JIO 4K Set Top Box Cable Service - Launch, Price, Plans, Gaming

Jio has unveiled its 4K Set-top-box at the Annual General Body Meeting of Reliance on 12th August 2019.

The set-top box will enable an incredible gaming and TV viewing experience for the buyers. The biggest surprise is how JIO has implemented the broadcast of TV channels on its set-top box.

JIO Set-Top Box Benefits

We were thinking that JIO will offer the DTH service using the internet, something similar to the Airtel IP TV. But it is not.

The JIO Set-Top Box is free for JIO Fiber customers who opt for annual plans.

The price for the standalone set-top box will be shared on 5th September by JIO.

How does JIO Set-top Box work?

JIO is partnering with the Local Cable Operators (LCOs) across the country to get the feed from them and broadcast the channels using the JIO Set-top Box.

Notably, you will install the Jio Set-top box and also require a connection from the local cable operator, instead of buying the Set-top box of the cable operator you can buy the JIO set-top box.

Also, if your city has multiple cable operators you can switch between them without the need for buying a new set-top box.

Reliance Jio already owns three large Multiple System Operators, Den, Hathaway, and GTPL whose subscribers can opt for the JIO set-top box.

Also, Mr. Ambani said that they are extending the support for the JIO set-top box to all the LCOs in the country.

The JIO set-top box will also connect to the JIO GigaFiber Broadband which will allow you to stream content on your TV and will also enable you to play games on the large screen.

The plan looks great, we will have to wait and see how soon can JIO on-board the independent local cable operators. Or will the Local Cable Operators see this as another threat and may not get on board.

Why JIO is partnering with Local Cable Operators?

"Television service in India is a classic small-business success story where local cable operators or LCOs played a pioneering role," said Jio Founder Mr. Mukesh Ambani.

He said, in recent years the launch of big DTH players have impacted the business of over 100,000 LCOs in the country and JIO wants them to have a level playing field.

He said, LCOs will benefit from the JIO’s improved technology and set-top box and will help them compete with the large DTH operators.

Similarly, Jio plans to partner with local stores for selling products and will launch the new platform JioMart.

JIO can Kill Rivals Like Tata Sky and Dish TV

JIO has already bent the telecom giants, Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea and with this new move, it can kill Tata Sky and Dish TV.

Besides, JIO already dominates the broadband market after the acquisition of Hathaway and Den, it is time to disrupt the DTH segment.

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Concerns About the Jio Set-Top Box

I have some concerns and thoughts on the possible issues with the JIO Set-Top Box.

Quality and Consistency of Service – With TataSky we are sure that we will get the same service in any city whether it is Mumbai or Jabalpur. Local Operators being part of the equation, How will Jio ensure that the quality of reception and downtime is minimal?

Uniform Pricing – Jio has not shared any details about the Price for the Set-Top Box yet or how much we will have to pay the local cable operators.

Jio has announced the new GigaFiber Welcome Offer with which it is also giving a Free TV.

Furthermore, JIO will announce the plans/pricing for the set-top box and Gigafiber on the 5th of September, please subscribe to get future updates.

Local Cable Operators Concerns and Thoughts – What are they saying?

I met with the local cable operator in my city to take feedback about the JIO launch. He was aware of all the details and what Jio was planning.

Mr. Ashwin from City cable told me that he is concerned about JIO and there is no way they can fight JIO if it plans to enter the business.

Also, he said the pricing may not be disruptive as TRAI has guidelines for pricing of different channels.

Furthermore, he said he and other local operators in different cities are waiting for 5th September when JIO will announce the pricing.

The Free TV offer is threatening and may lead to a higher subscriber churn for operators who will not join JIO as a partner.

JIO Set-Top Box Support Console Like Gaming and Mixed Reality

Jio is not going after the traditional business but is also looking forward to offering services that will entice the young generation.

Gaming On Jio Set-Top Box

Jio Directors, Mr. Akash Ambani, and Isha Ambani showcased the Gaming capabilities of the new Jio-Set-top Box.

It is intriguing how the next generation of Ambani’s are actively part of the launch event, whether it was the Jio Phone or Gaming on the set-top box.

Nevertheless, the Set-top Box is said to have graphics capabilities at par with the XBOX One X or PS4.

Jio Set-Top Box 4K Gaming and Zero Latency Network

NDTV reports it is not clear if the Gaming showcase on the stage of Fifa 19 was using XBOX One or a PC.


Furthermore, JIO executives showcased that the set-top box is capable of playing games at 4K resolution which is a big deal.

