  • A bit bulky.

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5) Logitech C930E

This is an advanced 1080px HD webcam that provides excellent video clarity even when you are not in a very bright area. The C930E webcam is available on Amazon at a price of Rs 11,400.

The webcam comes with a 90-degree diagonal field of view, HD autofocus, and 4x HD zoom support.

The Web camera can offer Full HD videos and is unlike the budget cameras that offer grainy pictures. This is an ideal high-quality camera that can replace the terrible camera on your laptop or desktop.

The Web camera is a bit expensive but worth the investment as it offers much better audio and video for all your web meetings.

Logitech C930E



Key Specifications:

  • Item weight: 162 grams.
  • Max resolution: 1920*1080px.
  • Frame rate: 30 framess/sec.
  • 90-degree diagonal field of view.
  • Provide 4x digital zoom and autofocus.
  • Built-in stereo and dual Omni-directional mic.
  • Come with a 1.5m attached USB-A cable.
  • Compatible: Windows 7 or later and macOS 10.7 or later.
  • Supporting device: Laptop, P.C, and even smart T.V.


  • Advance features.
  • High resolution.


  • A bit costly.
  • Doesn’t compatible with the Linux Operating system.

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6) Razor Kiyo Webcam (By Razer USA)

The Razer Kiyo is another high-quality web camera that offers excellent video and audio. Razer is known to make excellent high-quality products like gaming mice, headphones, audio gear, or keyboards. 

It has a ring of light around its camera provides you the best images and videos in a low light environment and you can even adjust its brightness according to your comfort.

It is available on Amazon at Rs 18,999. The camera is excellent if you want to do live streams on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

This is probably overkilled for the web meetings or regular web conferences but is more suitable for you if you are a content creator or gamer who wants to stream your videos live to Youtube or Twitch.

Also, considering this is expensive, buyers who are not concerned much about the budget but want excellent video clarity for calls can opt for this camera.

This can be best suited for official use if you are doing a conference and want to have excellent video and audio clarity.

You can stream with 720px HD resolution at 60 frames per second and even at 1080px with 30 frames per second.

Razor Kiyo

Key Specifications:

  • Item weight: 299 grams.
  • Still image resolution: 2688*1520px.
  • Video resolution: 1080px at 30 frames/sec/ 720px at 60 frames/sec.
  • 81.6-degree field of view.
  • Improved autofocus and auto white balance adjustments.
  • Built-in Omni-directional mic.
  • 1.5m USB 2.0 braided cable.
  • Compatible: Windows 7 or higher,


  • Provide a bigger viewing angle.
  • Good for low light shooting.
  • Best for YouTuber/streamer/high-quality video calls.


  • A bit expensive.

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7) Logitech Brio Webcam

Logitech Brio is the most expensive and superb quality webcam for you.  It is available on Amazon for Rs 24,390.

If you want to record videos or lectures or even want to record some youtube videos, tutorials or attend calls with super high definition video and audio – this is the web camera that you should invest in.

It also supports 4K video calling at 30 frames/second. There are not too many web cameras that can offer 4K video recording support and the amount of clarity and details that the Logitech Brio offers.

We are getting Autofocus support, AI background removal, HDR, and a variable field of view. There are stereo mics that can record excellent audio with minimal background noise and offer crisp audio output.

It is ideal for nearly everyone looking to get super quality audio and video for either streaming or recording videos for the web or do live sessions on youtube or meetings.

The camera is no doubt expensive but it is a worthy investment in the long run.

Longitech Brio Stream

Key Specifications:

  • Item weight: 336 grams.
  • Camera: Full HD glass lens.
  • Resolution & frame: 4K at 30 frames/sec and 1080px at 60 frames/sec.
  • 65/78/90 degree field of view.
  • Provide HDR, autofocus, and AI background neutralizer.
  • Built-in stereo mic.
  • Come with USB 3.0 cable(Compatible with USB 2.0).
  • Also, support instant login with hello window.
  • Supporting device: smart T.V’s, desktops, and laptops.


  • UHD video calling support.
  • Provides Hyperfast frame in HD.
  • 12 Month Premium XSplit license.


  • Heavyweight.
  • Costly.

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Concluding Thoughts:

I have listed cameras from the most basic to some of the premium offerings. It entirely depends on your budget and requirement what you want to buy.

I am using the Logitech C930E and it is an excellent camera for all my needs (mostly web meetings with colleagues).

Both the Razer and Logitech higher-end models are versatile and ideal for doing creative work or doing live videos for youtube or other social media channels.

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