Smartphone Buying guide India 2014

Smartphone Buying guide India 2014

 It is always difficult to choose a smartphone with so many options and with so many brands offering remarkably similar products. We have been researching smartphones for last three years and keep track of most of the new smartphones launched in the Indian market. The objective of our research and articles is to provide information about best mobile for money in the Indian market. Some of the factors which you must think of before buying a smartphone are as follows:

The factors which you must consider :

  1. Performance of the smartphone Vs. It’s Price (Value for Money).
  2. Product Quality- By Quality, we mean software and hardware optimization and build.
  3. Brand Name.
  4. Features.
  5. Reliability of Manufacturer.
  6. Camera Quality
  7. Audio and Sound Quality.
  8. 3G and 2G connectivity.
  9. Pros & Cons of the device.
  10. Specifications like Ram, OS version, Processor, Screen resolution, etc.
  11. Battery Life.
  12. After Sales Service
  13. Distribution and reach of the company.
  14. Customer reviews and feedback.
  15. New phones are usually not included as lack of feedback from customers.
  16. Gaming performance.
  17. Accessories.
  18. Benchmark performance.
  19. Size and weight of the device.
  20. Easy to handle and hold.

And most important is to look for the features you want in the phone like some phones have a poor front camera if you need to click selfies and do video chat, then must for you is to have a good front camera.

If you enjoy reading books and surf internet on mobile, you must look for a slightly big screen phone with high pixels per inch (PPI). above 300 PPI

Smartphone Buying guide India 2014
Smartphone Buying guide India 2014

Anyone looking for a gaming phone must look at the real gaming performance and also somewhat to the benchmarks they may not be 100% accurate, but they are pretty close to reality.

These are some of the features which we consider essential and once we find the right devices which we spot offers the best value for money we add them to our recommendation list. You can choose any of the mobiles after all money is yours, our goal is merely to direct you in the right way. If you want to rely on our judgment please check the reviews and recommendations from candytech in the mobile section.

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