Another big advantage of Gaming on the JIO set-top box or network is the “Zero latency gaming experience”.

Gamers can benefit from a lower ping when using the high-speed gaming network.

It is not possible to have Zero-latency but a faster network can reduce the ping time.

Also, the ping depends on the server location that you are connecting. If the server is located in a country that is far away, you are bound to have a higher ping rate.

Furthermore, Isha Ambani said that Jio has partnered with several Game developers such as Tencent (PUBG Creator), Microsoft and Gameloft to bring the latest games to the platform.

Mixed Reality Uses on JIO Set-Top Box

Reliance Jio has invested and working with a start-up called Tesseract to bring the Mixed Reality experience.

What is Mixed Reality?

Mixed Reality is a mix of augmented reality and virtual reality. In Mixed Reality both real and artificial worlds are merged together, an entirely new environment and visualization become possible wherein physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real-time.

Moreover, In layman, terms with AR you don’t use a headset but see some virtual objects on your phone or TV screen. In Virtual Reality, you wear a headset and see a totally different world. The mixed reality combines both of these.

Mixed Reality - Windows

How Jio Will Make Use of Mixed Reality, Some Examples?

For example, you wear your virtual reality headset and go to a mall and buy things, later those things are actually delivered to your home.

You can actually do true virtual shopping. Sounds Futuristic. It is.


Apart from Shopping Mr. Akash Ambani said the Mixed Reality will help students to take on educational courses to improve the learning experience.

Further, he said the MR can bring home the ultimate movies and entertainment experience using the JIO MR and Holoboard.

The Holoboard is the Mixed Reality headset that you will have to purchase to experience the MR.

It is like the VR headsets that you buy from HTC, Samsung or Google. There is no information about the price or specs of the HoloBoard yet.

So, that's All about the new Jio Set-top Box, Gaming and Mixed Reality.

JIO Fiber Broadband and Set-Top Box Launch Video

Earlier Leaks and Details about the JIO Set Top Box and DTH solution.

2nd April 2017 - The JIO Set-Top Box is the hottest news on the internet today. Moreover, this is the first time we came across some of the early images of the device. These original images are shared with us by one of our regular readers.

Notably, the JIO DTH service is yet to launch in any city but some details are emerging for a possible launch in the coming months.

JIO Set Top Box DTH Service First Image Leaks Details

For starters, a leaker shared the JIO Set-top-box images on Facebook. It shows the new Set-top box with the packaging, moreover looks similar to Tata-sky box. Besides, It comes with a simple Blue Box with the JIO -Digital Life logo. The front side looks neat and has a port on the left corner.

JIO Set Top Box DTH Service

The rear side has got the audio cable ports and the main cable wire. Furthermore, there is an HDMI port along with the USB and an RJ -45 ethernet port. To that end, the presence of RJ - 45 port means, it can connect to a modem to offer high-speed broadband.

Also, no details are available for the JIO SET TOP Box plans so far, but we can expect that to come in the coming months. Although the gut feeling is that JIO can offer the Set Top Box Service free for 3-6 months. Similar to the JIO sim, to drive installations. In addition to that, it could have a bare minimum cost for the set-top box.

What's more, it may include features like UHD (4K) support and may come with an internet connection too. Undeniably, JIO has already disrupted the telecom market with free plans and they may do the same with the DTH service. For instance, JIO is offering the (Rs.99 + 303) recharge with unlimited benefits, for 3 months as the JIO Summer offer.

However, We will have to wait and see what JIO launches in the Digital TV industry and how the leading players like Tata Sky and Dish TV react to it.

Jio has a steely determination, and if JIO starts a set-top box service, it is going to be a strenuous time for the rivals. In fact, the prices for digital TV packages will at least drop by 50%.

If you have some more details, can share them in the comments below.

Jio GigaFiber and Jio GigaTv Launch Updates

Update - JIO announced the new JIO Gigafiber and Jio GigaTV service recently. The service will roll out in India starting 15th August 2018.

The Jio GigaTv or the set-top box is based on the IPTV concept and will use the fiberoptics broadband cable to stream the channels on your Tv.

As of November 2018, Jio has not yet commercially rolled out the service but we are expecting a rollout happening in early 2019.

The Jio GigaTv will allow users to stream channels in HD, Full HD, and Ultra HD settings.

Moreover, if you will opt for the GigaFiber connection for using high-speed broadband you can also easily get the GigaTv from Jio.

You can read more about the Jio Gigafiber and GigaTv Plans and Pricing here.

Also, I wrote a guide about how to solve battery drain on the JIO sim which can be handy for you if you are a JIO customer.

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